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Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
Also, Sharon Case doesn't talk about how much fun she has making out with Joshua Morrow everyday.

Y&R: Meet The New Noah
I know alot of people liked him, and he definitely had the look to be Noah Newman but something about him just bothered me so much. He seemed like a spoiled little brat to me, and I will never get over the half-ass job he did when Noah found out Sharon was 'dead' in April 2011. I was kinda expecting more from the actor during that time

Updated Y&R Openings
AH has to go, i'm sorry but she WRECKED those new opening credits for me along with a few others like MM and ofcourse all of the newbies..

MTS looked gorgous, that woman doesn't even age I swear. MS's new hair is actually starting to warm to me, perhap it'll represent the 'darkness' of her character and the new direction shes going in. JM HAS to be in mondays opening credits beside SC or I will be very disappointed. EB looks like a blind man in his shot, its kinda freaky lol. And you all know I think SC looks gorgous, and I love that her shot is in a sophisticated black suit. I was worried they were gonna do her shot in that horrid slutty white wedding dress. Thank god!

Y&R: Meet The New Noah
I like him. While I will always complain about the coldness towards Sharon, the actor doesn't make me cringe the way the old actor did. He can actually act too, which is great. JFP's first casting choice may actually work out, hes a hottie and I can see a lot of teenage girls liking him also

Noah has to be the next generations leading male, if they fuck up on this then I believe Y&R has no future. I wish them luck

Y&R: September Discussion
i'm scared for the future of Sharon's character to be honest, i'm sure this is probably the hardest character to write for right now. She has NO ONE right now, and the one person she could always count on was Victor, now he isn't even on her side.

I want to enjoy Sharon doing all of these insane things, and if the rumors are true that shes going to burn the Newman Ranch down, that thought kind of scares me. How on EARTH will they redeem her after that? The only options for the character will be another long, drawn out criminal case or she goes on the run with Adam again and I honestly don't want neither. I'm kinda hoping she fucks a judge or something to get a pardon, she can't sink much lower anyways and I want Sharon IN Genoa City fucking shit up, not in a jail cell or somewhere with Adam

Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
Eric Braeden is a hoot on twitter. He still doesn't understand everything.. like "those damned 'hashmarks" lmfao, its so cute.

Y&R Promo-Week of 10/1/12
Phyllis and Sharon should be partners in crime

Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
LOL I can't imagine Sharon Case getting mad because MTS and EB are having some fun with their THOUSANDS of 'Niktor' fans. SC never liked being Victor's wife in the first place.. if theres any couple that she represents, its Shick and Shadam not Shictor. Shictor was a joke, and one of the worst coupleing in Y&R history. SC knows that

Updated Y&R Openings
Me too! I miss Jill so much, the show just isn't the same without her. I'm glad shes coming back though.

Jill and Ashley are definitely both needed on this show right now I think, it would make me feel like we're in good hands if JG/JFP were to bring them both back as soon as ED is done at DOOL ofcourse.

Y&R: September Discussion
Sep 28 2012, 09:18 PM
I noticed some technical changes in today's Canadian episode which I liked! You know the overly dramatic/cheesy background music that plays in almost every scene. Well today there were times when there was NO music during dialogue. In particular, one scene with Sharon/Nick at the police station. Normally there would be some awful sappy music playing, but there wasn't any. JFP must have had a hand in it.

The scene I'm talking about starts at around the 6:30 mark.
Yes, i've noticed the changes. I notice the scenes being shot differently too, its kind of hard to explain but theres definitely a differance. For example, when Sharon and Doris were at her house it looked like one of the scenes were being shot from the roof for like 5 seconds, so you could see the whole entire house. Everything just looks like its on a different angle, but I like it alot. I hope its a taste of whats to come

Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
I really wish they could diagnose Sharon with something, and have her put on medication LOL because atleast if they do that, they can switch the craziness on and off depending on certain storyline. I would like some balance though, I miss the heroine side of her even though i'm loving this new vixen side aswell

Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
Apparently EB accidentely spoiled on twitter that an 'angry diva' burns down the ranch. I can't find the tweet now, i'm guessing he deleted it but WOW, I guess the rumours were true?

Soap Ratings for Week of September 17-21, 2012
LOL Y&R and DAYS are hardly holding up right now, hilarious.

Updated Y&R Openings
EW @ all of them.

I was so disappointed to see SN, EH, and GR in the credits.

Y&R: September Discussion
I think people will like nuNoah, the only thing that bugs me is that he looks too old.. he looks more like he could play Nick's little brother or something.

Y&R: September Discussion
nuNoah is hot as hell, and a much better actor then that other shit head that was playing him before.

Gosh, I'm feeling awful for Sharon. I know, i'm a sucker but I hate seeing her in a jail cell away from Noah and Faith once again. And why the FUCK was that BITCH Avery sitting on the couch with Faith and Nick celebrating Faith's bday? Bitch get the fuck out, Sharon should be there with her family not you. I know I said I like Avery but all she fucking does is bad mouth Sharon and put her filthy hands all over Nick and Faith, Get the fuck out bitch!!!!!!!!

Phyllis and Ronan finally made out and yes, there was tongue. Phonan is hot, I have to admit. I'm definitely rooting for them now.

Victor is gonna propose to Nikki again, whatevaaaaaa.... NEXT

Daniel & Heather scenes were puke worthy once again.

I did enjoy Jack/Gen scenes, but we all know they won't be getting together for too long since GF is out. Tucker can go fuck himself also, I'm glad Sharon was able to give him the rundown today even though she was behind bars. Fucking sleeze bag, I want him out next along with GenV

The episode was good overall.. I'm noticing more and more changes, I know JFP must be editing this stuff. The lighting looks better, it almost looks like you can see buildings, trees etc outside of the windows, it looks much more realistic. I can't wait to see what JFP has to offer as time goes on. Its starting to remind me more and more of how the show looked in 2000-2001

Y&R: September Discussion
Billy betrayed Victoria by keeping Victors wherabouts a secret and didn't do anything to stop Sharon from taking over as CEO, or stopping his wife and Nikki from being worried about Victor, but Billy gets off and doesn't have to pay like Sharon does? huh. I bet Tucker and Gen aren't gonna have to pay for shit either. Its all Sharon's fault once again, when she was the one who was manipulated and treated like shit by everyone during Victors absence.

Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
I don't get it, was he insulting EB?

Y&R: September Discussion
Sep 27 2012, 10:14 PM
Queen B
Sep 26 2012, 05:30 PM
I don't think shes leaving just yet, I have a feeling theres still some fun stuff. If the rumors are true that Sharons gonna burn down the Newman ranch then shits REALLY going to hit the fan
I think sharon has some ideas up her sleeve.
I thought she did but after reading the spoilers for next week it looks like Sharon is back to where she started. In a jail cell, banned from seeing her children etc.. It just keeps getting worse and worse for Sharon every year and i'm sick of her becoming a mess like this.

JG is our life line right now , and I guess we'll find out about the new direction for Sharon within the next couple weeks. Lets hope and pray that Adam is not involved in any shape or form

Y&R: September Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets
OMG I missed that! lol the Y&R cast have lost their damn minds.