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Spoilers for the week of June 4th
My two new favorites Racole and Cafe have more chemistry in their respective pinkies than Safe. I love Ali Sweeney's chemistry with Lucas. She can flit and dance around EJ, as long as Rafe stays near Nicole and Carrie.

Twitterbomb: Bring Eileen Davidson Back
I can't Twitter that day, but I can certainly do that Twaffler thing you guys mentioned during the Angry Viewer twitterbomb. What was that called? Was it Twaffler?

SOD: Ian Buchanan out at Days!
WHAT? He is masterfully creepy! Tomsell... so much fail.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of May 28
May 29 2012, 11:16 PM
May 29 2012, 07:42 PM
May 29 2012, 07:24 PM
May 29 2012, 07:04 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Me too!

Her cheeks were what caught my attention.
Her non-existing eyes are betraying her and making me sad...very sad..I just wish she wouldn't try to hide her age...nothing wrong to be in one's sixties..it'ts just wrong to deny it!!
She seriously only looks like that on camera. It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen and probably the opposite of what she's going for.
She's had enough "maintenance" for a decade. Reviewing some clips from the 2003 Gemini Twins era, she looks natural... When did she start getting all that work done?

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
May 29 2012, 12:09 AM
I can understand some criticisms of the storyline but it doesn't ruin the enjoyment of the soapy goodness for me. There's so much story potential in Abby finding out about the past, or Jack's PTSD making him regret his rape of Kayla all over again, but they just don't seem willing to go there.
All the key players are on the canvas (Jack, Jen, Abby and Kayla) to have had a phenomenal revelation to Abby about Jack's rape of Kayla. They could have had one of those watershed moments like Jonathan Jackson's Lucky finding out about Luke's rape of Laura...

But this is Days of our Lives, which barely chose to make an issue of Will revealing his knowledge of Ejami's romp on the DiMansion couch.

I loved like 75% of what MarDar gave us, but I don't think NBC/Sony/Corday would have let them tell the story.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Watching the Lady in a Cage storyline... and the goggles just made their first appearance.

I've watched Deidre Hall interviews where she speaks derisively about this storyline... It's cheeseball, but goddamn it, James E. Reilly committed to it, made it super-angsty for J&M, and campy enough for the audience to appreciate it.

Can someone please hire some Buddhist monk or something to find out if JER's soul has been reincarnated in some writer desperate for a paycheck willing to take on the Titanic that is the current Days of our Lives?

SOD: Nicole and Daniel kiss
I'm so confused by this development.

Friday, May 25th Daily Discussion
May 28 2012, 01:36 AM
Everytime I read something about Nicole's "feelings" for Rafe, I start cracking up. :rolleyes:
Come on, dude, indulge me.

Christie Clark is heading off the canvas (so I only get Cafe for a little while longer)... Tomsell are admitted fans of Safe (so Rafe is going to be moved into Sami's harem of men soon)...

Let me entertain the notion that Nicole has genuine feelings for Rafe. With Carrie off the canvas, the only thing that can nip Safe in the bud is Racole!

Friday, May 25th Daily Discussion
I finally get Nicole/Arianne Zucker's appeal after watching this episode. She was so hesitant about Rafe and Carrie alone - you can tell she genuinely has feelings for Rafe - but did so because it's what Rafe wanted, despite the fact that it's not what she wants. Her performance was nuanced and vulnerable. And she wasn't even the epicenter of those scenes. I loved how she was supportive of Rafe.

I want Carrie and Rafe all the way... but I am happy to take Nicole and Rafe too. That Rafe is magic with both of those ladies. Who do I root for?!

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
May 27 2012, 08:55 PM
Things we don't talk about in Salem;

Peter Blake
Jack having "intercourse" with Laura
YES! Why does Jennifer always pick the other guy that isn't Jack?

Also, didn't we see Georgia Reed Brady die in the Bayou? How was she resuscitated and given up for adoption?

Why did Santo DiMera look like EJ DiMera, despite the fact that he's not Stefano's kid? Also, how did Johnny's cord blood save Stefano if there is no biological relationship?

Is John still related to the DiMeras?

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Double post.


Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
After a great conversation with a fellow Days-o-phile, we were discussing things have been forgotten/re-written by the recent headwriters. Thus I present...

Things We Don't Talk About In Salem...

1) The Gemini Twins

2) Stefano has lost daughters prior to Lexie: Megan and Renee

3) Carrie Brady Reed is a serial cheater.

4) Tommy Horton.

What's your favorite "thing"?

Friday, May 25th Daily Discussion
Ugh, I hate it when Marlena tries to "headshrink" her friends like she did with Lexie today. Fail, Doc, faaaaail.

Wednesday, May 23rd Daily Discussion
The Safehouse Six were good today, although it was a little weird how quickly Stefano and EJ left the police station... for momentum and drama, they could have stayed for the second day. Great references to the past, inc. Hope's Zack reference, Bo's Chelsea reference, and Marlena's Roman reference and how it affected her relationship with Sami.

For all the shit that Stefano has done, I will forever be grateful for the character for bringing John and Marlena together. That probably doesn't mean much, but I forgive him all his stuff for that alone.

Seriously, if Christie Clark returns, I need to see a Cafe love scene. Galen Gering and Christie Clark have so much chemistry, even clusterfuck scenes like today's. I NEED A CAFE LOVEMAKING SCENE LIKE WHOA!

Tuesday, May 22nd Daily Discussion
The Safehouse Six, et al. at the SPD Station was great. I really enjoyed Mascolo and Hogestyn's interaction. Even Rotox was convincing! Anytime all those vets are in the same room is a good thing.

Also, Drake brought it with his anger and frustration. GO JOHN BLACK!


Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of May 21
May 22 2012, 10:25 PM
I'd welcome either of them back as Shawn D :)
Either JC or BB are Shawn are welcome in my world! We just need Belle and Shawn back on the canvas. Belle is supercouple John and Marlena's only biological child and she has a tight relationship with both of them. Shawn is Bope's only adult child, and could be thrown into so much drama as a Kiriakis, Brady and Horton. Claire can go hang with Jack Jr. in boarding school.

Tuesday, May 22nd Daily Discussion
It irritated me that Lumi decided to get romantic and frisky considering the inner-turmoil their only son is facing. It seems so out of character to me.

Weekly Character Discussion: John
I love John Black. In direct contrast to Southofsoap above, I actually think Marlena is the lesser character in that relationship, only because she is so holier-than-thou and self-righteous.

With John, what you see is what you get, whether that be jealousy, pettiness, a bad case of a hero complex, anger, self-loathing, fun, laughter, or light. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. The eternal amnesiac is, in my opinion, Days of our Lives' signature character. He has such a sense of obligation to family, friends, and to himself (case in point - the eternal "who am I?" search) that there are always going to be adventures for him.

There are so many incarnations of John, which is why I find him so fascinating - the Pawn, art thief John, Father John, merc John, family John, Marlena's man John. I truly believe James E. Reilly developed the shit out of the character to make him the superhero he is today, and I love him for it. My favorite, though, is romance novel John, the dashing hero always pining for and chasing after his woman (primarily Marlena, but substitute your lady of choice.) If you're his woman, he will go to the ends of the earth to find you - and that is so sexy.

The key to John Black? Drake Hogestyn. That's it. His charismatic portrayal of John Black makes the character. There seems to be so much of Drake in John Black. Drake is not the world's best actor, but damn, does he bring it when he needs to. Drake knows his character can be hokey, Drake knows he doesn't have the best acting talent, but that's okay - he's on a soap, not doing Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

I seriously love John Black. And that's a fact.

Clueless daddy John ("I just thought that you would wear that pink dress, that one you wore to Gary and Linda's wedding?"):

Sweet and sensitive John ("Doc, you think maybe this is payback?... Roman thought he had a beautiful baby girl, and then he had to give her up... to me, and I'm sure I'm the last person on this earth Roman wanted to have raise his daughter!")

And one of my favorite PawnJawn moments - J&M's history according to Sami:

Monday, May 21st Daily Discussion
I only watched the Safehouse Six portions.

Joe Mascolo is the master. He is so good.

I loved Cafe stealing glances at each other. Adorable!

I didn't like the way Deidre Hall chose to deliver her little tirade to Stefano.

I liked Roman today.

I am missing Agent Spencer.

I am also missing Drake Hogestyn taking off his shirt, and hope that will return soon.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
May 20 2012, 12:33 AM
May 20 2012, 12:09 AM
May 19 2012, 11:06 PM
Do you have a favorite dream, nightmare or fantasy sequence from Days?

here's another Sami one lol :mutley:

Both of these Sami fantasies are hilarious. I think Days is currently missing some of that campiness of the early 2000's. I believe that MarDar did an adequate job bringing the romance, but where's the humor?