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Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell on Oprah Feb 2nd
Oh My God are you serious. I can't wait thanks

Jay Kenneth Johnson and Shelley Hennig LEAVING!
I feel like this is a bad dream FUCK YOU DAYS Seriously FUCK YOU :flipoff: :flipoff:. I can't believe we have lost,Drake,Diedre,Bryan and so many other actors and still stuck with Molly and Galen :flipoff: :flipoff: :flipoff:.What the fuck.Who is next, i am sure, the next person leaving is even more shocking. I am going to miss Jay and Shelley they are great actors, i can totally see Shelley in Gossip Girl as Blair's cousin. Jay should go to Private Practice, i think Naomi needs a younger man lol. I wish them the best.This is so sad,i love Jay Kenneth Johnson :wub: