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Some Recent Casting Calls
Jun 16 2015, 06:12 AM
Jun 16 2015, 05:55 AM
Yep, I'd say it's Abby. I hope Stefano's plan isn't just to continue on the DiMera legacy through a Chabby baby. I'm sure Chad would have had kids eventually. That would be such a waste of this interest that Stefano has in Abby.
I would think it would have to be more than that. He sees too specifically interested in Abigail.
I do think it has to do with Abby but I am not so sure that Ben or Chad is the father.

Reasons why,.. well, lets start with the strange plot when Abby thought she was pregnant (with Ejs child). That doctor scene was so strange and specially since they made effort to show us viewers that Stefano knew about and was in contact with said DiMera doctor. Not to mention Abbys nightmare just before the meeting, about the doctor removing the embryo. I never understood what was the point of that. I mean fine they story would have been no brainer, but once they dragged Stefano ad just left it opened like that I got very suspicious.

And lately we know that Stefano keeps a file with her name and her being so important. He has something in store ... and I can imagine having Abby implanted with frozen embryo (that they removed prior to or during the doctor appointment) could very well happened.

Of course.., this is just speculation but stranger things has happened around Stefano.

Or its Chabby's. I personally do not want to see another Who-is-the-father story with ben and Chad. :/ Not looking forward to it.

As an EJABBY fan I would be super happy if it was somehow EJABBYs.. but that is long shoot unless EJ suddenly shows up again.