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Soap Ratings for Week of September 17-21, 2012
LOL Y&R and DAYS are hardly holding up right now, hilarious.

September 10-14 2012 Ratings
Y&R and DOOL absolutely deserve these ratings. I don't feel sad at all, infact I think its hilarious.

Y&R still has a chance to win back some viewers and recover from MAB's awful writing when these new writers come in and take charge but DOOL is skrewed. I'm sure we'll hear about its cancellation by early next year, and I wouldn't care less. Lost all faith in that show

Best Soap Operas Of All Time: ABC and People Magazine Reveal Top 5
Sep 19 2012, 11:18 AM
Sep 19 2012, 10:29 AM
Sep 19 2012, 09:52 AM
The Bold and The Beautiful is the best known soap,then comes Y&R.GH doesn't deserve the number one spot.
B&B is the best known soap outside of the USA. But, in the US, Y&R, Days, AMC and GH are more known.
Not in Canada...B&B is one of the least popular soaps and always has been (except in Quebec, where the french-dubbed show Top Modeles is pretty popular). OLTL and AMC also were never popular and were always two of the lowest rated shows in daytime up here (along with B&B). All 3 soaps have come and gone off the air (on CDN networks) a few times here due to low ratings.

Y&R and DAYS are heads and tails the most popular soaps in Canada, and always have been.
Funny, becausei i'm Canadian and the only two soaps i've ever watched has always been DOOL and Y&R :laugh: then ofcourse theres Passions, and I watched the whole run of that show from 1999-2008 but I wouldn't count that.

Randy,Mariah,Minaj,Keith Urban OFFICIALLY Idol Judges
love Nicki and Mariah but this is just a random ass mix of artists and I doubt this is going to work at all :puke:

Coronation Street Discussion
Sep 5 2012, 07:33 PM
The Kevin and Molly affair was really well done in my opinion. It all culminated perfectly.

Shame all the show wants to do now is copy it over and over with every other character.
Molly! Thats her name. I knew it was something like that lol

I thought it added great conflict to their marriage and it was awesome to watch. That young thing being in bed with Kevin though made me want to hurl

Coronation Street Discussion
Sep 3 2012, 07:43 PM
So I am thinking of catching up on Corrie, I haven't watched in months. Are Kevin and Sally reunited YET? lol
That's another couple I really liked. The last story I remember watching with them is when Kevin slept with that little orange haired girl. Nasty as fuck. Especially the sex scenes

Coronation Street Discussion
Bright Eyes
Sep 5 2012, 08:47 AM
Queen B
Sep 5 2012, 01:35 AM
What is Tracy up to these days? Haven't tuned in to Corrie in like a year and a half, but the only characters I ever really followed on the show was Becky and Tracy
Unfortunately, she's still obsessed over the ugly, annoying git that is Steve. He's back with Michelle and to get back at them Tracy is seducing Michelle's hot as heck son, Ryan - a drug addict.
Never understood what any of those ladies saw in Steve lol

I wish Karen would come back

Coronation Street Discussion
What is Tracy up to these days? Haven't tuned in to Corrie in like a year and a half, but the only characters I ever really followed on the show was Becky and Tracy

Passions Discussion
Ahhh! I loved Theresa, the doe-eyed spanish princess. To me, she was perfect and Ethan is the biggest douche in the world for wanting to be with duck face Gwen, barf.

I remember going online a long time ago to a Passions fan page, and there was a lot of weird people I got to know. Some were legit into witch craft and some other weird shit