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Y&R: January Discussion
Sharon has an amazing body with a gorgeous tan!

Y&R: January Discussion
Billy is confronting Adam right now

Ex-OLTL's Chris McKenna Joins Y&R!
Jan 24 2014, 01:02 PM
Feb. 17 is a few weeks from now and is "bringing GC together." I'll bet he's playing the Abbott cousin casting rumor that was swirling around. I do hope someone fills Michael Muhney's shoes; they are big ones to fill! I don't want Adam GONE as I really like the character.
The casting call for 'Andrew Abbott' was actually for the recast of Billy, they just couldn't tell people

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of January 20th
I don't think it matters where Summer was or what she was doing.. she's still an adult, and Sharon isn't her parent

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of January 27th
Jan 22 2014, 07:48 PM
If Abby ever gets ahold of that Mariah, I'd go ninja chick on her ass. :stars: bitch taking my phone and locking me up all night and that stupid boyfriend, Tyler, thinking she would want to live in that ugly old horse barn he's crazier then a shithouse rat. Rich chick like her isn't gonna live in a old cold, brick lined apt. I'd buy whatever I wanted if I was a millionaire like her and tell him he can live in it or not the choice was up to him, but , I'm not living in some old, cold ass loft with no view and brick walls.
Soaps don't know how to write for the rich characters anymore. We are supposed to see the different social statuses in soaps, thats what makes it real. A rich girl like Abby would usually be with another rich blonde jock type or something, not someone trying to make ends meet

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of February 3rd
I want the truth to come out too. Even if Sharon loses everything again i just want to see some new story

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of January 27th
Jan 22 2014, 08:28 AM
This is Victor.
Protecting his litter at all costs. They write his lines, he has no trouble memorizing his lines, not like what MM was saying about him. MM's troubles weren't because of EB.
Wait until Victor finds out the pills came from one of his companies. Then his lines will change.
Well I have much more respect for EB then I do for MM any day and think Victor is much more of a staple on the show then Adam is but I also can't help but feel like they just drag Victor into things to give his two cents and meaningless threats as if a 60 something year old man is supposed to scare the viewers, really? I'm personally ready for the 'great Victor newman' to grow the hell up, he should be smarter and wiser by now but all he does is throw around empty threats that never even come of anything

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of January 20th
Jan 21 2014, 11:32 PM
He's half right..........
so it's Sharon fault that Summer decided to take pills in the bathroom? was Sharon supposed to follow Summer around everywhere including the bathroom or anywhere she decides to go. Summer is an adult now technically so that was not Sharon's fault or Jacks. I understand Victors dislike for Jack and Sharon but I thought he was being rather silly

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
If it wasn't for recasts, we wouldn't have gotten MM in the first place. So for anyone to say MM can't and won't be replaced, I think their wrong

They mighty have to give the character of Adam a little makeover, kind of how they made over Jill when JW came into the role

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
God who are these pathetic people that are waisting money on this bs? all that money will just go to waste and their all gonna be broke anyways. We might as well laugh at them

Y&R: January Discussion
that being said I do like Leslie a lot, I hope she won't be stuck with Neil forever. I'd like to see her with a younger man her age

Y&R: January Discussion
Last thing Neil needs is another child that we never see from a baby mama that will at some point vanish off screen like all his previous lovers

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of January 20th
LOL according to Victor everything is Jack and Sharon's fault

Y&R: January Discussion
I'm kind of starting to like Tyler and Abby more lol, is anyone else enjoying them lately? I'm curious about who this crazy ex of Tyler's is. My only complaint is that they seem so secluded from the rest of the cast

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Sammie Jo
Jan 19 2014, 11:36 AM
Jan 19 2014, 09:58 AM
Jan 18 2014, 11:16 AM
No one will say he's innocent, because they'd be lying if they did. Like I said earlier, WHO is sticking up for him. Writers, co-workers, network? Nope, guess again, other than Sharon there is no one stepping up to the plate for him. If he is so good, why hasn't another soap, movie, program scooped up that little gem?
Because they don't need that kind of person on their show.
Nobody is sticking up for him...all Sharon Case did was making a video.. We did not hear her say "HE DID NOT DO IT"... Maybe she thought he deserved a proper goodbye like Billy Miller did... Other than that she is not saying anything at all... I guess that's why he unfollowed her on tweeter like he did all his co-stars... :lol:
did he really dump Sharon? lol
Good, SC doesn't need to risk her job by defending a creep like MM. Hopefully she is on the side of all her co stars

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
oh and I have no issue with EB telling it like it is, too bad his interview wasn't able to shut some crazy people up. They'll never stop

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
most of us loathed Adam for years now, not because Adam is a villain but because MM gave us NO reason to truly like or enjoy his character, not to mention he's a total sociopath in real life

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Jan 18 2014, 01:15 AM
Where is the evidence that he did anything to Hunter King?
It is still all innuendo and gossip.
People coming on here and calling the guy every nasty name in the book or accusing him of being a pervert, without any firm justification - it stinks.
The sad thing out of all this - viewers will be deprived of a truly interesting, multi-faceted and complex soap character.
And any recast will not come close to the high standard Mr Muhney set in his portrayal of Adam Newman.
LOL "multi-faceted" "complex soap character" are we watching the same show??? MM was dull as fuck and he wasn't TERRIBLE but medicore at best! he was certainly not irreplaceable. All I've seen Adam do for the past three years is bite his lip and watch his face twitch in 25 different ways while he's talking to people, oh and don't get me started on his hilarious attempt of crying or showing any kind of emotion. JM has done better work than MM and I've even said before I don't find JM to be all that great of an actor either.

About.com interview with Kate Mansi
Oh but i thought 'Ejami' were star crossed lovers? Guess not! HA! Ej looks much better with Abigail then he does with miss piggy anyways

Michael Muhney Axed from Y&R!
Jan 16 2014, 07:21 PM
Assuming of course that JFP is doing good work on Y&R, which is a doubtful assumption.

Put aside MM for a minute.
The rest of these current SLs are about as exciting as watching two flies crawl up a wall.
But I guess most of you are salivating with excitement over the return of Colin or Dylan hogging even more of the SLs.
Actually I'm still seeing a lot of the main characters I love to watch front and centre as always, with some new additions to freshen the canvas