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Days: Your Lois fix!
lmfao I fucking loved her

Latest Ratings: Week of January 23 to 27
Feb 4 2012, 04:12 PM
Feb 4 2012, 02:58 AM
The Gina/Pawn stuff was what got Days where they are now.
They lost viewers after they aired that and didn't get those viewers back.
There was a huge backlash then and there will be now.
I've read people on twitter and on messageboards saying they have quit watching the show because of this and they have all been watching this show for a long time!
Days need new headwriters.
The woman who plays Maggie hasn't even worked since last year!
Days don't treat their actresses or actors respectfully.
I don't care if people have a problem with her attitude no one deserves to be treated like this. No one!
If the other people who are tuning out want to come here and say so, let them do it. Please just speak your opinion and stop trying to speak for everyone else.

Latest Ratings Jan.16th to 20th

The Revolution: 2nd Week Ratings
MUHAHAHAHAHA! :) this makes me very happy. FUCK YOU ABC, YOU DESERVED THIS.

Latest Ratings: Week of January 23 to 27

(DAYS) John & Marlena Youtube Page!
How lovely, thanks for posting these..I watched a couple minutes from one of your 1992 clips and i'm afraid if I continue i'll get hooked and won't get any sleep tonight! LOL. I'll wait until Friday night I suppose