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Friday, October 16th Daily Discussion
Oct 16 2015, 11:31 AM
My confusion here may be completely due to my intermittent watching, but am I understanding correctly that they're implying that EJ is saying it's his father's fault he's "dead"? Does that mean Clyde is actually Stefano's puppet (which is then also confusing because weren't Stefano and Victor working together to try and get rid of Clyde?), or are they completely retconning the fact that Clyde was responsible for EJ's demise in the first place?

Of course, this is all assuming the letter is real, I guess. Maybe it's just fake. Though I wouldn't think Ali would be happy with that, if she's really the entire reason this is happening in the first place...
Well, if EJ is alive and did sent this letter post-mortum. He is basically telling her to take down worst criminal that has been able to torment her family for decades. If EJ really loved Sami he wouldn't have her face Stefano and take out a revenge plot. Basically putting her in such danger.

If this was written before his death, .. I guess EJ would expect Stefano to behind his death, but in fact we know it was Clyde. But Clyde is soon of the screen... I have to wonder what is the point of this letter. It doesn't feel like it was written out of love for Sami. It feels like another scheme and possibly not a letter written by EJ or by EJ to have Sami doing something foolish, perhaps revenge?

.. anyways, nothing of this makes any sense.

Tuesday, October 6th Daily Discussion
It is kind of awful thing to say, but I'm kind of wishing Abby is having a miscarriage,.. I don't know about you guys but I don't want Abby to have her first child with a guy that is a serial murder.. which Ben is.