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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Oct 28 2011, 08:27 PM
In honor of Halloween... the witches of Salem.

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Man, I bet people would turn back in in droves if we could get Eileen Davidson and evil Sami back on this show.

Nice Sami is such a yawn... and I bet it's dictated by Ali Sweeney, who wants to make sure that her non-Days career as a "host" is viable (not that she's very good at it anyway.)

Kenny, keep these good 90s memories coming. JER 92-97 was the best period EVER in Days history.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 10/24
@KateMansi - Enjoying the Halloween episode on #DAYS ?? Here's a pic for you #Dannifer friends

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Interview: Ari Zucker & Jason Cook; about their non-profit LifeChange

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): You were basically a daytime newcomer, Jason, before joining Days. Did the two of you become fast friends?

Ari Zucker: Absolutely. I didnít have the luxury of being in that storyline with everyone, so I think eventually we kind of hung out. Everybody hangs out with everybody on Days. I met my husband on the show as well. I played his step grandmother, so I was definitely in a different area, but I know we did have a blast when we were able to hang out and have a good time.

Jason Cook: At that time, we were all about the same age, and it really became very family centered, much more so than where I work now. It was kind of like lightning just struck at the right time. It was a good thing for the show and a good thing for all of us personally.

All of us Ė Ari, Kyle Brandt, Kirsten (Storms), Nadia (Bjorlin) Ė weíre all pretty much in touch and are friends. Weíve been to each otherís weddings except I havenít had one yet, so no oneís been to my wedding (laughs). But, I was at Ariís wedding and saw her and Kyle (Lowder) get married, so we were all close for years. It is a very special time in my heart for sure, and I made lifelong friendships. Working together on this is awesome.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Are they giving you some time on Days to work on the new project?

Ari Zucker: They are aware that Iím working on this, but I work around my schedule because I certainly canít say, ďHey, Iím doing this. Can you rearrange that?Ē They have other actors who are busy with other projects. Itís a light schedule right now and Iím thankful because weíre in pre production for LifeCHANGE, but who knows where your storyline is going to go.

Melissa Parker (Smashing Interviews Magazine): Maybe another catfight with Sammy (laughs).

Ari Zucker: Yeah, I hope so. I love working with my Sweeney, thatís for sure. We work three weeks on, one week off, and then we have a two-week break right now, so actually it really works. If I canít get it done, Jason gets it done, and if he canít get it done, Todd gets it done. Again, itís that whole teamwork thing.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 10/24
Oct 26 2011, 12:45 PM
Oct 26 2011, 12:40 PM
Oct 26 2011, 12:36 PM
Oct 26 2011, 12:30 PM
DaysofourLives: @Christie__Clark We heard a rumor that the dance you're learning involves a man in tights ... ?! o_O
Please oh please oh please Soap Gods...don't let Carrie be dancing with her father. :hail:
Winston in tights! :o
Oh sweet mother of gawd.

I wonder if he'd pull his tights up as high as his pants.....

Moose knuckles!!
Who is Winston?

Tuesday October 25th Daily Discussion
Oct 26 2011, 02:24 PM
Oct 26 2011, 01:59 PM
Oh, I also saw part of the shower scene. It might have been the least sexy thing I've ever seen, and it wasn't even AS's nonsexy fault. GG looked bored out of his mind. That scene could have taken place in the kitchen in front of Caroline, and it wouldn't have been any different.
Wasn't this the episode of Dirty Soap where Jenna was so upset about the "shower scene"?

Jenna, sugar, not to worry. You can let the kids watch.

There was so much NOT sexy there it could've been on food network.

OMG, cracking up with the comments about how unsexy Sami and Rafe were.

I enjoyed the Rafe/Austin interaction, esp. during the phone call and how Rafe was intentionally trying to annoy Saustin.

Marlena and Brady were great - but I hated the distance and lack of familiarity between them. As I understand the retconned backstory, Marlena and John sent Brady to boarding school but showered lots of love on their bio daughter, Belle? Brady, as a teen, came home - bitter - and pretty much demon-spawn. But... since Martsolf is playing him now, they're distant, but cordial? :shame:

I skipped Bo/Hope/Maggie. This whole storyline sucks.

Monday October 24th Daily Discussion
1) I enjoyed this episode.

2) Loved the interaction between EJ & Lexie. They seemed like real siblings... Chad, it's a good thing you're so cute, because otherwise I'd ask you to leave.

3) ...I'm starting to like Dr. Tan. OMG.

Video: Drake and Deidre on ET Canada
So, here's the thing, I found the link, but I can't actually watch it... Can someone upload it to Youtube? I think it's blocked for Americans.

Video: Drake and Deidre on ET Canada

Video: Deidre and Drake on Global TV Morning News
Adorbs! I love them.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 10/24
@KateMansi - http://twitter.com/#!/KateMansi/status/128651447360425987

Started sprucing up the new apartment today w @lisabargman. Thanks for help Bella! Now on to studying lines- 3 episodes tmrw-long day ahead!

I can't imagine filming 3 eps in one 8 hour period! Soap actors truly are the hardest-working in show business.

SOW: John Breaks Out of House Arrest
I love upstanding!John, but having John actually guilty would be unexpected - and a welcome story point.

NuJohn was a phenomenal character... and I think they (the writers) were actually on point with that storyline... (if only the budgetary issues hadn't gotten in the way).

If John is guilty, it could be the "new J&M affair" (providing backstory, storyline points, and the basis for character decisions) for years to come ... much like how JER framed many of his 90's J&M storylines around those nights on the plane andon the Titan conference table (assuming NBC renews Days past 2013).

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 10/24
The Deidre Hall Fan Page

A photo from the first week on the sert. I can finally share them!

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Nothing new here, but man are these two fierce.

Is it me, or has Drake really started... well... acting, since he re-joined the canvas? (I'm rewatching The Secret Room storyline... and, compared to now, it seems like he was sort of phoning it in...)

Noel Maxam OUT as Co-EP of DAYS!
Color me confused. I heard everyone speak to highly of Noel Maxam.

New publicity pics 10/20
Why do they insist on dressing MBE like a frumpy schoolmarm?

Friday October 21st Daily Discussion
Hooooollllyyyy crap, Drake is ripped. It's like no time has passed.

How can these two (the DH's) be eligible for the AARP and still smolder? Seriously, these Chabby whippersnappers need to look to their elders to see how it is done.

Never been more excited to be a Days fan than right now.

If the J&M scenes were good, I can't wait to watch the full eppy on Hulu with Jack and Jen. Yeehaw.

Friday October 21st Daily Discussion
Someone posted a J&M clips edit on YT from today's episode, which I just discovered... I know I can't be the only on this board who works, doesn't have a DVR, and is salivating for Hulu to post this episode at 1am (or whatever time they post it...) It's bad quality and obviously bootleg... Mods, can I post a link here?

Link to the very bad quality, bootleg J&M edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtF6ts0bln4

Friday October 21st Daily Discussion
J&M FANATIC over here...

I don't know if I've been so excited for an episode since the 1997 reunion after the Secret Room.

OMG, this is going to be awesome.

Monday October 17th Daily Discussion
Oct 18 2011, 12:34 AM
Oct 18 2011, 12:16 AM
Ho-my God. Bitch is fierce...

I LOVE these scenes.


I watched the Alex North fiasco in its entirety, but I missed this?!

...unless it didn't last long because Drake came back and we went into RoboJohn? Sometimes it feels like things are exactly like when I left the show, and at times like I this, I wonder what I've missed over the last decade. I'm so confused.

Ok, ready?

May '06: Alex North story ends, Marlena gets her memory back.

Fall '06: Several J&M mini-stories; Marlena goes to New Jersey for a women's empowerment seminar and gets kidnapped and rescued by John (ahem), Marlena lands in Smokey Robinson's backyard after jumping out of a plane (just stay with me here), J&M go to Italy and get married. Ending in...

Jan '07: John gets shot, we hardly see Marlena, and he's in a coma until

End of May '07: John wakes up and he and Marlena begin reading letters about Santeen (Sami/EJ/Santo/Colleen).

Which brings us to: October '07: John "dies", and then

The scenes you see here and a few others like them happened.

Then in Jan '08 John came back as NuJohn.

Hope this helps. :smile:
Thanks, Ellie. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

J&M have (apparently) had some really lame-o storylines over the last 10 years, and this makes me sad. Smokey Robinson. Really?

I do feel the need to look up Santeen... I haven't watched that one in its entirety. I hated RoboJohn, but OMG, he has some of the best one-liners on daytime ever. How Drake pulled those off with a straight face, I'll never know.

SOD: DAYS Report Card
Oct 17 2011, 11:19 PM
Oct 17 2011, 09:19 PM
Gone are the dark nights of songbird-turned-hooker Chloe strolling the pier in search of johns and Carly strung out on drugs. In its place are warm, family scenes that strike a more uplifting tone overall.
In other words: "Dark stories = bad. Light stories = good."

But that's bullshit.

Point well taken, Kenny.

Am I enjoying the three-ish weeks of storyline we've seen under MarDar? Absolutely.

Would I throw MarDar to the wolves if we could glean one ounce of the dark, twisty, mysterious, heartwrenching, effective writing of JER 1992-1997? In a hot second.

I stopped watching Days about 2000, when it just got far too troublesome with The Jungle, subsex, etc. etc. etc. It was dark, but it was a contrived dark.

JER knew dark. And he wrote it perfectly.

Monday October 17th Daily Discussion
Oct 17 2011, 11:54 PM
Oct 17 2011, 11:37 PM
Marlena and Stefano ROCKED it today. I saw some people reference some scenes in 2007 when Marlena threatened Stefano... Does anyone have any links to YT vids?

Ho-my God. Bitch is fierce...

I watched the Alex North fiasco in its entirety, but I missed this?!

...unless it didn't last long because Drake came back and we went into RoboJohn? Sometimes it feels like things are exactly like when I left the show, and at times like I this, I wonder what I've missed over the last decade. I'm so confused.