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Y&R: Promo for week of October 30th Scared to Death
Let's see if Mal can deliver more than just shock value. Im willing to give him a chance but I'm not interested in Pratt 2.0

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of October 23rd
Lauren is such a hater. Her son is in his 30's and is acting like he can't make his own decisions as a grown man. As usual, it's so easy to make Sharon the scapegoat for everyone's problems in Genoa City.

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of October 23rd
It looks like Mal is gonna hit the ground running. I'll give him a chance

Real Housewives of... Discussion
Yeah I don't have a problem with Peggy or Lydia. I do like Peggy more than Lydia though. Lydia is .. meh.. especially after her comment about feeling "uncomfortable" around drag queens but she's been talking about her husbands balls all season and even threw a party for it? Like okay, whatever Lydia. However there's people I despise a lot more at the moment like Shannon, Meaghen and even Tamra.. (I can't believe she used to be a fave of mine at one time)

Real Housewives of... Discussion
Season 2 of Dallas has been everything I've hoped for and more. I hope they don't change anyone in the cast for season 3, however they might benefit from adding one more housewife. OC has been sucking HARD this season.. although Kelly is still entertaining as always to watch. They need to get rid of Shannon and Meaghan. Shannons meltdowns are funny but she's bringing the entire show down.

Y&R: Promo for week of October 23rd Messy Breakups!
Lily wants to have sex with Nick? Wtf

Kristoff St. John Hospitalized
Wow... I feel terrible for Kristoff and I feel even worse that this is public knowledge now too. Shame on TMZ for this

Real Housewives of... Discussion
It's funny that two of Teresa's biggest enemies since the beginning of RHONJ which are Danielle and Melissa, are now the people she's aligned with this season. This season has been pretty great so far. I know a lot of people have said that this show is going downhill but I think this could be their comeback season. Last season was SHIT with Siggy and Delores playing the middle but it's much more enjoyable now that they're playing the game.

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of October 16th
Sorry but I'm really enjoying Cane and Juliet. I hope the writers go all the way with them.