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What would you do next?
First of all If I owned this show I would fire Gary Tomsell, and Shawn Cristian. Secondaly, I would begin with its Gabi and Nick's wedding, Chad wanting revenge reveals to Sonny what Gabi did and Sonny and Will show up so does Chad. Sonny reveals what Gabi did and that it was her fault that Jack is dead. Everyone is angry, Abby lashes out at Gabi and smacks her on the face. Jennifer is shocked and puzzled and feels remotely guilty. From the instant JJ returns hates Daniel with a passions and doesn't want anything to do with his mother or Daniel and he is even more pissed that Abigail likes Daniel. At the wedding of Nick and Gabi, Jennifer loses her mind and stabs Gabi twelve times and Gabi is rushed to the hospital. In the meantime, everyone thinks that Rafe is dead, EJ has him locked up in the basement in the Dimera Mansion he keeps him updated. EJ and Sami at this time they are engaged. Lucas since Kate is leaving in the mansion he will hear a voice and goes downstairs. Rafe's mother has come to town and hates Sami, Gabi wakes up but is told that the doctors have to save the baby or her, Gabi cries and tells her mother and Will to save her baby and she tells them she is sorry. Gabi dies, Jennifer is taken to te crazy hospital. Dr Doctor Dan leaves Salem never to be seen again. Lucas saves Rafe everyone is shocked that Rafe is alive. Rafe exposes EJ and says EJ made everyone think he is dead so that EJ could have Sami back. Sami is angry and nearly kills EJ, but people stop her.Rafe hears that Gabi is dead and is really an angry man he has lost both his sisters to the Dimera men. Rafe tells Sami he doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. Kate reveals to Lucas that Johnny has always being Lucas's son and she is sorry he has put him through, Lucas disowns his mother. Sydney turns out to be Nicole's daughter when Sydney got sick they found out that Sani and Sydney's blood didn't match. EJ kept this secret from Sami and Nicole. Nicole is awarded full custody, her and Eric are still in the process of rekindling their romance. Nicole is scared of getting hurt she is there for Rafe. Rafe's mother tells Sami to stay away from my son U have brought my son to much heartache. Then Emily comes back and Rafe is shocked but happy they both apologize to each other and begin to work on their relationship. Sami all alone concentrates on being a good mother and goes to therapy. Sami and Lucas grow closer due to helping out their son Will and continue to raise their kids Johnny and Allie. Sami realizes that Lucas has always being the man she loves, her and Lucas's friendship still lives on she is scared to tell Lucas how she feels as she is about to tell Lucas, Autumn comes to Salem.....

Nicole apologizes to Jen
When is SC's contract up again?.