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Soaps In Depth: Days Articles
Aug 26 2011, 12:19 PM
Does anyone think maybe EJ's newest plan since hes the next generation Stefano or a chip off the old block this will involve Carrie somehow. I just have this feeling that Carrie is going to be kidnapped by EJ and he will wind up taking an Interest in Carrie and see her the way Stefano saw Marlena and become obsessed with her and may even kidnap her and even put her in a cage and may wind up doing this when hes with Nicole.

I could see the show doing this is and see them having EJ take an interest in Carrie the way Stefano did Marlena and have it go on for years with EJ taking an interest in Carrie the way Stefano did Marlena.

It just makes me wonder if this is what winds up happening. Austin is plays the hero role and winds up rescuing his wife and saving her after EJ kinaps her and Austin and EJ square off. I wonder who the head figure in Salem who is a main character Bo and Hope are trying to catch now is it Stefano or someoneelse who is going to change lots of lives.
I think if Days wants to bust out the bird cage again, they'll use the original players (Stefano, Marlena and John) for that, since they will all be at Days again. I think EJ is going to be occupied with the mayor's race and Nicole for a while, so he'll be too busy to mess with Carrie. :smile:

Weekly Discussion 8/22-8/26
Aug 26 2011, 06:26 PM
Aug 26 2011, 06:20 PM
Aug 26 2011, 06:19 PM
Hell just froze!
Did you like EJ?
She's been bitten by the sweevil bug.

Don't resist it, LL. You'll find it's like slipping into a nice, warm bath.
Resistance to the sweevil is futile.

Weekly Discussion 8/22-8/26
Aug 26 2011, 12:22 PM
I predict that EJ fans are going to want to lick the screen today.

Yes, EJ was THAT delicious! ;)

SOW: Nicole and Brady Learn Chloe's Shocking Secret!
Didn't this just happen-like this week? The Brady using Nicole for sex part? Ewww. Why did they have to repeat this?

Weekly Discussion 8/22-8/26
Aug 25 2011, 09:48 PM
Aug 25 2011, 09:08 PM
Aug 25 2011, 09:06 PM
Aug 25 2011, 09:01 PM
LMAO @ EJOLE's grammar talk. I think James went back in time. He looks ten years younger.
He seriously does! I know I keep harping on it...but I can't get over it.
It's a revelation!
JS would be a horrible poker player. You can tell exactly how he feels about the material by how well (or how horribly) he plays the scene. And it seems you can tell how happy he is in general by how good he looks. He was looking nothing less than hagard for quite awhile there, but now he looks like a kid again. Rumor has it that he literally came dancing into the studio the day after DH was fired.
I believe there was a tweet by Days45online (?) that read something like "look who just came waltzing into the studio? James Scott!"-this was the day after the news about Higley's firing broke. The "dancing" part grew from the "waltzing" statement, although I'm sure he was elated as were many other actors and fans. :smile:

I don't think the way EJ looks on screen has anything to do with how happy or unhappy James is with the story. I think it has to do with where EJ is emotionally. Beginning with yesterday's show, and I think it will be even more obvious in today's show that EJ is "embracing his birthright" and is done apologizing for who he is. I hope I have seen the last of EJ being the whipping boy of Salem! I read the recap for today's show and I can't wait to watch.. :popcorn:

Weekly Discussion 8/22-8/26
Aug 25 2011, 10:50 PM
I caught a glimpse of snarky EJ today & it was lovely.

He was lovely.

His comment about Brady being a "drunk adult Ken doll" took me back to another time when EJ was uber sexy & always had witty banter.

Makes me a wee bit hopeful...
2007 EJ perhaps? Yesterday's preview had me seeking out the day ahead recap and I think you will love it! I can't wait to get home to watch and it's been a long time since I could say that!

Weekly Discussion 8/22-8/26
Aug 26 2011, 04:30 AM
:wub: I've died and gone to heaven!! Intelligent, 10 steps ahead of everyone EJ is back-I pray he stays! :wub:

Thanks for sharing Android!

Weekly Discussion 8/22-8/26
The EJ and Nicole scenes yesterday were good-I wouldn't call them great because I've seen scenes like this in the past that raised my hopes, only to dash them a few episodes later. The EJ and Kate scenes are where I really started to sit up and think that maybe the new writers tweaks started yesterday-at least with the EJ scenes. When I saw the preview I thought YES!! EJ is back!!! I read the day ahead recap which is supposed to be the first day of MM's and DT's tweaks and I was so happy I could've cried-or danced. I feel like I need to send some flowers or candy to MarDar, Meng and Maxam if what I saw in the preview and read in the day ahead is the indication of what's to come!!

Kate darling, I agree with you-"Welcome home EJ!" :wub:

SOD: Fall Preview!
Aug 25 2011, 12:53 PM
Aug 25 2011, 12:45 PM
Aug 25 2011, 11:07 AM
Aug 24 2011, 11:55 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
I know that you love Melanie but I can careless about her :shame:

The Quinn story is ridiculous, and I actually like him.
I've literally caught maybe parts of 2 scenes with him and nothing caught my attention. I haven't noticed a lot of online clamoring for more of Quinn, so I have to wonder-Does this guy rate having a new set (the spa) built for his character? :shrug: He's new, so he probably doesn't cost as much.....cheap eye candy?
At least the cheap part is true.
He's not my cup of tea either. :wink:

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of Aug. 22nd
Aug 25 2011, 11:48 AM
Days45online: This won't mean much to some of you, but others will be thrilled: James Scott is on my screen right now, and EJ's wearing ... jeans. #Days
What a nice change of pace! I don't think EJ should be in jeans all the time, but I can't even remember the last time he wore jeans? EJ needs some new suits and they should be Armani. :wink:

SOD: Fall Preview!
Aug 25 2011, 11:07 AM
Aug 24 2011, 11:55 PM
Aug 24 2011, 11:49 PM
The good news is no Melanie, I hope that continues.

who am I kidding? :shame:

Well, now I'm thinking SOD might've ran out of space (damn that long ass Quinn paragraph) and had to leave out the Melanie parts, lol. Hopefully, M&D have big plans for Mel

I know that you love Melanie but I can careless about her :shame:

The Quinn story is ridiculous, and I actually like him.
I've literally caught maybe parts of 2 scenes with him and nothing caught my attention. I haven't noticed a lot of online clamoring for more of Quinn, so I have to wonder-How does this guy rate having a new set (the spa) built for his character? :shrug: He's new, so he probably doesn't cost as much.....cheap eye candy?

Spumors for the week of Sept 12th
I'm really looking forward to EJ and Nicole doing the tango-I just know they will be smokin' hot! :wub:

I loved the EJami tango! The upcoming EJole tango won't change how the EJami tango made me feel. Just like the EJami tango won't keep me from enjoying the EJole tango.

SOD: Fall Preview!
Well, I find this preview to be very underwhelming, but I expected that since I don't really care about the returns. I am interested in the EJ running for Mayor story and the possibilities with EJ and Nicole. I love James and Ari and think they are great together, but Days needs to make sure the writing is there for them this time around....

Rafe-light material? Is he going to lose his job and become Mr. Mom? Ugh, I don't want to see him around Johnny and Sydney more-even on fast forward.

Madison is a bust for me before she begins because she is being brought on for 2 characters I can't stand-Sami and Brady.

Quinn- :huh1: He's the "dark horse" I didn't see coming.

Latest Ratings: August 8-12

Y&R: August Discussion
Kyle broke my heart when he asked Jack if he thought anyone would come to his mother's memorial service. :frownie: Adam got to me too with his worry about Kyle. I have to give huge props to Jack for the words he spoke about Diane-the mother of his son Kyle. Kyle needed to hear the kind words spoken by everyone, but especially his father-it is true that funerals and memorial services are for those left behind.

I still think Patti Cakes is the one that killed Diane.

'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger mentions Days appearance
Aug 17 2011, 11:49 AM
Aug 17 2011, 11:18 AM
I hope Nicole walks away from his ass, and he runs after her begging...because fans love to see him begging for a woman. ;)

Seriously, I think it would be a fun introduction to EJole...if they do that. LOL at EJ needing Millionaire Matchmaker. I guess looks and an accent only get you so far with a chick.

ETA - Nicole and EJ/AZ and JS look great. Love the suit and dress! About time they get to pretty up.
Not just any woman. ;)

Personally, I think the whole matchmaker thing sounds a bit silly - but I'll admit I'm curious to see where it goes. Ideally I'd love to see EJ introduced to a variety of lovely, strong ladies...until he finds his next twu wub...

"EJana - Because it sounds Better than EJocR"
I have my concerns about this too-especially when I remember what the new writers have written for Vivian's exit story. :unsure: BUT, this also has the potential to be good and it has my interest because EJ is in it.

BTW-I think EJoccr sounds pretty good, but you would have to be prepared to deal with the name calling from rival fanbases. You know they would be calling you EJoker! :lol:

SOD: Sami's Cancer Scare
Ugh! Why can't this bitch die!!!!

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of Aug. 15th
Aug 17 2011, 11:51 PM
Aug 17 2011, 11:25 PM
AS asks a fan question of JS...

Awwh James :wub:

I will not get sucked in and root for them again,I will not get sucked in and root for them again,I will not get sucked in and root for them again.

NOOO. I can`t, ugh darn this made me had a flashback about how I use to love them together

THE CHEMISTRY! Ah they had so much potential :wow:
I think not getting sucked back in would be wise James. Something tells me that EJami fans are about to be left out in the cold again or get crapped on big time again.

I can't get the vid to play-it keeps freezing up.

ETA: Yay-I got it to play!! James is adorable! :wub:

Thanks to tomsawyer for sharing!

Weekly Discussion 8/15-8/19
Aug 17 2011, 10:56 AM
Aug 17 2011, 09:20 AM
EJ's line to Chad(?): "Idealism can be just as misguided as realism"??? This line makes absolutely no sense to me. Realism is "real", based on reality, so I'm not getting the misguided part. This show makes my head hurt.
Just reading these spoilers makes my head hurt! :laugh: Seriously, I'm so confused! So the word around Salem now is that the D/K feud is all Nicole's fault? It has nothing to do with Brady attacking EJ? Has Brady FINALLY stopped talking about Arianna's death and now working on a threesome with the Walker sisters? (First he asked Taylor to move in, then Nicole, right?) How many days left of Hackley? :frustration:
At least I know ahead of time that I'll need a few drinks :drunk: before I cue up the DVR!
They should have used the opportunity and made this last year a nightmare...oh well!

Why is that the D/K war is supposed to be Nicole's fault? Do they think Brady tried to murder EJ for Nicole? The last I remember reading, Brady's attempted murder of EJ was to avenge his true love Arianna's death?

'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger mentions Days appearance
Aug 17 2011, 10:50 AM
Aug 17 2011, 12:36 AM
Aug 16 2011, 10:04 PM
Maybe she's not playing herself.
I'm pretty sure she's playing herself. The only way NBC would have her on is to cross-promote her show on BRAVO, which is part of the NBC Universal world. She's probably giving EJ love advice. And if I were her, I would tell EJ to quit being such a daddy's boy and go after a woman who accept him as he is. . .like Nicole ;)
If I were her, I'd tell EJ to stay as far away from Nicole as possible.
If I were her, I would take EJ for myself! ;)