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Monday May 20th Daily Discussion
May 20 2013, 01:10 PM
May 20 2013, 12:42 PM
I need to still see the scenes but what makes this type of back and forth with Ejami any different that any of her other fights with Lucas or Rafe? She fought with them too...they accused of awful things too, they told her to go to hell too and they ultimately loved her too....
I've always felt there was a sexual subtext added by AS and JS to the passion of the fights. I never saw that particular subtlety there when Sami had spats with Lucas and Rafe. It just goes to show how a nuance can change the meaning of a scene so drastically. I love it.

Today's episode is fantastic! Days is well tuned today. If only the show were like this ALL of the time!

The secondary characters are really what is bringing this episode from good to great though. Hello Vargas and Jensen!!!!!

I also fucking love Scooby Doo Wilson. This is made of win.

Oh and Days is trending on Twitter right now. Fuck yeah.
I know.. I don't want to loose them. We need characters like this otherwise it gets boring and predictable.

Monday May 20th Daily Discussion
May 20 2013, 12:26 PM
Vope!!! :D
Interesting couple idea.

Promo for the week of May 20th
Wow.... O.o No not Will!!

Friday, May 17th Daily Discussion
Whats up with that close camera angle on that photo? .. or was it that letter behind said something about urgent prison release.

I just wish Hope would realize that everything is not Dimeras fault.. although I got to admit - EJ is looking very fishy right now with Jensen and hovering around Rafe. Even if this was his work.. who cares. Good for him, if he finally manage to get away with something. I wouldn't want Sami to know about this -- or anyone. I hope this does not blow up on his face. If he is taking over Dimera co. then please give him some Stefano magic and let him give us a new Dimera era together with Kristen.

Friday, May 17th Daily Discussion
And whats with the flowers... please don't tell me those are for Rafe.

Friday, May 17th Daily Discussion
May 17 2013, 12:05 PM
OOOOH, soapy EJ and Jensen stare. Reminds me of Ejaylor's first meeting, LOL.
LOL.. laughing so hard. Yeah, what was that all about. And who is Jensen?

Friday, May 17th Daily Discussion
EJ hovering all over hospital again. Seriously,.. he seems almost eager. Very suspicious.

Wednesday, May 15th Daily Discussion
May 15 2013, 12:34 PM
Man, they are playing EVERY beat they should be playing around EJafe...

- Accusations that EJ did it because of Rafe claiming DR
- All the usual suspects assuming its EJ
- EJ positively DELIGHTING in Rafe's misfortune
- EJ saying he wouldn't do it because of Sami
LOL, yeah

+ he seem to be so eager to see and talk Rafe. He is running around the hospital numerous times. I mean.. why? If he is so innocent.

Anyways.. move of this. I am loving it. ;)

DAYS Casting (Or Recasting?) Role
May 11 2013, 11:41 AM
May 11 2013, 11:33 AM
DAYS Casting (Or Recasting?) Role

DAYS is looking for an experienced actor to play the contract role of "Derek", a 23-26 year old gorgeous Caucasian male who must be AT LEAST 6'0 tall. "Derek" is described as "incredibly charismatic, intelligent, quick witted, and sincere.... When crossed, he can be dangerous." The description suspiciously matches that of Chad DiMera, played by Casey Jon Deidrick since 2009. Deidrick, whose current contract reportedly expires shortly, has recently booked prime-time appearances on GLEE and REVOLUTION.

Maybe its the real Elvis.
No this I could buy. But how do they explain everyone thinking that a at least 10 year older EJ was the real EJ. And if he is not EJ .. who is he?