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Thursday, February 28th Daily Discussion
Feb 28 2013, 08:51 AM
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Man, I loved those big-eared Will twins. And they played Will for so long - like, five years or something? I believe from birth too. I was always impressed with how the Carpenter twins resembled both Sweeney and Dattillo.

The real question is - were those twins worse than our recently departed Sydney twins?

Video of the Q&A at Orlando DAYS event
I loved James Scott's riff on EJ's multiple professions. "OH YES! I forgot about that one. I loved being the mayor!"

Poor Casey Diedrick didn't say anything.

Peggy McCay - why the vest? And she was in FLORIDA, no less. Also, Peggy kept meandering and not hearing the question. She's definitely getting older. :(

John Aniston is such a freaking badass.

Ari Zucker is so charming, esp. when she answered the question about when Nicole was going to be able to keep a child. I never got Nicole's appeal until she was no longer with EJ. Nicole is a phenomenal character.

Galen Gering is absolutely charming and hilarious - I am seeing more Galen in Rafe now that he's no longer playing Dudley-Do-Right against Sami.

I really like Camila Banus too - she's seems extremely honest and sweet. (I also didn't realize her name is pronounced "Cam-ee-la". I thought it was Camilla, like Prince Charles' wife.)

John surprises Brady
Panda Panda
Feb 27 2013, 12:21 AM
Feb 27 2013, 12:17 AM
I keep hearing how dirty the DiMansion couch is... but the only couples I remember ever having sex on it are Sami/EJ and Nicole/EJ.

Am I missing other couples who fallen victim to it's romantic pull? Stefano/Kate? John/Kristen? John/Marlena? Because I seriously cannot think of anybody else.
Brady and Nicole. I want to say Kate and Ian, but I don't believe so.
Did RoboJohn ever hook up with someone on the couch?

Because, I mean, come on - that's not THAT much sex on a couch. I suspect that J/M's Penthouse couch saw a lot more action. :)

John surprises Brady
I keep hearing how dirty the DiMansion couch is... but the only couples I remember ever having sex on it are Sami/EJ and Nicole/EJ.

Am I missing other couples who fallen victim to it's romantic pull? Stefano/Kate? John/Kristen? John/Marlena? Because I seriously cannot think of anybody else.

John surprises Brady
I suspect that John may pull a soppy sad, "Think of your poor, deceased mother" argument. (Your mother only wanted the best for you, your mother loved you so much.) Maybe he'll even give her one of Isabella's baubles.

John Heads Home
I am for any storyline that has John and Marlena re-connecting. They will be on-screen - and for that, I am grateful. I will certainly not be pushing the envelope for in-character - or even decent - writing.

Thank you, Tomsell, thank you.

Will and Sonny Make Up!
I'm prolly the only one in this camp...

but Wilson is so boring now.

Will was so much more interesting when he was hating his mom, taunting her with working for EJ, and bonding with Grandma Marlena.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 2/11
Panda Panda
Feb 16 2013, 01:16 AM
Eric Martsolf @ericmartsolf

Going to take the stellar advice of my dear friend who shall remain nameless (hey @KateMansi ), and tease my twitter base. News coming. Soon
Calling it now, and predicting Martsolf is subscribing to the Christie Clark school of Twitter publicity: his Mrs. is knocked up again. (With quads.)

Kate and Rafe Have Sex
Of the men currently contract on the canvas not related to Kate, the only men Kate hasn't slept with are:

Chad, Cameron, Johnny, Abe?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Wednesday, February 13th Daily Discussion
I sometimes forget that Marlena was married to someone before Roman.

Salem PD should really try and find Don at the mailbox. He's been gone a long time.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 2/11
Deidre Hall ‏@DeidreHall
Oh my gosh...I could eat them up!!! http://fb.me/1mgBAXHIc
Deidre and a Kunitz twin

Deidre Hall ‏@DeidreHall
Brief but nice scenes today with JT. http://fb.me/2FuvHCpIV
Deidre and Chris Kos... Josh Taylor

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 2/11
Feb 13 2013, 01:56 AM
Bribe Susan and make her impersonate Kristen and then marry Brady? Throw in Susan actually falling in love with Brady, too. I can't wait for baby Elvis's reaction.

That's just mean, mean, mean. LOL.
Tomlin, you listening?


Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 2/11

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of Feb 4
Deidre Hall ‏@DeidreHall

@DrakeHogestyn They must go mad for you in Vegas. It's our target audience. You sure you're safe? Play Black for me. Deidre

Drake Hogestyn ‏@DrakeHogestyn

Don't you mean... Marlena Evans Black?

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of Feb 4
Feb 7 2013, 11:04 AM
@DrakeHogestyn: I'm in NY. The trip here two weeks ago paid off...back for some work...on to LA tonight...Vegas on Saturday. Salem seems along way away Doc

@DrakeHogestyn: On set...self portrait through the mirror. Correction...the location for this shoot is Newark NJ. (picture)
No me gusta, It sounds like Drake hasn't consistently been on the Days set in some time.

Tomsell, remedy this, please?

DR wants to know...
I feel like there isn't enough of the schmoopiest couple EVER on Days - John and Marlena. Allow me to remedy that.

1) My personal favorite? John and Marlena the night after their engagement. Yes, they are in bed, but it ain't a love scene. So much flirty goodness here, including the hallmarks of a good J&M scene - moaning while making out and long, drawn out discussions about their unending love.

2) Anytime John gives Marlena jewelry, he includes some sticky sweet dialogue about what it means to him and she pretends to be shocked that he gave her some ugly ass ornament. Case study provided:

The Garnet Necklace

EDIT: Mike and Carrie's engagement - Dr. Mike comes in to whisk his fair maiden away to the mysterious Kingdom of Israel on a white horse. SO CHEESY. I LOVE IT.

JustMensRings.com Set to Make Television Debut on Days
Someone should alert Kristian Alfonso - I thought Hope, Faith, Miracles was the only affordable jewelry allowed to be pimped on Days.

Friday, February 1st Daily Discussion
I'm not an Ejami shipper, but I know the excitement of having the couple you have waited, and waited, and waited to finally get together - get together! (I have fond memories of my awesome John and Marlena Summer of Romance 1997.)

So, to you Ejamis - I salute you.

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