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Nick Seeks Parole
I didnt like Nick the last time when he was on the show

Lisa Rinna OUT!
I prefer Julie Pinson or Krista Allen as the REAL Billie Reed

Days - A tribute to Princess Gina
OMG, this storyline was one of my favorites. Krisitan was doing an amazing job, playing princess Gina

Sunset Beach: Episodes/Clips
Thank you so much for posting this. I loved Sunset Beach when it aired in Sweden.

(DAYS) John & Marlena Youtube Page!
I must say that I really like your Jarlena youtube-page, Tammy
What an amazing job youve done :unsure: :D ;)

B&B: Steffy and Liam Get Wild
Im so sick and tired of this storyline - always the same thing and nothing more happens

This was very surprising to me, since hes been on from the start.

Emmerdale: Spoilers & News
This hasnt aired in Sweden yet, but Ive been reading about the storyline. I was shocked to find out that they were gonna kill off Viv, because I just love that character.

Emmerdale Discussion
I love Charity, shes so amazing. Ive been watching Emmerdale for years and shes one of my favorites