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Spoilers for the week of March 4th
EJ and Sami's plan definitely won't work it will fail somehow cause in the end someone is definitely gonna get hurt the question is who is going to get hurt. It looks like most probably Will or Gabi and Gabi will have to go into early labour and Will might not be there for his child's birth thanks to his mother's interfering. Anywho when is Nick's last airdate? What if Nick goes completely and Gabi starts to not do what Nick wants and Gabi has a discussion with Will and Sonny and agrees sharing custody with Will they co-parent and remain friends this ticks off Nick, somehow he goes crazy and kidnaps the baby. Nick overhears that Gabi is agreeing to co-parent with Will and gets angry him and Gabi have an huge argument Nick by mistake slaps Gabi, and takes the baby while Nick is also holding a gun runs off with baby Arianna. Gabi runs off after him and runs into her brother Rafe, she doesn't actually tell Rafe what's happening, Gabi not knowing that Rafe is following her. Meanwhile Will is fighting with Nick's enemy the guy who was Nick's cellmate, he hurts Will. Will ends up in the coma or gets a hurt and is not able to walk for awhile. Any ways Gabi has managed to catch up with Nick she begs Nick to hand over her baby she begs and cries. Nick says if only Will is not in the picture Nick climbs on the balcony like he is going to jump while holding baby Arianna Gabi screams. Nick steps down and puts baby Arianna on the floor. As Gabi tries to get her daughter Nick spots her and they fight Nick is holding the gun . By an accident Gabi shoots Nick and Nick doesn't make it, Rafe finds his sister holding the gun with blood on her hand while she is crying. Rafe rescues his sister and niece they call the ambulance. While at the hospital Rafe and Gabi argue and Rafe says he will say he shot Nick to safe his sister. Gabi says she will confess she has hurt a lot of people already she apologizes to her brother and says she will give up Arianna to be raised by Will and Soony her daughter will be better off away from her any way and plus Will will allow Rafe to see his niece. Rafe tells Gabi that it's okay he is a big brother and he will say he is the one who shot Nick. Rafe leaves Gabi she rests she is told Arianna is okay. Rafe goes to the police station and hands over his badge and says he is the one who shot and killed Nick Fallon. He is arrested for the killing Nick and is fired from his Job. I think this is how its gonna play out but I definitely think that Nick's character is gonna die and the writers will do a Who killed Nick storyline