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December 2011 Episode Directors & Script Writers
Dec 31 2011, 09:50 AM
I'd be interested to see how scripts were written in the late 80's/early 90's... same way? Broken down by different script writers on different days? Do they have weekly/monthly meetings to discuss continuity/character goals? Anyone know?
If you have time for some light reading, this very well-written profile of Hogan Sheffer from the New Yorker in 2002 gives some real insight into writing for a soap opera... (From this article, I glean they have weekly meetings with the head writer to discuss continuity, goals, significant dates, character development, etc.)


Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 12/26
Molly Burnett @mollydollyy
Days is on at the gym! Fun scenes with @Ali_Sweeney you looked so pretty!!! AH annnd I just fell off the treadmill..


Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 12/26
Deidre Hall posted some new photos to Facebook. From The Deidre Hall Fan Page on FB

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

NGL, I'm kinda digging what a social networking enthusiast Deidre Hall is. It gives me insight into her life.

Also, I wanted Drake Hogestyn on Twitter like, yesterday. Ms. Hall, if you have a Google Alert set up for yourself and find yourself on this DR post, please talk to Drake about the benefits of social networking. Thank you.

Jason47's "Days" Director & Script Writer Database: 2002-2011
Dec 30 2011, 11:59 PM
Dec 30 2011, 11:50 PM
Amazing work, Jason! Corday Productions should hire you for continuity and research.

I can't believe that there was a Days writer named Kola Boof.

:roflol: :roflol: :roflol: :roflol: :roflol: :roflol: :roflol:

:jj: :jj: :jj:
Forgive me, Matt - I don't get the joke.

Keep in mind I've only started watching again since the reboot, so a few jokes would go over my head.

Edited to add: I just googled her and get the bin Laden connection. Not quite sure after that... (If someone wouldn't PM'ing me with backstory?)

Jason47's "Days" Director & Script Writer Database: 2002-2011
Amazing work, Jason! Corday Productions should hire you for continuity and research.

I can't believe that there was a Days writer named Kola Boof.

Times-Picayune: "Days" cast helps eastern New Orleans resident come home for holidays
Dec 30 2011, 11:28 PM
AZ and JS also were interviewed by the local station. Great that DAYS did this for SBP.

I found a link to AZ and JS's interview via jamesscottfansonline.com. I'll edit the original post.

Thank you for telling me about this.

Times-Picayune: "Days" cast helps eastern New Orleans resident come home for holidays
'I was born and raised in Southern California and never realized how much you (in New Orleans) live with your family so close, so tight, generation to generation,' Zucker said. Observing the bonds among family members and neighbors helped the actress decide to place more value on her own relationships with friends and family."


Edited to add: AZ and JS on WDSU talking about rebuilding houses in Katrina's wake. (Link via jamesscottfansonline.com after a mention from Liz<3Days in a post below.) JS looks yummy in this interview.


Friday December 30th Daily Discussion
"The pirate and the stowaway?"

That line came out of left field - I actually missed it the first time I viewed this ep.

John and Marlena - determined to make out or have sex at any available moment.

God bless them.

SOD: Ian Buchanan Joins DAYS
I so desperately want Ian Buchanan to be the completely evil villain (Stefano with balls? EJ without a conscience?) We need a throwback to the campy, super-dark, super-driven Stefano under JER.

Please, God, let MarDar hear me on this one.

SOW: Brady And John - Partners?
Dec 30 2011, 03:42 AM
oh yes its good :) what about titan??? who will run it ??? Victer? or Philip ???????
My ideal scenario involves bringing Justin and Sonny into Titan to head it with Victor. We see some really family bonding, a counterpart to what's going on with Brady/John at Basic Black and, to some extent, Stefano/EJ/Kate at DiMera Enterprises/Countess W.

Next ideal scenario? Bring back Shawn D., Belle and Claire, and groom Shawn D. to be Titan's CEO. Maybe there would be a rivalry of the different Black/Kiriakis factions with John/Brady on one side and Shawn D./Victor on the other, and Belle caught in the middle between her husband and her father/brother. It would also be great to see Belle interact with her mom and dad - and see Claire interact with non-roboJohn.

What will actually happen? Victor brings in Melanie to be new interim CEO since she is now his step-granddaughter.

Thursday December 29th Daily Discussion
I know I've commented on this thread already, but I'm watching JohnandDoc's cut of the John/Stefano & Marlena/Will scenes. They are just too good today.

Can someone please get Drake Hogestyn on Twitter so I can regale him with compliments, sunshine and kisses? He was so good today.

Friday December 30th Daily Discussion
I haven't gotten this giggly about one of Android's previews in a long time! J&M rocked it. I can't wait to see the rest of their scenes, and Deidre's scenes with Chandler.

Thursday December 29th Daily Discussion
A+ on so many levels today. Joe Mascolo and Drake Hogestyn were on top of their game. The cat and mouse game, the tension, the delivery of the dialogue. I can't wait until these scenes are posted on YT.

Deidre and Chandler were so fantastic were their performances... I liked Chandler's interaction with Freddie's Sonny...

And for the first time in a long time -- the characters were dressed really well! I loved what everybody was wearing (except LK's Kate, because she's a hot mess most of the time.)


About.com interview with Bren Foster
This interview is 1/4 Quinn and 3/4 self-defense theory, which leads me to believe that isn't much more to Quinn (at least where Bren's concerned.)

Also, when Brady was in the spa with Quinn, could the writers have at least acknowledged the adopted relationship between them? Quinn is Brady's adopted cousin... and John and Brady are still (legally) Alamains.

Lisa Rinna Shutting Down Final Belle Gray Store
That's unfortunate, but the economy is hard on everyone - famous and non-famous alike.

Current Contract Cast: Episode Guarantee Estimates

I'd like to see Matt Ashford upped to 3.

I feel like I see too much of Mel and Daniel, but I guess it only seems like it... It must be in my head because they are useless. I am surprised that Arianne Zuker is on the 2 list because I also feel like I see her all the time (and I seriously can't stand Nicole).

I am surprised that P. Muldoon is at a 3-ep deal because I feel like I see Christie Clark a lot more than I see Muldoon. (Not that I want to see more of him... he's a bit useless and I'm desperate for Cafe.)

I can't wait to see Ian Buchanan on my screen. I've never watched a soap with him on it, although I've heard really good things about his acting. Hopefully, he's a 3-fer if he's given a good role and brings his acting chops out.

Tuesday December 27 Daily Discussion
I only watched J&M scenes.

1) I LOVE Drake and Dee so flipping much. The love scenes were hot.

2) Drake has found that John Black fire in the last few episodes. It's a throwback to vengeful JB of the 90s. And when JB gets revenge on the brain, Joe Mascolo/Stefano will hopefully find his balls.

3) When did Drake turn into such a good actor? Drake Hogestyn is a thespian... I mean, he's (seriously) really good and really convincing.

4) Did Drake have plastic surgery?

I love me some Days 2.0.

Michael Fairman interview w/Chandler Massey
I've said it before, but Chandler Massey needs to be the epicenter of Days 2.0 - they need to market Days now as they did around all of Drake/John Black's storylines in the 90s. He is too versatile, too gifted, too awesome.

I love this kid.

Monday December 26 Daily Discussion
This is exactly what a post-Christmas episode should be - all about renewal, optimism and family relations. I know that if I were a fairweather fan who happened to have the Monday after Christmas off, this is the kind of episode that would have sucked me back in (if I hadn't already been sucked in by the reboot.)

John and Marlena/Will, Marlena and John were fantastic! Bo and Hope were also adorable. Brady and Madison were cute... well, I could stand them today. Rafe and Sami were... eeew (but I can forgive them.)

Great episode overall.

Friday December 23rd Daily Discussion
This episode was fantastic. I loved John and Marlena/Will and Marlena/Will and Sami/Rafe and Carrie. Overall, it was just hitting all the right notes. I'm loving MarDar so much right now (I realize that this is the antithesis of a lot of individuals on this board... I believe they're finding their groove!)