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OLTL: Jason Tam and Terrell Tilford Have Been Let Go
What the fuckery? :flipoff:

Y&R: Clementine Ford Confirmed Out
Thank God the actress was bad sorry but Mac sucks thank you Jesus :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :cheer: :cheer:

SOD&SOW:EJ Fakes Amnesia/EJ Wakes Up
This is some fucking bullshit honestly.Fuck U Corday. Fuck U too Writers :flipoff: . Damn RIP DOOL. I can't believe my favourite soap opera is going to get cancelled on September 2011 this is truly the end what a shame may Corday's parents RIP if they could see what there wonderful soap opera that they have created has become my god May there souls rest in peace. Any ways back to the topic EJ is the most stupidest man alive honestly which man Chinese,African, Korean,Japanese or American or European man would take back a woman who literally shot him in the head and then after that went and slept with another man and on the same night she got engaged and made love to him even after shooting him she went and had wonderful sex with her fiancée and acted like nothing ever happened. I mean EJAMI is disgusting they are the worst couple on daytime television. Damn i can't believe the writers have ruined my favourite character on daytime tv Samantha Brady seriously what has become of her :shame:. I mean Sami used to be one of the best characters on Days in 90's and 2000's and not so much because her new love interest is boring and the actor Galen Gering sucks sorry Gering but you can't act you technically suck. May Francis Reid Rest In Peace. What the fuckery is going on seriously FUCK DAYS JUST FUCKING CANCEL IT RIGHT NOW I AM TIRED OF IT. Thank God for prime time soaps. Thank God for Eastenders. Let me go watch Phil Mitchell (Steve Mcfadden). Even Eastenders is better than this Fucking soap opera called Days of our lives. I will come back for the finale when it get cancelled. I will show the grand finale when or if Lucas comes and stops Sami from marrying Rafe. Or if EJ dies.Fuck EJ he has got to be one of the worst villians on daytime tv sorry to James Scott i think he should just quit DOOL right now he is wasting his time. Now let me go enjoy my Eastenders much better than this crap atleast the writers know what they are doing and at least the writers know how to balance the characters and at least the black characters are showing there acting skills.FUCK DAYS AND RIP TO IT

British Soap Discussion
Tonight's episode was so moving i was almost in tears i am gonna miss Peggy i can't believe Eastenders without Peggy in it. I mean seriously i loved everything about it tonight. When her last scene was with Steven McFadden and Daniella Westbrook i wish Grant was there he should have been there.

SOW: Rafe at a Glance
Damn it here i thought Rafe was going to Jail and leave the show :frustration: , wen will Galen leave the show seriously wen or wen how long do i have to wait :frustration: :frustration:. RIP to Sami because once Stefano finds out and she is so dead :dance:

British Soap Discussion
I am a proud Eastenders fan seriously tonight's episode was the bomb diggity i tell you. Best performances especially Steve Mcfadden,Barbara,Lacey Turner and Charlie Brooks :cheer:. I was actually crying and my heart was beating so fast damn even when i am typing my hands are kinda of shaky. Damn i was scared for Stacy,Peggy and Phil. EASTENDERS IS THE BEST SOAP OPERA IN THE WORLD AND TODAY WAS ONE OF THEIR BEST EPISODE NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL A ENTERTAINMENT :cheer: . Eastenders will never get cancelled like those other soap opera i hope they win best soap again :cheer:. I am just happy Peggy didn't die any ways i knew Peggy wouldn't die :dance: :dance:

OLTL: Who could be the next to leave?
I don't want my hopes up but if she is leaving OLTL then that means there's hope for her character Mimi Lockhart will be back to Days oh please let it happen :hail: i can't believe the powers to be are actually listening finally hell i can't wait for Gigi's character to be out :dance: :dance: :dance: