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Spoilers for the week of Sept 3rd
Monday September 3:

"DOOL" is pre-empted.

Tuesday September 4:
Conflicted, Melanie has second thoughts about trying to stop Nick's parole.
Melanie goes to Gabi for advice.
Maggie assures Nick that despite her support of Melanie, she still loves him and wants the best for him.
Nick's parole hearing gets underway. Bo, Jessica and Hope speak up.
Melanie bursts into the hearing declaring she has something to say.
EJ confronts Sami about where they stand. She's not ready for a relationship. She has feelings for EJ but can't make promises.
EJ reveals to Sami he's still a DiMera.
Sami needs Rafe's help regarding her arrest.
Rafe rushes to Sami's side when a thief tries to steal her purse.
Sami is thrown against Rafe and they fall to the ground, their faces inches apart.
Lucas warns EJ that Sami will tire of him.

Wednesday September 5:
Melanie's unable to testify, when bad memories haunt her.
Melanie's testimony gets Nick out of jail.
Rafe and Sami find themselves 'in a warm moment'.
Sami asks if Rafe's really Nicole's baby daddy. He covers, saying he is. Sami's upset.
Nicole sees a moment between Rafe and Sami and dispenses advice.
Abigail turns on the heat with Cameron but soon backs out of sex.

Thursday September 6:
Chad, Daniel, Maggie and Jessica are stunned when it’s announced Nick was granted parole.
Melanie feels partially responsible for Nick.
Brady believes Nick could be more dangerous than ever.
Chad and Mel make love.
Kate gets a promotion - more power overall at Titan.
Kate taunts Sami and vows to destroy her.
Sami offers to hire Gabi back at CW.
Chad refuses to allow Gabi to go back to modelling.
Will tells Kate he's nursing a broken heart.
Sonny tries making amends with T and manages a tiny bit of progress.

Friday September 7:
Sami stews over Rafe's insistence that he's Nicole's baby daddy.
Marlena tells Sami to focus on her kids.
Rafe thinks Sami fired Gabi and lashes out. He soon apologizes when he hears the truth.
Rafe tells Sami he could never hate her.
Kayla returns to the hospital as Chief-of-Staff.
Daniel worries when Kayla wants to rehire Jenn as Director of Communications.
Nicole learns her baby's a boy.
Sonny and Will almost talk when they're interrupted by Chad and Brian.
Marlena counsels Will.
Melanie learns Nick must stay in Salem as part of the terms of his parole.
Chad pays Nick a threatening visit.
Chad proposes marriage.


Promo for week of August 27th

Y&R Promo for the week of August 27

American Horror Story: Asylum

Lisa Rinna OUT!
Good. I still don't understand why they brought her back in the first place...

TV Line: Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful This Coming December!
Meanwhile, sources confirm for TVLine that despite rumblings to the contrary, Susan Flannery is, as reported earlier this week, parting ways with The Bold and the Beautiful after 25 years — and most amicably, at that. Flannery has signed a short-term extension of her current contract that will allow series boss Brad Bell to spin what we hear is an “amazing” exit storyline. Flannery’s character, Stephanie Forrester, will last appear on-screen sometime in December.

Read More at: http://tvline.com/2012/08/22/young-restless-fires-christel-khalil-susan-flannery-bold-beautiful-exit/

Y&R’s Marco Dapper interview
Marco Dapper, the ultimate eye candy, recently landed on the number one soap in the U.S., The Young and the Restless, and in the process gained a whole new audience of adoring fans. Dapper had already gained huge recognition from the gay community who first caught a glimpse of his good looks, stunning bod and acting chops in the cult-hit Eating Out 2. What followed was a succession of photo shoots and covers that were unrivaled for their steaming sex appeal.

Frontiers sat down recently with Dapper at The Grove, just outside CBS Studios where he takes on the role of Carmine Basco, who is involved in a hot and heavy romance with heiress Abby Newman, and found out what it has been like for him working on a daytime soap for the first time in his career, and if the series exploiting his looks is cool with him. Plus, we get the inside scoop on his workout routine, his stance on gay marriage and the struggles facing the LGBT community, and some other surprises along the way. We found Marco to be direct, witty, confident and disarmingly charming. So here’s our conversation and some exclusive photos with the Dapper one!

How did you come to the attention of Y&R? How did you land the role of Carmine?
It is not as exciting as you think it would be. My manager called and said he had an audition for me for The Young & the Restless and I said, “No! Pass!” And my manager calls me out, swear to God! He is like, “Marco! This year you are supposed to say yes to everything. That is supposed to be your whole mentality.” I go, “OK. You are right.” I decided I was being a snob and a brat. I decided to go to the audition and try it out. I guess one thing led to another and I kept being called back. Then I realized at the chemistry read with Marcy Rylan [Abby, Y&R] that I had so much fun with her, and she was a good actress. So I guess my “snobitute” was unwarranted. It opened up my eyes a little bit. When I got on set I then said, “I was an asshole and judging.”

Daytime has this stigma!
Yes and it’s unfortunate. I don’t know why, or where, or how that came about. I am far too young to know the soap stigma. [Laughs] But here is my soap stigma story: My mom watched the soaps when I was a child, and when I wanted to watch cartoons. She would be like, “No! I am watching the soaps!” I was mad, but not mad at her. I was mad at the soaps because they were in the way of my cartoons! I think that is where my bitterness for soaps originally stemmed from, being jaded as a child. I was bitter, but I have gotten over it now! [Laughs]

What did the powers-that-be tell you about the role of Carmine? That he would be a potential love interest for Abby?
I really did not exactly know. They told me it’s possibly a recurring role. I figured once they had me read with someone there would be some onscreen relationship there, but honestly, the whole adventure in daytime has been a pleasant surprise.

Who would you tell the Frontiers readers Carmine is if they have not watched Y&R? What is he about?
He is misunderstood. He’s the kind of guy that acts first, and questions later. He comes from Jersey. I think Y&R was riding the Jersey Shore wave with this, but to my happiness without the bad clothing choices. [Laughs] Those aren’t there. The Ed Hardy is not part of the plan. Not to name names. [Laughs] But, Carmine is not your typical Jersey Shore kind of guy. When I got to wardrobe they were like, “Well, we like what you are wearing now.” I was in a T-shirt and jeans. I am a various T-shirt and jeans kind of a guy. They asked me, what brands do I wear? So I wrote down some brands, and literally they went out and got the clothes! It literally looks like my closet at home. It was great. I thought, “At least I will look decent!”

Most people would assume there are only three shirts in your wardrobe at Y&R, because you would be shirtless all the time!
[Laughs] Actually, it took me 15 episodes before I was shirtless! I thought that was great. My buddy kept asking me, “Did you take your shirt off yet?” I was proud to say, “Well, actually I haven’t.” I thought, “Good. They are using me not for my body, but then 15 episodes in … It happened! [Laughs]

Let’s talk about Carmine and Abby’s relationship. What would you say is going on there? Are they just smitten with each other at this point?
It’s young lovers being smitten, kind of hot and fast. I think it is what everyone wants love to be. That very passionate, hands-on, touchy-touchy, can’t get enough of that person, that we all enjoy. We have had bedroom scenes and they were fun and went well!

The adorable spitfire Marcy Rylan is your scene partner on Y&R. What are three words you use to describe her?
Marcy is smart, fun and sexy. She reminds me of the Reese Witherspoon of Y&R. She has that Legally Blonde thing going for her. She is that cute, approachable girl, which works great for her.

Since you have taken your clothes off all the time in your career as a physique model, when they tell you it’s time for you to take your shirt off in a scene, are you like, “Oh good. I get to strut my stuff?”
I am comfortable with my body. Obviously, sex sells, we all know that. That is tried-and-true. So I know that. But it’s not like I go, “Yippee! I am going to take my shirt off!” No, no, no! Either way, I don’t care, as long as we get the story across, and right now the story just happens to be we are being hot for each other, and physicality is a big part of that. I think it serves a purpose. But if something doesn’t serve a purpose for me, and its just gratuitous, then I don’t follow.

Do you feel pressure being a hunky guy on a soap to keep up the looks?
I guess in some ways, sure. I got this job and I have to keep that physique the same. I got this job when I was working out really hard. So I have to keep that going. There was awhile there that I let it go. I thought I did not want to be the in-shape guy anymore. I noticed then I didn’t book very much! [Laughs]

You talk about being surprised how good everyone is on daytime soaps. Have you watched other actors on Y&R? Who do you think is great at their craft?
All of them. Not to sound cliché or anything, but everyone has wowed me in their own way. I like to sit on set, even when I am not working. I think it is fun to sit back and support everyone doing their thing, and learn from them and their mistakes. Everyone at Y&R has to be so on and do their jobs fast. Christian LeBlanc [Michael, Y&R] is one of my favorites. He is a ball of awesomeness, that man. He is a funny dude. He has been the one who honestly took me under his wing when I first got there. He made sure I felt welcome, and felt like part of the soap community.

All things being equal, would you like to keep working on a soap and Y&R?
I would love to continue at Y&R! No one wants to go home from the party, unless they are puking. And I am not puking. [Laughs] Who knows? I have a whole new respect for the genre.

Recently, there was a huge backstage shakeup at Y&R. Maria Arena Bell was let go as both series executive producer and head writer, and she was replaced by Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Grifith, respectively. What do you think of your chances of staying on the show with the new regime change?
I hope everyone gets what they want from this whole changing of the guard. I have had people ask me if I will be canned because of the new writer and new EP. I was like, “That is a possibility if they are cleaning house, and they are going to have to get rid of some old items and new items that they don’t need.” Soap fans are very loyal and very protective. So when a new guy like me comes into play with things, most of them aren’t so ready to open their arms. They are very stubborn and that is fine, but I think the powers-that-be are looking at that going, “What can we do to improve ratings?”

I think Jill and Josh, and the production and writing teams will have a meeting and say, “Let’s keep him on the show, so we can have more shirtless scenes!”
Actually, even if they killed off Carmine, they could preserve him shirtless. We can preserve a mold on the wall as a memory of Carmine! [Laughs]

For the full interview: http://www.frontiersla.com/Features/Exclusive-Interviews/Story.aspx?ID=1758349

TV Guide: Y&R's Greg Rikaart Dishes His Latest TV Crime, Chik-fil-A Controversy
His rap sheet already includes arson, computer hacking, kidnapping and bank robbery and now The Young and the Restless' Kevin Fisher is once again a wanted man. Only this time he's innocent! Well, sort of. The mousey man-child — played by the hilariously touching Greg Rikaart — has been implicated in the sudden death of blackmailing shrink Tim Reid (Aaron Lustig). Kevin's only real offense here was being coerced by his pal Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) into helping her relocate the corpse, a la Weekend at Bernie's. But tell that to the Genoa City cops! TV Guide Magazine spoke with the Emmy-winning Rikaart about his latest run-in with the law and — of course! — his controversial Twitter beef with Days of Our Lives star Melissa Reeves.

TV Guide Magazine: Is Kevin ever going to grow a pair? Then again, do we want him to? It's always such a blast watching him squirm and twitch and sweat.
Rikaart: Oh, I think Kevin has a pair but he's malleable. He can be a real sucker, especially with a powerful lady like Phyllis. He is so easily manipulated and prone to bad decisions but that's what's fun about him. He's best when he's in panic mode. It's never interesting when things go his way.

TV Guide Magazine: He wouldn't be in this current mess if he was a better liar. Claiming he was an encyclopedia salesman when he got spotted at Tim Reid's apartment wasn't the best idea.
Rikaart: [Laughs] He is a dreadful liar! Leave it to Kevin to raise suspicion by coming up with an occupation that hasn't been relevant since 1985! He's really going to freak when he finds out Tim's landlady, Beth [Brett Butler], has described him to the authorities. Now they have an extremely accurate police sketch.

TV Guide Magazine: So accurate that I hear even Kevin's brother, Michael [Christian LeBlanc], will think he has a shady connection to Reid's death.
Rikaart: Kevin is so ethically challenged it was only a matter of time before he and Michael were on opposite sides of the law, especially now that Michael is the D.A. Before this, Kevin always went to his brother for help. Not this time. He decides to lie to him, which only make things worse. Michael will insist that Kevin come down to the police station and meet with Beth face-to-face. But it's really no crime to move a dead body...is it?

TV Guide Magazine: Uh, I think it might be obstruction of justice. Or close enough.
Rikaart: Yeah, but compared to some of Kevin's other crimes, it's nothing.

TV Guide Magazine: Like the time he was the Chipmunk Bandit?
Rikaart: [Laughs] That became such a joke between me and [former head writer-exec producer] Maria Bell. Whenever I would see her during that bank robbery storyline I would say, "Uh, did I do something? Are you mad at me? Do I need to apologize for something?" That story was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. It was hard to make it make sense.

TV Guide Magazine: So what's your feeling on the big exec producer-head writer switch at Y&R?
Rikaart: Oooh, that's a loaded question, Michael Logan!

TV Guide Magazine: It is?
Rikaart: Let's see...what can I say?

TV Guide Magazine: Jeez, I didn't mean to throw you.
Rikaart: Well...I always enjoyed Josh Griffith's writing when he was here last time and I'm looking forward to working with him again.

TV Guide Magazine: And your new exec producer Jill Phelps...?
Rikaart: I've known her casually over the years and it's exciting to get a chance to work with her.

TV Guide Magazine: Alrighty then. Let's go to a topic you do have lots of opinions about — your Chick-fil-A war with Melissa Reeves. Your tweets and follow-up piece in the Huffington Post won you a lot of support, yet you also heard from people who thought you were unfair and out of line. Where you at with all that?
Rikaart: It was very disappointing to read some of the responses. I did get a lot of support but the general tone of political discourse in this country is very disheartening. I was getting challenged by some people for having attacked Melissa Reeves when, frankly, what I said was anything but an attack. I expressed my disappointment that she has aligned herself with a company that promotes hatred and bigotry, and I stand by that. I welcome a conversation with her. It's the only way people on different sides of an issue can meet in the middle and understand each other's point of view. I would have loved that opportunity with Melissa but she blocked me from her Twitter account. [Reeves subsequently blocked everybody by shutting down the account.]

TV Guide Magazine: Is Twitter the best place for such discourse? Isn't all that short, hot, frenzied commentary, much of which can be misinterpreted, only adding to the discord? Just throwin' it out there.
Rikaart: Well, maybe, but on the flip side I feel like I have this tiny bit of notoriety and it's my soapbox. Because of what I do professionally, people are interested in what I have to say on Twitter and it's nice to be able to stand up for the things I believe in.

TV Guide Magazine: Some folks feel you attacked Reeves' right to free speech.
Rikaart: No one is saying that Melissa Reeves doesn't have a right to free speech. Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A, is also entitled to his opinions and beliefs but he's funding organizations that are hate groups, organizations that want to criminalize homosexuality in this country and throughout the world, and that's where Melissa Reeves' alignment is really disappointing to me. I am proud to stand up and be an advocate for LGBT rights. This is the last hurdle of the civil rights movement. I'm glad this is such a hot-button issue. I'm glad people are so impassioned about it, even the people who are against equality for all Americans because they are reacting out of fear, fear that the LGBT community is winning. And it is winning! Part of why I stand up and am proud to be an advocate is because this is less about grownups than it is about children. This is no different than kids being bullied in a schoolyard. People wonder why there is an epidemic of bullying in this country. Well, it's because kids are learning it from the grownups, from people like Melissa Reeves who is a grown-up bully. I believe in respecting everyone's religious beliefs but those beliefs don't belong anywhere near my rights or anyone else's.


New Extended Promo!
Youtube please ?

TV Guide: Nadia Bjorlin back to Days!
This makes me very happy. Now I need Philip back.

SID online: Susan Flannery wants to leave B&B
I just can't imagine BandB without Stephanie. She will be a huge loss, but I respect her decision of wanting to retire !

American Horror Story: Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum

Spoilers for the week of August 20th
Week of August 20:
EJ wakes up to find he's a prisoner.
Nicole is ready to declare her love when she's interrupted.
Melanie and Gabi are shocked to find Andrew is alive at the hospital.
Chad confronts Gabi, who finally confesses!
Chad decides to hide Gabi's dirty secret from Melanie.
"T" is back in town and blows up at Will for coming out.
Sonny finds Will after T's tongue lashing and comforts him.
Sonny leans in to kiss Will...

Tuesday August 21:
Will denies being into Sonny.
After speaking with Marlena, Will realizes he does have feelings for Sonny.
Sonny is found by Will in what looks like an intimate moment.

Wednesday August 22:
Will's hurt after seeing Sonny with Brian and again encounters T.
T gives Sonny a hard time for "turning" Will gay.
The memorial service for Jack is held today.
Gabi is devastated to be kicked out of Chad's apartment.
Gabi in Will are hitting rock bottom when they find each other and lose themselves in one another with a kiss...
Sonny is beaten by T.
Chad and Melanie find comfort in one another.

Thursday August 23:
Gabi and Will make love and after both feel it's awkward.
Will lashes out at Lucas.
Sami and EJ have been caught.
Justin finds Sonny, who refuses to ID his attacker.
Nicole wants more to be with Daniel than ever.

Friday August 24:
Maggie's anxious to tell Melanie that Nick Fallon is up for parole.
Julie is also anxious about Nick's parole hearing but she doesn't want Melanie to sink Nick's chances.
The news about Madison has Maggie and Victor tending to Brady.
Melanie is shocked at the end of the day to hear Nick might return to Salem!