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Y&R: May Discussion
Dina singing was hilarious. Ashley's face! LOL

Y&R: June Discussion
Ugh. I was really enjoying the show (and I still am) but now we're getting all heavy into the Chloe stuff and it feels so much like something Pratt would write, and we remember what total garbage that was. I'm so over the dramatic explosions and action scenes. We all know Chloe will just end up alive somewhere again soon or maybe she really will be dead, either way I don't even care anymore lol. Put this story to bed already.

On the bright side, I'm liking almost everything else. The teen set is coming together finally, the Dina story has been giving me so much life, and Hilary is on fire. Kudos to Sally for all of that.

Y&R: May Discussion
I don't know if I want Juliet to go psycho. I'm kind of starting to like her. They could give her more of an edge though

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 29th
I'm glad the show is finally investing in the teens, and they're actually trying this time. It reminds me of the Bill Bell days

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 29th
The show feels like it's on an upswing again. I'm engaged in pretty much all of the stories, except for the searching for Chloe crap

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 29th
I don't like this new Cane, and I didn't like the old Cane either lol so no thanks to him and Hilary hooking up. Although, they DID look hot together, but I need more than just that.

Y&R: May Discussion
I thought there might be more to Tessa, kind of like when Jana first came to town but she's quickly becoming a very plain Jane type of character

Y&R: May Discussion
Tessa would go well with a younger Kevin-like character or something

Y&R: May Discussion
May 24 2017, 01:44 PM
May 24 2017, 12:11 PM
I'm not a fan of Tessa or the ugly rag she's wearing. :shame:
The street performer with her sob story. I really don't care. They just use Noah to prop this newbie and they have zero chem and quite frankly, they look odd together.

I assume she is part of that sex trafficking story and that blond dude is her John. So kind of a redux of Marisa/Marco.
I know. I don't understand why Noah would be attracted to this girl. No offence to her, because she's cute and all but they just don't fit together. A young man like Noah in real life would date someone more strikingly beautiful. Not someone so awkward and boring.

Y&R: May Discussion
If we could get Davetta Sherwood back as Lily and Heather Tom back as Victoria, all would be right in the world. Could you imagine DS's Lily going up against Hilary? That would be amazing.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 29th
I still think Billy and Hilary would be super interesting. Or maybe even Hilary and Adam when he returns.

Why does it feel like black characters are always limited to dating other black characters? This show is so behind sometimes

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 22nd
May 24 2017, 11:44 AM
Actor's ages mean nothing on soaps when it comes to aging children. However, it's easier to suspend disbelief when the actor is at least 35ish. By then, it's like, okay they still couldn't have mothered/fathered that character, but it's okay to suspend disbelief.

Kristian Alfonso was too young to really be Jason Cook's mom on DAYS, but by the time Shawn was aged to a teenager, Hope wasn't a teen mother when she had Shawn. When Shawn was aged, Hope was in her mid to late 30s, though, so it didn't matter.

The problem with Christel Khalil is she looks like she could still play a teenager. Even at 30 years old. I'm not sure CK will ever look old enough to play the mother of a teenager. She's sort of like Kirsten Storms on GH. It's going to be weird seeing her play the mother of a teenager whenever they decide to age Georgie.

It's all just really weird.
I feel the same way but that's because a lot of the young people from the era of like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara are now becoming adults and it's hard to comprehend them being moms to teens but it will eventually be the new normal

Y&R: May Discussion
May 24 2017, 11:48 AM
I'm actually enjoying the little teen scene we've had so far with Reed, Zoe and Kendall. Despite my feelings of the Ashby twins being aged, I kind of like what they have set up so far, based on the day ahead recap I just read. Maybe add in one more male character, and I think they'll be set.

I like that they're giving the teens distinct archetypes (Reed's the musician, Charlie's the jock, Maddie's the brain) as well. That's one of the biggest mishaps DAYS did with their teen invasion 2 years ago. There was nothing distinct about of them.
I definitely agree with that. I hate when they bring in new characters and have them walking around aimlessly with no personality

Y&R: Interesting & Spoilerish Social Media
So weird. Lily already looked too young to be a mother to the previous actors playing Charlie and Mattie, and they were kids. I don't understand the rush to age them anyways.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 29th
Hilary can still do her Hilary thing whether she is with Devon or not. Devon is going to have to either accept her for who she is or they'll continue going at each other and fighting about Hilary's personality.

One thing I don't want happening is Devon turning Hilary into a boring one note character. SS has done a great job at rebooting Hilary and turning her back into the vixen we all loved. I want it to stay this way.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 29th
Gooooood. Please put an end to this Devon/Mariah crap. They are so dull and don't look right together. Find someone different for Mariah. Hevon are a much better fit IMO

Real Housewives of... Discussion
Gizelle has some good shade here and there, but I can't stand her. She's so insecure and that kills it for me. I actually dislike most of the older women on this show except.. believe it or not, Karen has actually been a favourite for me this season so far. That could change of course, but I loathed her last season and she seems to be redeeming herself this season.

Ashley and Monique have been the target of some much jealousy it's ridiculous, they are definitely the two I'm rooting for.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 22nd
May 23 2017, 12:07 PM
What was the point of Philly telling Jack and everyone else about their relationship if they are hiding and lying again lol.
It makes for a nice an interesting dynamic though. Their relationship started as an affair and it was based on a lie so it makes sense that they'd fall back into that

Y&R: May Discussion
I guess I'm in the minority because even though there are tons of flaws in her writing, I still like her much more than Pratt. Pratts Y&R was honestly the worst. Every character was interchangeable and that alone made it dull for me. At least Sally is writing the characters as individuals.. but I agree with a lot of the things people complain about here when it comes to certain things she's screwing up on.

Y&R: Spoilers for week of May 22nd
I really enjoyed the L.A scenes but mostly because of Hilary. I'm liking Sharon/Scott although Sharon needs to be on more. I'm enjoying the Dina storyline and Jack and Ashley's reactions to her arrival in Genoa city. Things I'm not liking is Chelseas stupid quest for Chloe, Victoria's ass being on every damn day and this Juliet person being some kind of conflict for Cane and Lily when we've already seen probably 3 storylines JUST like this one involving Cane and another woman. Oh and I thought I liked Tessa but she can go too. She's quite bland.