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SOD: August Preview
Jul 25 2015, 08:20 AM
It may mean nothing, but when Stephen and Mary Beth did the video for MBE's Plank blog, when they were talking about the writing, they brought up Josh Griffith first...and added Dena as almost an afterthought. It makes me wonder if Josh is there for the day to day nuts and bolts of the writing, while Dena is the big picture idea person. If so, isn't that the best case scenario? The reading I'm getting on JG is that he's good with characters and the day to day dialogue/details, but his ideas can be kind of boring, while Dena can come up with big, exciting ideas but fails in the execution. If they're working their strengths and letting the other take up the slack where they're weak, it could be a very good thing. Potentially, anyway.
JG was rather boring on Y&R, but safe. He cleaned the show up a lot after MAB fucked up the show and he did add a few things that were good, but still boring like I said..
He can do a job job at pacing stories and being consistent in writing character driven stories

SOD: August Preview
& Dena Higley*

SOD: August Preview
When is JG's first episode?

Luxe valley
New episodes have been posted!