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Daytime Royalty Interview with Arianne Zucker
I was waiting for an interview with her. Thanks DR. I love to see this different side of Nicole, I think it's exciting. I was a bit worried about her status with the show. We didn't hear much about Nikki. AZ is such a strong actress and it would be a mistake if they didn't use her. She always delivers even with crappy writing. I kind of want to see Nicole interact with Jack (not romantically of course). That would be a blast and refreshing. Well, let's just hope that the writers have some great stuff coming up for her.

John Aniston on Ellen's As The Tide Turns video
This is hilarious. I love those slaps LMAO

Matt Ashford: Missing in credits for past 2 weeks
This pisses me off.

Deidre & Drake on Better TV (video)
I just love them ! Thanks for posting.

Spoilers for the week of October 3rd
Sep 29 2011, 08:36 PM
Daily Spoilers
Monday, October 3rd
John's arrest impacts the citizens of Salem; the Brady women fight with their husbands; Jack tells Jennifer the truth about where he was.

Tuesday, October 4th
E.J. offers Nicole a job in hope of luring her back into his life; Kate is desperate to get Madison out of Salem; hostility and violence await John in prison.

Wednesday, October 5th
Tempers flare when Abigail lashes out against her father and Madison and Kate have a confrontation; Maggie has an offer for Melanie; Sami receives a job offer.

Thursday, October 6th
Carrie forms a plan to help John; E.J. thinks he can use John to help get elected; John tries to determine why his lawyers quit; Hope gets closer to discovering Alice's secret.

Friday, October 7th
Austin shares advice with Rafe, and is forced to stay on John's case; Nicole becomes more receptive to E.J.; sparks fly when Brady meets Madison.
This all sounds soo goood !!

Latest Ratings: Sept 19-23
That 1.9 on Friday is very promising for the future of Days !

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
Sep 29 2011, 05:38 PM
Oh thank god. It's good to hear from him.

SOD: John in Danger!
This sounds really good ! Even better than I expected at first.

SOD & SOW: Maggie Says Yes! / Maggie Accepts Victor's Proposal
Maggie and Victor are too cute for words !

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
Sep 29 2011, 04:07 PM
I just called Corday Productions and they said SOD was incorrect and ignore it. Said they did not know where SOD got their information.
Ah I love how you called them ! Let's hope for the better. I can't bear losing James Scott when the show is just getting it's groove back.

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
They have gold in Ejole. It wouldn't make sense if they ignored it. Just letting James go will be a big mistake and will hurt the show. My personal thought is that he just wants to stop acting and move out of the US, he talked about that didn't he? I don't think that he wants more money or anything like that.

I hope that they can convince James Scott to renew his contract somehow. If it is indeed a money issue then they just need to fire someone else (hint: MB, AS, SC, GG).

I want to be hopeful but I just don't know. I'm not too convinced that he'll stay.

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
Okay, I can breath again now.

Weekly Discussion 9/26-9/30
I can't wait to watch today's show. Unfortunately I have to wait till tomorrow but well I'm used to that. I'm so excited about Days right now !

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
Recasting EJ wouldn't work for me. James Scott is EJ there's absolutely no way that anyone can replace him.

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
WTF is going on here. SOD clearly wants to get some more publicity. Ridiculous.

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
I think it's definitely James Scott's decision to leave. He talked about moving out of the US didn't he? I was afraid that this was going to happen. Really bad timing :(. JS is part of the reason why I never stopped watching Days. This news will hit the show hard ! But I expected it.

Let's just hope that we'll be getting Tony & Anna back ! That will make it bitter-sweet.

I'm worried about Ari Zucker now also. I don't know if I will still watch if she goes, she's my favorite :(.

James Scott LEAVING Days!?
Nooooooo, I can't believe this :(

Weekly Discussion 9/26-9/30
Oh please help me, that episode will be so hard for me to watch. I can't believe that Jenn didn't even want to listen to him, I mean WTF? Can't she see that something isn't right here? This makes me wonder how well she even knows him. She's acting like a huge bitch.

Deidre Hall - NY Live (video)
Aaaaawh Mardevil. The possession storyline freaked me out. I watched the exorcist later and it didn't even come near to Days' possession.

Thanks for posting, I love Deidre. It's so good to see her again. She belongs on Days !

Weekly Discussion 9/26-9/30
Poor Jack :(