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Y&R: Ronan Lies For Phyllis!
Yeah, there's women like Lindsay Hartley who is GORGEOUS and wouldn't ever make it on a list like that, because she's not as well known

Y&R: SOD Fall Previews
I watched this documentary once, about this woman who had a daughter that died as a baby or something and she was a high school teacher, respected by people in her town and everything. And she started having an affair with one of her students and doing some wacky things, and if I remember correctely she got off as not guilty for child molestation because of how deep she was in depression, and I guess her medication was fucking with her head or something. I don't know, I don't think people would really buy that in real life but since this is a soap opera I think they could put a similier type of spin on this if they do it right

Y&R: Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
Nelson Branco @nelliebranco29m
Just proofing @SoapUncensored one last time. Should be up shortly. Sorry, but it'll be worth the wait! Sharon Case Speaks! #YR

This man is killin me right now. But hell to the no I am not buying his piece of shit magazine

Y&R: SOD Fall Previews
Now if Nick can wake up and suddenly have half his brain back, id be fine with that though.

Y&R: SOD Fall Previews
Sammie Jo
Aug 31 2012, 09:13 AM
"Its going to be fun to take her to a place where shes lost everything and has to completely re-evaluate her life and do some major rebuilding if shes to win back the respect from her family and friends."

Good! That's preferable to those overnite cures, at least there will be a story to explain everything.
I don't think any of us wanted an overnight cure for Sharon's behaviour. We want a good, well written story that will show us whats really going on inside that head of hers. I know SC is capable of delievering that if the writing is good

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of August 27th
Aug 31 2012, 01:35 PM
Yes, I read that too.
She will have another divorce/annulment under her belt. And so will he!
Tucker wasn't on so many shit lists until he started "helping" Sharon.
Well I think anyones social status would be hurt just a tad bit for helping Sharon. she is the town pariah afterall

Y&R: August Discussion
I always enjoyed Victoria's dislike of Sharon, because unlike Nikki and Phyllis, I don't think Victoria's harsh words ever came from jealousy. Victoria has tried to be decent to her at times I think but will give her the rundown when she sees fit. I loved the scene when she fired Sharon after learning about her affair with Brad. Thats probably the only time I was rooting for AH as Victoria, Other then that.. shes dull as hell

Y&R: August Discussion
Grandpa Hughes
Aug 31 2012, 01:27 PM
Ihad to laugh when Victoria whispered "This isn't over, Shaon." And Sharon whispered right back "Yes it is, Victoria.". I thought that was the perfect response.
LOL! I love that Sharon is crushing Victoria right now. But really though, if this was Heather Tom's Victoria.. She would CRUSH Sharon! AH does nothing for me and doesn't make the character feel rootable so i'm team Sharon with those two right now

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of August 27th
Well what is this BS i'm hearing about Shucker getting married around Victor's funural? I'm guessing its MAB expressing her last bit of Sharon hate

Y&R: SOD Fall Previews
Wait wait wait is this MAB's stuff or the new writers?

I agree with ya'll, this all looks pretty good. I'm excited

Spoilers for the week of September 10th
I'd rather watch two rats fuck then force myself into watching these idiotic men fight over this bitches fat cooter, fer REAL.

Spoilers for the week of September 10th
okay writers, we get it! Ms. Piggy and her giant beef curtains are irresistable to all men!


Michael Fairman interview with Eric Braeden
Btw I actually have no problem with EB or his character. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of his or anything though, I happen to think he has been on way too much these days and others feel that way too.

The point is, EB is showing lack of class and support for his colleagues right now in his interviews and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what his obnoxious and unprofessional behaviour is coming from. Its because his dear friend MAB the hack got fired. And I happen to find it HILARIOUS that some die hard Victor fans are defending this behaviour of his just because their fans. Oh well, guess not everyone can tell the difference between fact and fiction. I personally wouldn't defend Sharon Case if she was showing lack of support for her colleagues, especially if it was a colleague that had their character ruined at her expense.

Y&R: August Discussion
Sammie Jo
Aug 31 2012, 12:41 AM
Aug 30 2012, 07:55 PM
I am allowed to bring other people up in discussion. Everyone else does it.
Nobody said you couldn't, I just said that I was talking about Sharon, not phyliss.

Michael Fairman interview with Eric Braeden
Aug 31 2012, 01:43 AM
Sammie Jo
Aug 31 2012, 12:50 AM
Aug 30 2012, 05:02 PM
Sammie Jo
Aug 30 2012, 04:57 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
It's not about having an imagination, it's about reading between the lines and understanding what he meant. It's comprehension. The question asked was about Shictor and Sharon Case was mentioned in the question. EB responds with that and says you don't do that to fellow colleagues. Colleagues means his co-workers. Considering Sharon Case is the one mentioned in the question and the other half of Shictor, it's doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together.
EB has plenty of co-workers, I prefer to find out the truth not guess about it and project what I want something to mean.
When EB comes out and says he was talking about sharon case, then we'll know for sure.
Just so you know, I know what colleagues means, you don't have to define terms for me.
have a good night.
I thought I had to define terms for you considering you said he was defending SC against people/BS on twitter. When he basically said colleagues don't do that to one another, he isn't referring to random tweeters. And this isn't hard to figure out, Shictor is made of of two people EB and SC. Obviously he has plenty co-workers, but he was clearly referring to Sharon Case because she is the one IN the pairing and is the only Y&R cast member on twitter who said anything against Shictor. I don't need him to come out and say Sharon Case, cause he never will. He worded his statement perfectly... Yeah, you have great night as well...
Yeah its really not hard to figure out at all LOL. SC made a response to it on twitter aswell.

Either way, EB is an arrogant asshole and his run on Y&R will be ending sooner rather then later ;)

Y&R: Ronan Lies For Phyllis!
Aug 30 2012, 08:36 PM
The only reason Christine is on is because she is a Bell.
Part of why Christine doesn't like Phyllis is because Nick didn't leave Phyllis and jump in Christine's rusty hole when they were necking in Jimmies.
Christine is jealous of everything Phyllis, that is why she wants her locked up. Christine probably wanted Ronan but he wouldn't go to a cold fish like that.
Lmfao are we watching the same show here or...?

From what I recall it was Phyllis who became insane over her jealousy of Christine. Tried to steal her husband Danny and used her son to do it

Phyllis has always been jealous of beautiful women like Christine and Sharon. Id hardly consider Phyllis the gorgeous bombshell that every woman in Genoa City is just DIEING to look like, puhlease.

Y&R: Ronan Lies For Phyllis!
Aug 30 2012, 06:48 PM
and the men just love it! Eat it right up.
Tim is proof that it's to "DIE FOR."
Meh, I took Tim's death more as proof that Phyl needs to clean her cooch

Michael Fairman interview with Eric Braeden
Aug 30 2012, 06:39 PM
Nellie tweeted he's interviewing SC... Who didn't see this coming.. This guy will use anything to sell a mag. lol I hope SC doesn't play into his antics.. He's the kind of fellow as my gramps say.. "Throws the Rock and hide the Hand"... jmo
Oh boy....
Any possible way we can get the full interview on here without buying that piece of trash magazine?

Y&R: Spoilers for the week of August 27th
Aug 30 2012, 06:20 PM
I can say that I can't wait until Sept 27th. Things will start falling into place and we will see who gets what and who goes where and who screws who!
For the record, I don't want Phick
I don't want Shick.
I just want the crown taken off Sharon's head and put back on Victors.
If things turn the way I hope they do I won't say a word.
You'll just know I'm grinning.
If your referring to MAB's last bit of stink then that's not going to be news to me. I know Sharon is going to lose once again, hello what else is new? I'm confident that the future for Y&R will be much more bright though once we get past this ridiculous milestone episode on Sept. 27

Michael Fairman interview with Eric Braeden
Aug 30 2012, 06:20 PM
Queen B
Aug 30 2012, 06:04 PM
Aug 30 2012, 06:01 PM
SC never said anything bad about him, she was referring to the storyline because she wasn't comfortable with it, and many people didn't like how her character was being trashed. Why he got upset about it I don't know.
Why EB throws hissy fits about half the shit he does is beyond me. But good question, and I can't help but assume its just his giant ego speaking and lack of respect for other actors and what THEY want from their character. But oh I forgot, this is the Victor Newman show and only Victor can get his way.
I don't know nowadays that seems to be Phyllis' turf.
I'd say its about equal for MS and EB, they are both screen hogs. I just have more hate for Phyllis because of her part in destroying shick.

Hopfully with any luck, there will be more balance with the new regime and the writers won't cater to ginger tits and mumbles so much. Time for a Shick reunion, and time for VR to be brought back.