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SOW: Rafe to EJ: I fathered Nicole's baby!
I think this story is a catastrophe both for Ejole fans and Ejami fans (and i guess Safe fans). I do like that Nicole has decided to move on from EJ, but I do not like this Baby story with Rafe. Yes, Rafe and Nicole does seem to have some chemsitry together .. I just wish this was not done with Rafe pretending to be the father of EJs kid ( once again.. sighs ) and that Nicole is actually planning to hide this from him. I get it being the mother of his child means she can never cut the chord with EJ--- and that is the last thing she wants right now since I suspect she might fall back to him and forgive him. She probably does not have what it takes .. but still.. its just a bad idea. I wish Brady was involved in this instead of Rafe,.. it would have worked much better since we all know that Nicole actually have feelings for Brady and EJ knows that.
Its like they split Sami and Rafe and though.. what should be do now with rafe.. and basically created this plot just to have Rafe in the center of the show. .. I mean come on,.. really?

SOW: Rafe to EJ: I fathered Nicole's baby!
I think this will go like this:

- The test will prove Rafe or someone else unkown is the father after Nicole tampering with the results.
- EJ will be chocked and sad to hear the results .. he will either offer Nicole his help or be furious and sad.
- Hopefully he will move on with his life.. but see Nicole and the "bump" with sadness. If he is there for the birth.. maybe he help Nicole bring baby to the world. He is overjoyed.. but then Rafe comes there overshadowing it all and EJ will once again see Rafe take his family from him. This might put him to the edge and take full revenge on Rafe.
- Nicole has by then maybe got over this anger she had for EJ and maybe sees EJs sadness and feels guilty. She might tell him the truth. .. or not?


This is not fun.. :(

Monday, April 2nd Daily Discussion
Side note:

What is this, have all Ejami fans disappeared from this board? =) It seems so based on all the Ejole avatars and signatures I keep seeing I know there is a lot of Ejole fans here.. but seriously though.

Suddenly feel very lonely.. :huh:

Monday, April 2nd Daily Discussion
Mar 30 2012, 02:09 PM
I watched through the whole show and really enjoyed the Lucas/Sami and EJ/Rafe/Nicole scenes.
I was surprised at the good writing/dialogue for them. Sami is fun to watch with Lucas, Lucas has her number and Sami is old Sami again. EJ was totally rockin his heartbreaking performance in front of Nicole and Rafe. Since when does EJ call Nicole-- Nikki? ITA with Sals4, EJ's bizarre persona from day to day is okay by me, he can be bipolar or whatever he wants to be....cause when EJ is hurting the dagger will fly and believe you me, he was hurt. Nicole is already spending way too much time with Rafe, her expressionless face to EJ in these scenes, wholly crap... she is gonna keep things hidden well.

Carrie can go follow her heart or a lost puppy or a get lost while finding you know who. Sorry, shallow and fickle #2 is not making any brownie points with me. I just can't understand her undying love or connection to Rafe. He is a nice guy, a hero..... I can't take it anymore pimping. Sounded like Carrie is just bored with Austin more than anything else. She made it sound like after everything her and Austin have been through and have, is not worth shit. Austin is not exciting and Rafe is? :sarcasm: Caustin fans are not going to like what she has to say. You won't want her with Austin after that convo. Jennifer's and Carrie's characters are clearly written by the same writer, their aversion to hooking up with a new man over their old one, leaves a lot to be desired.

Gina and the Pawn Scenes-- snoozeville.
Feels like the writers are trying to satisfy a lot of fans... EJ and Sami fans and Nicole and EJ fans. That why he is this confusing.

I loved the Ej and Sami scenes.. and the Lucas and Sami scenes. I mean.. what he said is so true. Sami does have unresolved feelings for EJ.. and everything Lucas said about it is what Sami should do. Of course Sami being Sami she clearly is refusing to acknowledge it and instead now she is going for Lucas. I just wish she would go to that breaking point where she cannot hide those feelings for EJ and just go for it.

As for EJ.. this deal with Nicole.. not a big fan for it. Sure. EJ knows Sami, he knows she is not in position to confess her fer feelings for him (the previous scene where they shared a glass of while proved that much. One could almost read that from his facial expressions). I have a feeling like EJ is waiting for the moment when Sami finally will give in to the unresolved feelings. However, now its like he is trying to get Nicole into his life because maybe EJ doesn't think Sami ever will give in and go to him. He has been waiting and wanting Samis love for so long now that its like he is trying to move on. But still he seems to love to be in her presence and keep her close. I do not believe he would not care about her and that this is ONLY for the childrens sake. Ok, so if this all goes for Nicole letting EJ into her life again... then what?

What if Sami finally cave in to her EJ feelings.. and he is with Nicole. I hope he drops everything Nicole and make beutiful love with Sami... :P And this is the reason I do not want EJ with Nicole.. I really do not want to put Nicole through that angst.. yet again. Better to have her going after Brady or someone else than this .. Cus lets face it Sami and EJ belongs together..

I honestly do not think EJ would ever chose someone else over Sami. Ej and Sami has that chemistry that is to powerful to ignore.

Spoiler Pics for the week of April 9th
No.... "EJ and Nicole already in make-up mode. Their Agnst sure didn`t last long."
I do not want to see this.. no!!! Not after this hiding baby thing and Rafe thing..

Friday, March 30th Daily Discussion
I can honestly say I have been hooked to all the Ejami scenes, when it comes to Nicole and EJ I kind of drift off.. not interested at all.

Gosh, I hope Nicole and EJ splits up after this.

And what is this thing with Billie? Ej and Billie used to be an item?
And what about her bringing EJ down.. I hope she comes close but in the end something happens so our dear Dimera family is saved. I hate to see our ONLY villan family to disappear.. infact they should increase it. Right now there is only 2? Dimera.. 2 that does not consider themselves as Dimera.. that is not good enough.

Thursday, March 29th Daily Discussion
Mar 28 2012, 01:55 PM
I can't believe what all Sami was saying....oh wait yeah I can
I for once is loving it.. I love the hurricane Sami. This is what drama soap should be about.

Wednesday, March 28th Daily Discussion
Well this board is clearly Ejole fans.. (considering all the Ejole avatars and signatures.. LOL) but I hope Ej and Sami will start being friends again as they used to in the beginning before the horrible writing started.

Tuesday, March 27th Daily Discussion
Mar 26 2012, 03:19 PM
Mar 26 2012, 03:08 PM
Okay since we know TPTB check here, this is a note to the writers and this where I have problems with something happening that has no build up.

When did Ej get access to the children? If ANYTHING today's scenes should have included him asking for a meeting at the pub with Sami. They meet up there and then he proceeds to tell her that because he's now mayor he wants to be viewed in a better light and he truly misses the interaction with his children, especially after we saw some of that last week. It would go perfectly with, 'well they are upstairs, you can start now and go see them'....interchange we had today....but we get none of that....maybe a few of those interactions and her softening toward him would make a scene like the one here actually sound like it's not something they are putting in there out of the blue to please a fanbase.....
I agree did MarDar firget about the scenes of Sydneys bday at the mansion when sami was barking u gave up custody and i get to say when and if u see the kids. This is really pathetic. And i did not know they come read this forum , so if thats true here is my msg to them: this show may not ever come back from the Olympics break cause it will be cancelled. Stop ruining characters just to please all fanbases. Ejami Zero chemistry , racole makes me want to puke, Cafe ughhhh nothing more to say on them. I will not be watching another ejami round.
Not everyone thinks so.. some actually like Ejami just as much as you love your Ejole.

But you are right, they shouldn't imply something (Ejami) when they are going with another direction (Ejole, Lumi).

Tuesday, March 27th Daily Discussion
Mar 26 2012, 03:05 PM
Mar 26 2012, 02:59 PM
Mar 26 2012, 02:54 PM
Mar 26 2012, 02:51 PM

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I'm so fucking angry at this. Seriously

I don't ever want to see another Will and Gabi kiss.

Something needs to happen from today to April 4 when Will is supposed to come out.
Even worse thought and please don't be eating right now Aldo.

What if Will and Gabi have sex??? I'm almost convinced that might happen. :shrug:

:headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

I might dislike Gabi, but she doesn't deserve to be Will's sex experiment to try to prove himself wrong one last time. It's unfair.

I hope they don't go there and instead provide some closure to them.

Actually I think it might be interesting... and I don't mind he continue with his gay struggles... having Gabi helping him pretending and Gabbi making Chad jeoulous could potentially be interesting to see that struggle and in the end he will come out when he is ready.

Tuesday, March 27th Daily Discussion
Mar 26 2012, 02:06 PM
Mar 26 2012, 01:57 PM
Mar 26 2012, 01:48 PM
Mar 26 2012, 01:47 PM
More crumb throwing I see. Geez this show is a mess. :drunk:
Exactly. Im more a "I want the whole piece of bread" kind of person.
Lol...you aren't kidding.....talk about WTFery...still think this is all Lumi angst but seriously why even bother....

It's like the writers go into a room and say...

Okay...Lucas is back, so some of the Lucas fans want Lumi, we give them a bit of Lumi interaction early on..make sure we make Sami jealous of his fiancee...that will keep them hanging a bit, but for the others that don't want Lumi but love Lucas, then we add the fiancee (who might never come to Salem, but don't worry about that for now). Then for the Rafe fans, they will have to exist with watching Rafe in a story with Carrie for now...could be worse we can right him out like the previous regime did with Lucas...so they'll be happy with that for a while, then we'll slowly end that and gravitate him back to Sami's circle. But in the interim we have to see how we can please those Ejami fans. It doesn't matter that just last week Sami was cursing Ej for her life being in ruin and she was calling Lucas to come to her for support, but we'll have her drinking wine at the pub with him and he'll even represent her...that's right...it fits...talk about sex too...that always works... and we'll have Ej being all understanding to Sami's problems....Nicole? What Nicole....oh wait...we gave the Ejole's fans something too...remember that baby? Ejolebaby2012....yeah...that's the one...they'll be happy, and just to make sure that Rafe has enough story for when Carrie goes back to Austin after she's done with Rafe, we insert him as Nicole's protector now....don't worry...that way we got all our fanbases covered...everyone will be happy even if nothing makes sense....

LL-I won't take crumbs anymore....they either better give me full fletched Lumi and J&J or I'm about to start shipping the male versions of these couples without a female attached to them....lol....

The writers need to pick a side and go with it. They need to realize that there are quite a few fans who don't get satisified over just a few crumbs. Me being one of those. I want the whole slice of bread when it comes to Ejole. If the writers just want to keep throwing crumbs then that's their problem, in the long run though it does nothing but piss everyone off.
Considering that Nicole is pregnant with EJs baby.. I don't think we will get Ejami for some time. I feel so sad...

Spoiler Pics for the week of April 9th
I guess we won't see any Ejami in the near future.. *sighs*

The new Days... what do you think?
The only thing I am happy right now is that Rafe and Sami so longer "in love" and boring

EJ and Sami.. we will see what the brings but I have loved their latest scenes.

Abby is crazy .. but kind of interesting.

EJ and Nicole.. we do I start. Horrible... why do this and then pair Nicole with Rafe.

EJ and Will.. great.. hope to see good plots from now on.

Bo ? .. no idea what is going to happen to him.

Bille and Dan.. to early to say.

Ian and Madison.. Ian is interesting .. but where are they going with this? Don't super love Brady and Madison.. but we will see.

Jack and Jenn.. why did they bring in Daniel if they would have Daniel go away and then turn to not be in love with Jenn anymore? Now Jenn and Jack ?

What was it with Daniels goodbye scene.. it like lasted for weeks (felt like it anyways) and now he is back? That was a waist of time.

Hope and John.. not sure yet.

Stefano vs. John and Hope... what is his aim. All we know is that he basically disappeared after reading the envelope. Whatever it was it was pretty important. I hope that Stefano needs something from whatever it is Hope and John is to bring back. If this is not about the secret I will be pissed. And the secret should better be good.. waiting this long for it.

Glad Lucas is back.. but his Autumn need to be introduced and not be some absent ghost. I hope she is part Asien at least, it would give an interesting mix to the current cast.. of and beautiful. Maybe she knows some martial arts and kick Samis butt. :D

Maybe EJ will start stealing Autumn from Lucas.. and leave Sami standing where all the men in her life craving her love went. LOL

Did I forget something?

SOD: EJ Learns Nicole is Pregnant
I am sorry but this is all about Nicole being angry with EJ about lying to her and cheating with Sami.. as she says it.

This has nothing to do with EJ being a bad father.. he is a good father but he does sometimes not think throu.. instead react in the heat of the moment without thinking of the consequences and thinking he can control the event. That is his weakness.. and Sami. :)

Nicole had no problem before with Ej being the father of her or Samis children.. if they are trying to pass of something else than this its not believable.

SOD: EJ Learns Nicole is Pregnant
I am split... at first I loved Ej and Nicole ,..then I hated them. And now I cant see them apart. I really do not like this hiding the baby plot. Horrible.. even this "I can't trust you" is horrible.

SOD: EJ Learns Nicole is Pregnant
Not liking this obsession Rafe has with EJ.

I just wished they would the two character rest.. they have to much plot together. Although they are good enemies.. I just don't like to see another "safe" plot again...

Wednesday, March 21st Daily Discussion
So what did you think about Mr EJ Dimera and Mr. Mcallisters first scene together?

One thing that strucked me was how they looked and behaved so much alike. Ian is just a bit more scary than EJ.
I wonder.. could Ian be EJs real father?
Anyhow... look forward to see more of them interact. And Stefano of course.
I hope they don't destroy EJ before that.

LOL, they even had the same kind of smirk...

The new Days... what do you think?
Halloween Family
Mar 21 2012, 12:42 PM
The other problem with the show is that there aren't any long lasting consequences. Everyone's paternity is messed with WAY too often that it's no longer a shock it's just a big eye roll. Everyone who has been told they are infertile can conceive during a ONS between TWO infertile people. I get that soaps are about the 1% chance of things happening and miracles but there is a point when this becomes abused and people stop caring. It's one thing for Stefano to come back from the dead multiple times. It's part of the mystic of the Phoenix and his character has the means for smoke and mirrors. But how many times can Jack come back from the dead?

There has to be gravity to the characters' situations. Nicole has has TWO miracle conceptions? Being told that she could not carry a child again was part of what catapulted her into the FIRST baby switch. They need to do something more creative than Round Two. I think she should see an actual OBGYN and be told that she needs to have a therapeutic abortion or that she will die and the fetus will not survive anyway. It would be heart wrenching and traumatic. It would be timely and the "therapeutic" part would assuage the pro-lifers. Then IF EJole are endgame, go ahead and give them a baby but make it plausible with fertility treatments/surrogates or adoption. Something that can respect the characters' experiences that shape who they are TODAY, keep the show current with the times and make these events count to give them gravitas.

What happened to adoptions? Why can't Nicole simply adopt a child? Maybe people that can't get children do that today so why not worthy enough to be displayed on dool?

Personally I think the writers should make her lose the baby somehow (and thus get rid of the EJ complications and duplication of old stories that has already been played out) and then adopt a child.. alone or with someone.

A story could be made from that.. maybe she stumbles upon a troubled teenager? And decided to take the child in and help her... That would be interesting?

She could have someone else carry her child to term.. but then maybe something happens? Maybe the person runs away with her child.. or falls for EJ or whatever... but at least to my knowledge it has not been done on DOOL before and it would be something interesting.
The possibilities are endless...surely the writers is that creative to get that this is a good story idea.

Or combine the two...?

Wednesday, March 21st Daily Discussion
Mar 21 2012, 01:33 PM
EJ/Mayoral/et al was the definitely weakest link today, but that final scene of Abe & Jennifer (whose hair looks FABULOUS again today, IMO!) beign carted away in handcuffs more than made up for it. I'm as spoiler free as humanly possible, so I didn't know that was coming and I was genuinely SHOCKED!
Don't completely agree that it was the weakest .. but that last scene was the best.

Wednesday, March 21st Daily Discussion
Great day for EJ...shakes things up ... and hope he continues to do that. Days needs plots like this.. otherwise its safe and boring.