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Friday December 23rd Daily Discussion
Dec 23 2011, 10:58 PM
Sweet and Salty
Who is Charity?
She played Belle briefly in 2004, right before Martha Madison took over.

She was an AMAZING actress! Like totally Oscar-worthy. ;) [/sarcasm]
LMFAO thanks for the laughs! What a terrible actress.

SOD & SOW: Will Blabs The Truth about EJ & Sami
Dec 23 2011, 05:13 PM
About time Will tells someone. I was getting bored seeing Will blow up at Sami instead of just telling someone.
I wasn't.. LOL.

Will can blow up at Sami all he wants, LOVING IT.

Promo For The Week Of December 26th
Dec 23 2011, 06:17 PM
At least they are doing a promo for the right story..That's a good start..Will's story has so much potential for Days..It needs to be featured predominantly though..and then make the other ones more interesting as well..Mardar have proven they have potential and going into next year we have a pretty amazing cast--they just need to pull everything together and write and exciting show...
I agree with what your saying. I haven't given up hope in MarDar

Coronation Street Discussion
Even though we all know Tracy is a devious bitch , i'm feeling awful for her right now.

Seems like everyone on the street is 'team Tracy' now. WoW.. I'v missed a lot !

Wednesday December 21st Daily Discussion
This whole Stefano/John shit is just completely pathetic and i don't buy anything about it.. Everything is so fat fetched and it doesn't even make sense. I hope they come up with something new for the new year and they don't drag this out any longer!!!!

Wednesday December 21st Daily Discussion
Can I just say...Madison has beautiful teeth and a STUNNING smile!

Wednesday December 21st Daily Discussion
The Carrie and Marlena scene was adorable! Sami is an ungreatful bitch.

Wednesday December 21st Daily Discussion
can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with Kate? She must be trying to set something up..

Wednesday December 21st Daily Discussion
I actually enjoyed Brady and Madison's scenes today. So cute.

As for Madison's sweater....HORRID!!!!!

Tuesday December 20th Daily Discussion
Am I honestly supposed to believe that Maggie gives a shit about Melanie's teenage drama? gheeeeze

Bo and Hope are a couple of stupid fucks to think that Stefano would do anything to help them..and if he DOES end up helping them, then im going to be very disappointed in this whole storyline

I did enjoy the scenes between Stefano and Lexie.. I'm glad to see Lexie standing up for herself and her family.

not even gonna comment on Daniel's 'sickness' or whatever it is.. because i couldn't care less, and I don't think ANYONE does

Monday December 19th Daily Discussion
..speaking of Sami. I must admit.. she looked half decent in this episode.

Monday December 19th Daily Discussion
Dec 20 2011, 08:29 PM
I find absolutely nothing wrong with a man and his wife actually happy to be in love especially when both have had to climb through a mire of misery and problems to get there, so let them be happy for once in their lives it's refreshing and I certainly enjoy it, immensely.
too bad Sami is gonna get in the way of that...AGAIN!

Monday December 19th Daily Discussion
this episode actually wasn't so bad..loved the cattiness between Kate and Nicole xD


SOD: Sami and Rafe Renew Their Vows
thats it?... the only reason i would ever tune in to watch this, is if i could see Sami bawl her eyes out and run out tripping over her dress again. otherwise, this whole thing is fucking pointless

Thursday December 15 Daily Discussion
I actually really enjoyed today's episode. The writing was well done.. Loved the mentions of Belle and Kristen during Brady and Madison's conversation about Christmas. The John/Marlena scenes with Stefano and E.J topped everything though, loved it.

Wednesday December 14th Daily Discussion
I would rather have Arianna come back then have to deal with Gabi for any longer..

Wednesday December 14th Daily Discussion
Dec 14 2011, 10:45 PM
I listened to Melanie/Molly and there is something about her voice. It almost sounded like someone over 50 who has been smoking since she was 15.
She just seems very mousey, squeaky and annoying to me. But I would rather them keep Melanie around then Gabi. Gabi does nothing for me, shes the most useless character on the show right now.

Wednesday December 14th Daily Discussion
OH and I've just about had enough of Gabi. Shes more annoying to me then Melanie is. GET THE FUCK OFF MY SCREEN!

Wednesday December 14th Daily Discussion
Seeing Kayla pop out of no where was random as hell

Shouldn't Sami be spending her time trying to figure out what is up with her son Will? Considering the latest stuff thats been going on with him..

I liked the Jennifer and Abigal scenes today, Melanie was awkward and out of place..as usual.

Am I the only one that noticed Kayla eavesdropping on Austin and Sami?

Tuesday December 13th Daily Discussion
Jennifer needs to fucking die. I so sick of seeing her wrinkly ass forehead and that disgusting white hair of hers. DIE