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Real Housewives of... Discussion
It was beautiful to finally see Vanderpump get called on her shit

I'm excited. I want more new older actors, instead of just new young characters all of the time.

Y&R: Robert Adamson bumped to recurring status
I like RA but they haven't had anything interesting for him as of yet... If anything they should recast him with a slightly younger actor as well..

this is old news.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of March 14th
Sharon's boobs looked amazing.

Y&R: Sofia Pernas to recurring (no longer on contract)
They can get rid of Sage. I heard she's leaving anyways. I hope there is truth to that

TMZ: Tracy Bregmans legal battle
I actually first read this a few days ago on Facebook and I was in shock!


Y&R: Interesting & Spoilerish Social Media
Apparently Stacy Haiduk is back to taping more episodes this week (which she announced on Facebook)

Y&R: Interesting & Spoilerish Social Media
Chuck Pratt is not very good at keeping a balance is he? Certain characters get back burned SO hard while others are on almost everyday. I'm ready for Victor Newman to be back burned for once.

Y&R: March Discussion
If Billy and Phyllis don't become a real thing I am going to be pissed. I am ready for Villy and Phack to end for GOOD. Besides, Billy and Phyllis have so much more chemistry

Y&R: Spoilers for week of March 14th
Shawn is the innocent one here. Sage is the real nut case, and the one we should be concerned about. She didn't even want to accept a job from Chelsea because she is too obsessed with Shawn and this baby

Y&R: March Discussion
Nick and Sharon sitting side by side in court supporting their son. That's what I love to see!

Y&R: March Discussion
Christine is trying so hard to nail Noah, what's her problem?

Y&R: March Discussion
Damn judge Moxley is a bad ass I love her

Real Housewives of... Discussion
Eileen has every reason to be appalled by Rinna, and anyone else for that matter who was questioning Yolanda's illness. It's such a low thing for anyone to do. I wouldn't expect anything less from her

Y&R: March Discussion
Ashley is more stylish and sophisticated, but I wouldn't say she looks younger than Sharon. Sharon and Ashley are actually my two favourite female characters on Y&R so I don't compare them because they both bring different things to the table

Y&R: Spoilers for week of March 14th
I honestly thought that Shick scene by the fire a couple weeks ago was just a random scene CP would throw in to get the Shick fans exciting and then never follow up on that but it turns out we may actually be headed back for Shick once again, and I couldn't be more pleased. Sage's days our numbered at this point. Let the countdown begin!

Y&R: Spoilers for week of March 14th
Mar 11 2016, 10:57 AM
Sammie Jo
Mar 11 2016, 10:27 AM
Phyliss is more embarrassed that she didn't know the difference between marco and jack, or maybe she did and marco was better than jack so she kept quiet. lol

no. No. NO!

It is called "rape by impersonation", and it has been a crime in many states of the USA and in many countries. And has been a crime in England for over 100 years.

Furthermore, even in locations that don't specify that, it is still illegal to have sex with someone without their informed consent.

She consented to sex with Jack.

Phyllis did not give "informed consent" to sex with Marco. Marco knew this and had sex with her anyhow. That is rape.

And I have pages and pages of laws that that I can cite.

Sure she's embarrassed. Many rape victims feel embarrassment. But it's still rape.
I agree! This story is obviously completely unbelievable and ridiculous, mainly because it's very unlikely that a situation like this would occur in real life but with that said there is no denying that Phyllis is the victim.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of March 14th
Mar 11 2016, 11:50 AM
what's this………………Nikki confiding in Sharon.
is Sharon no longer the pariah of GC?
Well this makes me happy.
Also, its seems Nick is also being drawn to Sharon as well.
well Chuckie might be doing something right after all.
well I won't hold my breathe because he will change his writings even before the ink dries on the paper.
The spoiler says that Nick confides in Sharon

Y&R: Spoilers for week of March 7th
At some point there comes a time for the next generation of men to take over as the lead villain or (whatever Victors role currently is) and those men would be Adam or Nick. Victor is tired, he has used up so much screen time and I believe a lot of viewers would like something new, fresh and exciting. Victor doesn't have to stop being Victor, but why can't he be the wise father, grandfather and family man he used to be and can sit back and drop wisdom bombs where they are needed (much like Katherine did before she died) IMO the "great Victor Newman" bullshit is old and worn out