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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Hear ye, hear ye, John and Marlena shippers -

We all know our eternal amnesiac loves to give his lady ugly jewelry to symbolize their love.

Does anybody have a master list of the 10's of pieces of jewelry he's given Blondie through the years?


Spumor from Soaptown about Nicole
I may not be happy about this development, but I am thrilled so many of you are excited. We all need reasons to turn in, and "our show" needs all the ratings it can get.

Spoilers for the week of August 13th
Nicole is the most irritating character on the canvas when she is in EJ's presence. Throw her with Dan or Rafe, and she's fantastic!

So, I'm cool with a miscarriage. Whatever it takes to ensure that James Scott and Arianne Zucker don't have scenes together.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
A very happy 52nd birthday to Isabella Beatrice Toscano (Kiriakis) Black!

Posted Image

I am certainly not Izzy B's biggest fan, but she's a huge part of John Black's history and she gave us Brady, so I accept her.

Here are some of her greatest hits:

RoJohn tells Isabella Victor is her father.

Isabella tells John she's pregnant with Brady.

Isabella tells Jack she's dying.

Isabella dies in Venice.

Isabella is the devil (part 1)

John reminisces about Isabella and Brady, while Chloe sings

Isabella visits Brady while he has Vivian in the sarcophagus.

July 2012 Episode Rankings & Stats
Congrats to Deidre on her 4000th ep! What an accomplishment!

Looking at her episode numbers in the late 70s to mid-80s, and then in the 90s, I wonder, had there been message boards, if Deidre was those eras' James Scott. We are always arguing that EJ has his well-manicured British fingers in every pie in Salem, but I'll be damned if Deidre's (and, by direct connection, Drake's) numbers were JS' nowadays. Were people complaining that Marlena was on too much? What's different about the show now that people are complaining about EJ's constant presence?

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
I have yet to watch the fiasco that is the Alex North storyline... but at any point during that storyline, did it ever come out that John and Marlena v2.0 was an affair? How was the character of Marlena handling that, considering the dedication she had to Alex and that first marriage (which, to this day, since I haven't watched the storyline, I am still confused about whether they were actually married in the first place.)

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 7/23
Christie Clark ‏@Christie__Clark
@MuldoonPatrick @laurenkoslow I could press charges against u for the way u 2 stole the show yesterday! #Damn

Alison Sweeney ‏@Ali_Sweeney
Totally! RT LK: LOVE U! Miss U RT @Christie__Clark: @MuldoonPatrick @laurenkoslow I could press charges ... u 2 stole the show yesterday

Christie Clark @Christie__Clark
@Ali_Sweeney was going to originally include u & @IamJamesScott in that tweet, but U 2 have been thieving for the last week.#steamy

Patrick Muldoon ‏@MuldoonPatrick
@Christie__Clark: @MuldoonPatrick @laurenkoslow charges against u 4 the way u 2 stole the show. U & @galengering killed it2 mama : (

These tweets aren't really spoilerish... I just love the relationship between CC, AS, PM and GG. It irritates me that Christie is gone, and useless fucking Gabi/Camilla Banus has a job.

TVLine Exclusive Interview with Eileen Davidson
Jul 25 2012, 03:07 PM
Kristen is gonna kidnap marlena well I hope she does
I have to disagree with you, tylerbo. I hope that Tomsell are beyond the JER school of writing, where, in order for plot advancement to occur, someone needs to travel somewhere, leave, get kidnapped, or otherwise leave Salem's canvas. The best drama happens when all of the characters in the same area so we can see the obstacles and work through the tension. If we fall in to "Kristen/Stefano kidnap Marlena v. 2012," I'm giving up this show and investing in the Dallas re-boot full-time.

Also, I thought Deidre looked the most gorgeous in 1997-1998, when I think this photoshoot took place. Sidenote: does anyone know where I can the rest of the images for this photoshoot? I LOVE IT.

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Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 7/23
I didn't realize how much Peter Reckell's leaving the show would bother me. I've never been a huge Bope fan, or Bo fan for that matter. (They were always I needed to watch in order to get to the John and Marlena storyline...) but he's always BEEN THERE!

It's disturbing to me to think about a show without Peter. He's constant, he's a vet. Ken Corday, you've done goofed.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 7/23
Zucker and Mansi look gorgeous!

TVLine Exclusive Interview with Eileen Davidson
I love you, Eileen Davidson. Welcome home.

While ED isn't going to save this show, she's going to make the sinking a whole lot more fun.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 7/16
Jul 21 2012, 11:42 AM
Jul 20 2012, 01:57 AM
DeidreHall: Irresistible scenes with this young lady today!! http://fb.me/2byYilEQV

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This photo epitomizes my superficial thoughts on the DHs - they seemed timeless before they left the show in 2008, they never aged. I'm not sure what happened during their hiatus, but they both aged rapidly imho, and it really shows badly when contrasted to ED, who looks fantastic (but has acted continuously). Is it the result of taking a sabbatical from botox and fillers during their time off? I'm not trying to disparage, I'm just trying to understand.
It's a bit unfair to compare Eileen Davidson to Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, in all honesty.

Eileen Davidson is 12 years younger than Deidre Hall, and 6 years younger than Drake Hogestyn.

(I also personally think the DH's look pretty good for their ages... but man, do I wish DHer would lay off all the fillers, etc. for a little while.)

Thursday July 19th Daily Discussion
I am so frustrated that the 30's crowd is nothing but musical chair-fuckbuddies. Remember in the 90s, when JER made it absolutely crystal clear which couple for whom the audience should be rooting? (I'm pretty sure this ended when JER added Mike Horton to the Sami/Austin/Carrie/Lucas fiasco and it became good guy vs. good guy for the fair maiden Carrie Brady).

I want things to be black and white again, and I want the romance to be the forever kind that the audience will invest in. Not necessarily supercouple status, but just a good, old-fashioned romance!

That said, I am afraid I'm jumping on the Ejami bandwagon... but I seriously can't stand EJ or Sami.

This whole thing scares me.

Hold me.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 7/9
So excited that Eileen Davidson and Greg Vaughan are on set...

Not so much about Ali Sweeney working with Galen Gering. I like Ali Sweeney enough and her portrayal of Sami (its pretty amazing that she has chemistry with all the men in her "harem")... but a Safe/Ejami triangle would be SO BORING. Christ alive, please save us from this torture.

So excited about this! If the writers can somehow focus a compelling business-related storyline on Eileen, Joe Mascolo, Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall and James Scott, I think we'd have a winner. I don't want to see Kristen locking Marlena in a secret room or something. Too much time has passed for that.

Matt's Storyline Challenge
CynthiaHaskins1, are you feeling okay? :wave:

Matt's Storyline Challenge
Mike Horton, Carrie Brady Reed, Rafe Hernandez