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Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
No.. Nicole get to soft with EJ. EJ needs to be alone for a while.. especially now.

Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
Feb 29 2012, 11:58 AM
Omg, those suits! I tend to watch those EJ is Funny clips like GirlyGirl posted and I keep thinking where in the world did those suits go! Those were the days when you actually believed he was rich because he had a different suit for every day of the week with at least 3 ties for each one. Nowadays, it seems like he rotates between 5 max. :shame: That was a little part of what made EJ awesome back then. He oozed power, control and confidence from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. And the contrast between the psycho tendencies towards everyone and how undone he got from Samantha was so good.
Yes those where the good times. Like I said.. they have made him into a wimp. He is to focused on love and its bringing the character down. Love is great but to much is to much.

He shouldn't have a girl which he loses himself. .. and I am saying that being an EJAMI fan. Ironic right?

No... right now he needs to step away from Nicole ..Sami won't happen at least for now, we all know that (sadly). So for this moment please let just move on.. and not this idiotic plot in which he swears to do anything to get Nicole into his orbit again. He should just let her go. I hope Nicole does something that makes him do that.. something she knows he couldn't get pass.

Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
Feb 29 2012, 11:54 AM
The problem with Ej is that he is defined to much on his romantic pairings. They need to step back and let him be alone for a while and busy with other things related to business and family. This mayor story sucks and is not what i see for him. I am also dreading this baby thing. Not a good time for him. Like another poster said, they really need his backstory explained to get a good sense of who he is. He could also have a casual friend with benefits relationship with a younger version of Kate character. Someone temporary and mostly an ally, no wimpy love insta engagement, begging shit.i like him best as sweevil and confident.

Oh yes I so agree with this. At this point I think EJ should get away from Nicole .. even Sami. So, this baby this is horrible. (Its great for Nicole though). Actually maybe its better that she does not tell him but she needs to cover it somehow.. maybe getting an affair with Daniel could fix that?

All I know is that he needs to get away from both of them.

they really need his backstory explained to get a good sense of who he is. He could also have a casual friend with benefits relationship with a younger version of Kate character. Someone temporary and mostly an ally, no wimpy love insta engagement, begging shit.i like him best as sweevil and confident.

I truly hope this happens because he needs it to grow as a character and not be stuck on this "I need to convince I love her" kind of plot.

I absolutely love Will and EJ scenes.. and hope they won't stop in fact they should add more those.

Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
Anyone know when this happened: Posted Image

Spoilers for the week of February 27th
Feb 26 2012, 12:33 PM
Feb 26 2012, 11:09 AM
Feb 25 2012, 02:58 PM
Feb 25 2012, 12:12 PM
You're welcome. I'm willing to give the Jope story a chance, but this

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I think that site could be trying to turn Spoilers that aren't romantic, into Spoilers that are romantic, they've done it before.

I'm actually glad they're forced to share a room because with danger all around them, they SHOULD be there to back each other up. It doesn't say they have to share a bed so I'm still staying with my original idea that their feelings are platonic and John will be taking a chair or making himself a bed on the floor. They slept next to each other in the jungle storyline too and heck, they slept next to each other after being shipwrecked during the Cruise of Deception storyline.

As far as "memories of their passionate past" once again, that is the way that site made the choice to word it but I don't think it will play out like that. Drake and Kristian are clearly in control of the way these scenes are played and fabulous actors like those two can make it clear that John and Hope are committed to their spouses. How these two have played these scenes up until this point, I've seen nothing to suggest they're being directed to play that their characters are in love with each other. I do see that fabulous rapport they've shared since 1986 and I see them making these scenes playful and humorous, but I don't see anything more than that.
I hear what you're saying about the actors' take on the scenes, but the fact is... the writers are using some standard "romantic" setups in this storyline. Whether it's a soap, a romantic comedy, or a romance novel, there are two consistently used devices -- one is to have the female trip and accidentally fall into the male's arms (check) and the other is to make sure both are forced to share a room together (check). The original Roman famously slept on the floor in Marlena's apartment while watching over her. Jack and Jennifer slept in the same cabin or room or whatever several times -- and each time was to build romantic or sexual tension between the two. I could go on.

If the actors choose to play it lightly, it's one thing, but the writing, the directing, the flashbacks -- and even the cheesy music cues -- are telling us that the show is at least toying with the notion of "re-kindling" whatever they think these two had in the past. I'm glad to know that part of the behind-the-scenes reason is that PR was on an extended vacation. Otherwise, the entire setup really makes no sense and comes totally out of the blue.

Okay, I see where you're coming from! Thanks so much for explaining annie!

I still don't think the show will go there unless John's feelings for the real Princess Gina come back. I mean he was under control to make love to Hope, but before he came to Salem in 1986, he did have a relationship with Gina and going by flashbacks and the fact that when she lost John, Gina lost the will to live, their relationship was explosive. Since Hope got a taste of how much Gina did love John when she had Gina's memories, they could both be pretty confused right now. We'll have to see what happens but I still think it will stay platonic.
Well maybe EJ is the real Princess Ginas son... and Hope therefore has memories of this and think (hope) its hers.
That could be possible. Princess Gina was old enough to have a child when EJ is supposedly a child 35-ish years ago.
Maybe thats what Stefano is upset about.. but maybe Stefano secret could be something else. Did Ian know princess Gina? I could definitely see those two have an affair back in the day? If not Ian.. then maybe someone else that is coming to town. How about that guy who played in the "nanny" show:.. cant remember his name? Or maybe Stefano and Gina got a child... but what does that have to do with Alice?

Hollywood Reporter: Charles Shaughnessy returns!
Wow.. so many old actors are coming back.. amazing.

Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
Yeah I agree.. If Joe is to retire EJ needs to have someone to go toe to toe against to take on the Dimera throne. Its also a very good idea to explore his past.. before Salem. Maybe someone from his childhood could come in and "help" EJ. An ex-girlfriend? ... just someone to give another side to EJ and make him more likable.. stable?

I am also getting tired of these scenes with EJ clueless.. its time for EJ to take charge and not constantly be a target. EJ needs some good plots.. someone to stand up against. Competition in business.. just something interesting. I would even like EJ to be kidnapped for once.

I would personally love this twin idea... which has been been in some other forums.

Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
Another thing to add..

.. maybe EJ needs to get away from the Dimeras circle for a while. It seem to bring him down. He desperately needs a plot that strengthened him and not weaken him.

.. also I have never seen a character to be so much in pain as I have seen EJ. Its like the world is against him. I am surprised he hasn't turned into alcoholism or worse yet. He just seem to lose all the time.. or something happens an he is to blame for everything.

Weekly Character Discussion: EJ
EJ is my favorite character on days .. I do think they have changed EJs personality a bit to much.. and he has been a little to much like a lovesick puppy (although its one of the qualities that makes him likable).

Taylor.. disaster.

Nicole.. I admit I do like the two but I am tired of having Nicole as the victim. Didn't Nicole do horrible stuff against EJ too. Either she should get over it and stick with EJ or she should forget everything EJ and move on. This plot they are running right now is a bit old.. feels like watching a re-run. I love the two when they are scheming against the world.. but it is just something missing. Nicole needs to act up, I miss her old self. I do love for her to have EJs child but I am afraid of what plots it might end up to. Don't tell me yet another woman is going to keep "I am pregnant with your child" secret yet again?

Sami.. those two have some amazing chemistry but they have been ruin with all this plot to prop Rafe and such. If they only could go pass that and being written into actually loving each other I think there could be epic moments coming up. Sami needs to confess to her feelings to EJ. The problem is that right now it seems like they are writing that EJ only has eyes for Nicole and Sami for Rafe. But there seem to be moments between them.. I just think its such a waist to not use their potential as a couple.. I mean a super couple. As an Ejami fan I would definitely love to see something positive finally happening between them. For once I would love Sami and EJ discuss their "affair".. cus that does not just happen even if you are in grief. Nicole has a point here.

Speaking of which... please get EJ some other plots than these love triangles which seem to occupy the screen when it comes to EJ. Bring back some of the old EJ back. .. while your add it..I wish people of Salem wasnt his enemy .. its like everyone is against him. Its a shame Arianna died.. she was really interesting and someone EJ needed. Now when Nicole is hating him... there is none other than his family which does not count.