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Monday, April 27th Daily Discussion
Pretty good show today,.. particularly liked the scenes with Abby and Chad. Abby and the DiMeras for the win. Hope to see more stories ... wonder what Stefano has in store for Abby and why she is so important for him.

Loved Kate and Lucas, the Theresa, Clint and Kristen and of course Brady and Kristen.

A interesting episode today!

Social Media Posts, Week of April 20th
So how come Kristen and Daniel has so many photos taken together as a couple? Have Days arrange this?

SOD: Come what MAY!
So Theresa has a child now.. I just don't know.. I do like that character but its always the wrong characters that get these stories.

So now the Hope and Rafe romance starts.. LOL Aiden you better watch out. I can see a trio love story affair coming up.

SOD: Come what MAY!
I think Abby should have dropped Ben long time ago... I do love NuChad (Billy is awesome) and the chemistry is there.. but not sure Chad is the right man for her - romantically that is. But hey, any steps away from Ben is a good idea in my mind.

Kristen/Stefano/Marlena.. I really hope this isn't the end of Kristen. I love that character.. and to be honest I think its strange they are only tying her to this baby stealing story. Why not bring her in as the new heir of DiMera family. I get it that she /the actor/ does not want to be on Days long term.. I just wish they would have more DiMera people on the screen.

William and Sonny - just end it already. Will is no longer likeable since he turned into his mother.

Xander and Nicole - I am so happy they brought him him.. now if they only added some real DiMera to the screen and caused some friction. Well we do have Lucas (thanks to Kates stunt and the affair) so we will see. Chad is there sure.. but he is to young stil.. and unexperienced.

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Mar 31 2015, 11:32 AM
Welcome back to this little peanut @katemansi .. Let's get to work! 🎬 @nbcdays #Days


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Ugh...I am a bit bummed to see him still around....especially if this boring ass couple is still together 6 months down the line.
I agree,..hopefully it won't be like that..