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Monday December 19th Daily Discussion
I am loving the hell out of seeing EJ so happy, smiling, in love and being loved in return! EJ and Nicole continue to be the highlight of Days for me. I like how the EJ framing John business went down in their conversation-Nicole knows, but she understands that is the type thing that is better for all if EJ doesn't tell her. I also loved how EJ's flashback showed that he views the "sex" as a mistake in the past.

The massage scenes were great and made me laugh-in a good way! It is great to have a few scenes that are fun and can make one smile and laugh! EJole can be sweet, tender, playfu, cute and adorable but also sexy, hot, intense and sizzling-they are the rare couple where it isn't one or the other as far as the sets of adjectives go-I don't have them pigeon-holed in my mind. I give the majority of credit for that to James and Arianne.

Thursday December 15 Daily Discussion
OK, after reading a post my memory has been jogged-the IOU Stefano gave to Alice and how Hope is going to use it to get John out of jail. Unless this whole thing is a creation of Stefano's-with him planting the IOU, the paperweight and having Susan or a fill-in waiting by a phone-this story is a HUGE fail and disappointment. So I am supposed to believe that Stefano DiMera-employer of Dr. Rolf, could not find a doctor to help young EJ, but Alice Horton could? Why would that be a big secret? Why would Alice feel the need to hide this? Pfffffttt! Surely there is more to this story than THIS???

Thursday December 15 Daily Discussion
Yesterday's show was horrible! The only enjoyable tidbit was how EJ looked in his dark suit, white shirt and red tie. The stupid and silly dialogue-especially Marlena's "in pairs"/ "Noah's Ark" comment to EJ and Stefano was a total what da hell??? Brady and Madison looked simply awful even in FF mode. I don't even remember who else was on yesterday-it was that bad. :shrug:

Monday December 12th Daily Discussion
I absolutely LOVED the EJ and Nicole scenes in this episode. I was an EJami fan that (begrudgingly at the time) came to believe that EJ did love Nicole, however I never felt that he was IN LOVE with Nicole-that is no longer the case. James played EJ perfectly-there was absolute love and adoration in his eyes and on his face for Nicole. EJ watching Nicole sleep and waking her so he could say "I Love You" :wub: If EJ was playing Nicole, he could have just lied and told her he watching her while she slept-the writers made a point to show the audience differently.

I enjoyed the scheming EJole at the HTS and EJ sitting in Santa's throne was priceless. I also loved how EJ was messing with Nicole at the DiMansion-EJ's little smile gave away his true thoughts.

This epsiode is my favorite of the entire week!