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DR wants to know...
1. Nicole
2. EJ
3. Eric
4. Chloe
5. Philip
6. Belle
7. Shawn
8. Marlena
9. Kristen
10. John
11. Jack
12. Jennifer
13. Vivian
14. Stefano
15. Peter

DR Day of Days Interview with Arianne Zucker
AZ has proven that she can carry this show. It's amazing what she has done with her character over the years. There is absolutely no justification for her having no story. For me, she's the reason to watch this show.

Day of Days November Sweeps Promo
Everything about this promo sucks. It's sad what has become of this show.

SOD: John's Farewell to Marlena
This is not the way to treat a vet. You may like the character or not, he is and will always be important to the show. It's just stupid.

SOD: A November to Remember
I was thinking of giving this show a chance again, but this all sounds terrible...