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DR wants to know....
John and Abe
Sami and Lucas
Theresa and Anne

SOD: Chad and Abigail have sex!
Chabby/Chaben is about the only storyline Tomsell are doing right. I am looking forward to this. Mansi and Flynn are on fire together.

Questions for Patsy Pease
I have a question for Patsy about her character on Days. Can she tell me how Kimberly would feel about her grandson, Tate, being more influenced by the Black side of his lineage? Maybe by spending more time with his Aunt Belle?

...Martha, feel free to chime in too. :-)

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 6/1-6/7
While I (gasp) enjoyed the Brelanie pairing at the beginning of the year, the character of Melanie has turned in to an insecure bore in the last few months. Any character played by Molly Burnett deserves more than doormat-status for Brady and Theresa.

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, Mel.