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Rafe Breaks up with Sami
I guarantee that Sami and Rafe are not over and by next year November 2013 they will get back together, after reading this interview with Galen Gering, I just have a feeling SAFE are not done, and I am not a fan of SAFE or EJAMI. I think maybe the twist is that Sami's love and feelings for Rafe will become bigger and Rafe will try to move on and maybe get a love interest but Sami won't be happy about it, she will be jealous I wouldn't be surprised if Sami confess her love to Rafe and tells Rafe she wants to be with him and only him, and apologizes for hurting him and destroying their love and family etc. Then they will make love and EJ will see it and get angry and wants revenge, I bet Sami will get pregnant with Rafe's baby the rest is history. I am sure GT will give SAFE a baby I can see it coming