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Spoilers for the week of June 24th
I think Kristen will either drug Eric, or sneak up on his bed and make him think that they slept together but they really didn't. But if they do sleep together wouldn't it be awesome they have sex and Eric calls out Nicole's name.

Tuesday, June 11th Daily Discussion
I just finished watching the video clips on Youtube of Ericole/Bricole. Yeah yeah yeah yeah Eric and Brady are getting along for now though. I think Nicole getting closer to Brady is not settling well for Eric, I saw his expression I think Eric is jealous but he is in denial his feelings for Nicole will start to surface I hope soon probably sooner than we think and I have a feeling Eric and Brady will fight for Nicole. I just don't know which couple I like cause I liked both couples from way back this is truly difficult.

Friday, May 31st Daily Discussion
Did anyone concentrate on the Ericole scenes i am telling y'all when Nicole said she will be available from now 24/7 to Brady helping and not being there at the rectory. Eric was not happy at all. Eric is so stingy he just wants Nicole to himself. Eric does not like this at all if you saw his expression how Nicole won't be spending a lot of time rectory. I think Eric is soon going to wake up but not yet i see a Ericole/Bricole triangle with Kristen being Brady's stalker. Maybe I think Brady is going to realize he is not over Nicole like he thinks he is, I really don't see Bristen ending up together they are definitely over come on Kristen was just with Brady because she wanted revenge against Marlena and John that shit truly turned me off. What does everyone think about the Ericole/Bricole pattern?