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Y&R: Spoilers for the week of August 1st
Don't fuck with Jill!

Y&R: Promo for week of August 1st The Great Outdoors
Those campfire scenes look really fun.

Real Housewives of... Discussion
Meghan is so boring

Real Housewives of... Discussion
Carole and Bethenny are the most disgusting people ever

Big Brother 18: Live Feed Discussion
The only ones playing the game are the vets. I'm not really enjoying any of the newbies except Paulie (Codys brother) and Michelle but that's probably it. Tiffany is okay but she needs to stop with her paranoia shit

Big Brother 18: Live Feed Discussion
Tiffany is a paranoid mess, peeking around corners and shit LOL she's gonna blow up her own alliance pretty soon.

Day and Nicole are playing a good game so far, I'm enjoying them!

Frank needs to go. His ass is most likely grass next week, he has pissed off every girl in the house