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SOD: Austin Peck on JER: "His writing was maddening and genius!"
Ugh, please. I never want to see Austin Peck on Days again. Patrick is Austin to me.

Spoilers for the week of February 6th
So since Jope are still married, does this mean that the hundred weddings of J&M and B&H after that one aren't valid? WTF. This is so fucking stupid.

Y&R: EW's Exclusive First Look At Cane & Lily's Wedding
:sleep2: :sleep2: :sleep2:

GH: Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake) Returns
great news, can't wait to see him again.

January 2012 Episode Rankings & Stats
I'm happy to see Chandler at the top. I just hate that Ari didn't make the list. Use her morons, she's too talented to be back-burned.

GH: Kristen Alderson Tweets That She Signed A 3-Year Contract
I can't stand her. out of all the talented actors from OLTL they choose her? Big fail .

Promo for the week of January 30th
Now please EJ , come clean to your wife, for once. It won't take long until she finds out anyway, she's a smart cookie you know. I just hope they'll survive it...

Promo for the week of January 30th
It's about time Will confronts his mother. Can't wait to see Sami's downfall. :popcorn:

Promo for the week of January 30th
Youtube please?

OLTL's Natalie & Liam Could Possibly Be Heading To GH
Jan 26 2012, 03:04 PM
Great news! Never liked Natalie.
Me neither ! Great news indeed.

SOD: Nicole to EJ: "Tell Me The Truth!"
and here begins the destruction of EJole. I wish EJ would just tell her the truth about what happened. It's not like it meant anything right? I can't wait for the EJole angst though. Ari and James will rock.

SOD: Your Can't-Miss Sweeps Scoop
Where the heck is Nicole's big story they promised? Ari is too talented to be back-burned, same goes for Matt.

I don't even care about this show anymore.

SOD: Your Can't-Miss Sweeps Scoop
What a fucking lame preview. I might skip february alltogether.

Lisa Rinna Dishes on 'Days' Return
Yeah she looks great ! Still not excited about this return. Please let her stay the hell away from Bope.

Thursday January 26th Daily Discussion
I'll watch tomorrow, this sounds incredible !!

OLTL's Cole Thornhart To Appear On GH
I liked him better as Cole than BB, but I'm not excited about this news.

GH: Newcomer Leaves The Show (More Exits Ahead)
buh-bye :bye:

OLTL's Natalie & Liam Could Possibly Be Heading To GH
Please no ! I want Trevor St. John, Ted King and Florencia Lozano to head to GH.

GH: Rundown Of When New & Returning Characters Will Show Up
Can't wait for Robert and Anna to show up in PC !

TFP Android.

Spoilers for the Week of January 30th
Brady tells Madison he loves her.

I can't stand these two together. I hope the arrival of Ian will drive them apart.

Will Bo and Hope open Alice and Stefano's safe deposit box?

Seriously, WHO CARES?

EJ confesses the truth to Nicole about blackmailing Will.

This is great but, EJ why don't you tell her about the notdeadbabysex, it's not like it meant anything right? I would hate it if EJole break up because of something so disgusting.