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Social Media for the Week of 5/30
Jun 5 2016, 06:36 PM
Jun 5 2016, 06:36 AM
Hot-to-trot mantrap? :blink:
I think it is a fair assessment. I remember at one point a few years ago, she was balancing Rafe, EJ and Lucas.

Social Media for the Week of 5/30
Jun 4 2016, 06:34 PM
Jun 4 2016, 05:37 PM
I read on another site that in her interview for TV Guide for Murder, She Baked, Alison Sweeney said this:

"As I was easing out of Days, I was shocked at how the young [actors] would show up not having bothered to memorize their lines."

Any guesses?

Alison Sweeney seemed to stumble over her lines, so she has some nerve. Molly Burnett was another one who never seemed prepared. She giggled through her lines a lot.
The literal worst case I ever saw of Ali Sweeney obviously phoning it in and not knowing her lines were her parts while Ejabby were in the shower and she was outside with the guard in February 2014. I am certainly not a Sweeney-hater, but you could tell she was grasping for lines with deliberate, really dramatic unnecessary pauses. I wish I could find that clip.

Let's discuss, shall we?
Things I liked:

OMG,the fall out from EJABBY. I will love EJabby until the day I die. They were electric, forbidden, sexy, and everything that is right with the whole older, wiser man/younger, inexperienced ingenue trope. (For wrong: see Chad/Ciara).

Dan and Kristen had some weird but electrifying chemistry.

Brady and Marlena in a scene together where he treats her in a maternal, respectful is something I always enjoy.\

Bitchy Sami is my favorite Sami. Heroine Sami/Ejami can go walk off a cliff.

Meh about WilSon just because they weren't my thing.