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Weekly Promo 7-21-2014
Kristen returning is always a great moment ,... Love that chick!

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 13 2014, 03:19 PM
I'm glad they told us that EJ is 40 (and technically, he should be 41, with his new January birthday). I just wish they'd done it back when people were acting like it was insane to say EJ was old enough to be Abby's dad.
I have very little faith in that number... since they keep changing peoples age. Apparently in soap you can be any age. I remembering seeing baby EJ with an teenager Sami,.. so I hardly take EJ and Abbys age difference that seriously. 9 years difference between the actors ... that is not "terrible" considering there has been bigger age difference before on Days.

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 13 2014, 03:03 PM
Jul 13 2014, 02:55 PM
Jul 13 2014, 02:07 PM
Jul 13 2014, 12:08 PM

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Even though Jennifer might be disappointed in Abby, I think she will stand by her daughter as she and Jack did with the Austin fiasco. I actually thought the Austin thing was worse than this because Abby was deliberately trying to trap a married man away from a loving relationship. This time around all she did was stand in front of EJ for the sex to happen and the result was breaking up an already disfunctional and sick relationship . If anybody should be shamed it's EJami for their parts in the lies, deceit and manipulations in this whole sordid affair among a slew of other crimes and offenses they've committed towards others , each other or to cover their own ass.
Are you kidding me? You don't think what Abby did is immoral and twisted?

Abby pursued and had sex with an engaged man in public places. Not some random stranger, but her former boyfriend's brother and a man engaged to a woman Abby knows very well. A woman who happens to be a cousin to Abby's cousins and the mother of Abby's first cousins. Not some stranger she doesn't know and she had no chance of interacting with ever. Not to mention, Abby was having sex with EJ while she was baby-sitting his children. And she never had a thought for those innocent children when she was trying to convince their father to make her his mistress.

Even worse, Abby chose to cover up her cousin's suspecious disapearance in favor of hot sex with an engaged man. Not only that, she suspected EJ killed her cousin, and yet she didn't say anything to anyone because she was more concerned about her reputation than for her grieving relatives' peace of mind.

I dare you to defend Abby's actions without mentioning Sami, EJ, Will, Sonny, or how anyone else did worse things.

I will!

Isn't it his fans' opinion that Elvis is the hottest thing on the planet?

Then, who can blame Abby? I mean, poor thing, in the face of that handsome, sexy, accented glory that is Elvis and he wants her? Now, really, you have to give her a pass here, since, of course, he's just irresistible. No human female could possibly be expected not to fuck him. He is IRRESISTIBLE!
LOL, wasn't that also what Abby said to EJ before he kissed her.. :P

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 12 2014, 03:32 AM
Jul 11 2014, 03:31 PM
I don't watch any other soaps so I have to ask, are all soaps' sets this bad? It seems that it would be totally embarrassing! Is it the executive producer who makes these decisions? Can't they expand? Are they that damn cheap?
Didn't they have a spa set for that Quinn guy? From what I remember, it was pretty open-spaced. Seems like they could've just decorated & used that set for the gala. :shrug: It would've been WAY better than a recycled hotel room. :eyeroll:
Still my heart,... that banner. :cloud9:

Posted Image

EJOLE is/was beautiful together. I am quite mad they had to ruin that for "so called" couple EJAMI. :badmood:
IMO, I can never believe EJ would love Sami over Nicole... considering what EJAMI did to each other (not that EJOLE was all

Well, at least we found something fantastic in EJABBY. Unfortunately EJAMI is not over,..

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 12 2014, 01:40 AM
Jul 11 2014, 10:32 PM
Jul 11 2014, 10:28 PM
Jul 11 2014, 10:18 PM

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I tought Jenn was fine. Of course she was hurt but she didn't let Sami bully her daughter and her head didn't explode.
She was too passive in the beginning. Why let Sami rant at your daughter for good 15-minutes before you tell her to fuck off. She should've slapped Sami for calling her daughter a whore.

Also, how can you let someone else to tell you to get out of your own house if you don't want to listen to what she's about to say. Sami actually said that to Jennifer. WTF!
I think once Jennifer accepted that Abby had sex with EJ she believed Sami's anger with Abby was justified so she allowed her leeway until Sami got physical and abusive.
There are very few mothers who will allow someone to enter their home and call their child a slut and a whore and lay hands on them,even if the child was wrong.I seem to recall Jack and Jennifer believing Carrie was justified in calling Abby out for interferring in her marriage but they were angry when Carrie slapped Abby.
Given that Abby recently referred to herself as a homewrecking slut,I believe she feels guilty for having sex with EJ and believes Sami is justified in calling her a slut and a whore and laying hands on her regardless of what Sami has done in the past.These are the reasons she did not retaliate verbally or physically when Sami confronted her.
I am trying to figure out what video Sami is talking about.Most shower areas do not have video.If she shows Abby arriving at the shower area in one outfit and leaving wearing something different,she is going to have to connect the dots for anyone watching that video.Percy took the photographs of EJ and Abby at the cabin,I never saw anyone taping then at the cabin.I could actually envision DE having a camera in the conference room because there would be no reasonable expectation of privacy in a conference room whereas there would be an expectation of privacy in a shower area/bathroom.
I must admit I am looking forward to Abby's conversations with Jennifer,JJ,and Ben as well as Sami's next moves against EJ and Abby.
*sighs* that is true.

Thinking about it. That scene in particular could make it sounds like Abby was after EJ. That scene was when Abby without thinking was offering to be EJs side piece and EJ was trying to resist. So if she wanted to slam Abby she could use that.. or Sami could cut down the video and only use the part where they are kissing and then going on the table.. before Abby push EJ off. Anyhow.. I still don't get Sami effort to take a picture of EJ and Abby stand in front of each other holding hands gazing into each other.

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 11 2014, 03:00 PM
Jul 11 2014, 01:35 PM
Jul 11 2014, 01:31 PM
I wish Abigail would have told Sami, "Yeah, we had sex, and it was HOT AS HELL"! LOL! I know a lot viewers thought it was!
I have a hard time interpreting their sex as hot anymore, because Days seems intent on us perceiving Abigail to be some weepy, delicate flower who needs to hold her mommy's hand. My brain can't reconcile the two.
THIS. I mean, if the show was going for hot, illicit, adult affair back in January, they certainly seem to be trying to undo that now. Between establishing EJ as 40 years old, having Sami constantly play up their age difference, and casting Abby as some delicate flower that needs her mommy's protection, they are really emphasizing the skeaviness of the whole thing.
I find it weird that they say EJ is suddenly 40.. he should be at maximum 35.. but whatever.

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 11 2014, 02:11 PM
I don't know if this has been mentioned, but one of the main reasons the Sami/Abby scenes are falling flat for me is that there's no stakes in this for Abby. I'm sure no one wants to get embarrassed, but if getting embarrassed is the worst thing - so what?

Abby should have lost some major things with this revelation. Like she should have been serious about a guy (maybe Chad) who would break up with her over this. Or a guy who hates EJ for whatever reason that wouldn't be able to handle the news.

Or she should have been up for a promotion at the hospital, to represent the Horton name or something, where this sort of negative publicity would make her lose her dream job.

There's just nothing at stake for Abby here. We're not living in Victorian England where if a woman's reputation is tarnished she can never marry. Abby's "good name" is just not enough of a motivator. If Abby had something tangible to lose, it would make these scenes and Sami's vengeance more powerful. As of right now, it just sort of falls flat because within a few days everybody will be over this.

I bet she won't loose Ben when this is out. ^o) I can't stand that guy as her boyfriend. Something with him that I don't like. Maybe its the brows or maybe its because his character is a "good" character and I always dislike such pairs. Hope and Aiden being the exception.

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 11 2014, 12:21 PM
This Sami/Abigail confrontation falls very very flat for me. This is what's wrong with plot driven writers like TomSell. Sorry guys, you can't force me to feel anything when it comes to Sami's outrage at Abby's "betrayal" because you created this supposed friendship out of whole cloth in a very short time, and there is NO betrayal. Let's move on.
There is no denying that this reveal could have been written way better. Actually the whole affair could have been written better,... for it to happen during a longer period, giving EJ and Abby more dialogue than this never happens again or don't tell anyone etc etc and not having the reveal be dragged out for so long. And to show that Sami knew about this earlier while she was playing them both. Seeing Sami freaking out (alone or with Kate) about her finding out. Having Kate talk to her about a plan and stick it to EJ. Maybe even mention doing this for all that the DiMera has done to her and her family etc etc. They kind of did it but it feels sloppy to me.. not at all well written. So much lost opportunities. Instead they thought keeping all that a secret was the best way to do.. which to me was not. Not to mention that it feels almost like this all come from a rewrite

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 11 2014, 12:02 PM
Jul 11 2014, 11:57 AM
Sami says she's just the messenger and that Abigail is whore and they probably did it on that couch and Alice would be horrified. Sami leaves. Jennifer looks at Abigail lovingly and then holds her as she cries.
Am I wrong that I want Jennifer to be enraged? If there's an automatic pity party for Abby, I'm gonna be pissed.
Abigail is a grown woman,.. sure, Jennifer might not approve but its not her business to lecture wo Abby chooses to sleep with,... ahh who am I kidding. it is going to happen anyways :whistle: .

Friday, July 11th Daily Discussion
Jul 11 2014, 11:46 AM
I'm sorry. WHAT? We've been hearing Hope and Aiden discuss this damn gala for WEEKS and there's no ACTUAL gala?

Yeah, I am with you on this. I was expecting a full blown gala with people dancing in gowns. AND I was expecting the reveal to take place on this Gala for everyone to see the explosion. AND I was expecting seeing Abby and EJ dancing before this happened.

DAMN YOU DAYS! :ermm: :-/ ^o)

Instead EJ is "safe" behind bars and the reveal happened in front on Jennifer only. Not happy about this.

Sure I am rooting for EJABBY but still,.. where is the soap drama in this? :whistle:

Thursday July 10 Daily Discussion
Jul 10 2014, 04:33 PM
These are from Twitter (they're not mine):

Posted Image

Posted Image

I probably won't have caps/GIFs until tomorrow.
Ahh.. Hope.. still my heart. She is so beautiful in that dress (and in general). I hope I will look as stunning as she does in a dress like that one day. Love Kristen.. she is such a natural beauty. I have always love the character of Hope.. I love that actor (cant remember his name). He is a character I would root for. I love him on the show.. hope his part becomes bigger.

Thursday July 10 Daily Discussion
Jul 10 2014, 01:01 PM
Good ending! I'm glad Sami didn't expose Abby in front of a crowd. That would have been out of character.
I am not so sure this is the end of her revenge scheme. I got the impression that more is to come. Also, that internet wording was weird,.. I am wondering the reason we got EJOLE scene is because Sami might release some photos (like the one at the wedding and Cabin of course) to the net and the news will pick it up ..and hence get Nicole into the story. There must be a reason for that rejection of Nicole help. And it would make Abby hurt as everyone would confront her about this. She would literally die if it was a big news thing. EJ just married and arrested.. and had affair.. yeah this is pretty big news wise. At least in Salem. As an ex mayor and such.

Wednesday, July 9th Daily Discussion
Jul 9 2014, 12:25 PM
I am finding the conversation between EJ and Abby boring and unnecessary.
Just another scene filler. Everyone know Sweet Abigail wont say anything because it means she would have to fess up to her holy and thou family about her and EJ doing the horizontal mambo all over Salem.
I didn't think it was boring, but you do wonder why they felt it necessarily to have EJ asking her to say quiet for the 100 times and for her to say she won't say anything. It is like listening to a repeating record...., because the writers keep them repeating the same things, LOL If anything, I thought the expression of EJ and Abby was interesting. Not so much what they actually said. EJs whole body languished was very interesting to Abbys harsh words.

I still don't get what the point was of this scene if EJAMI are going back as an :shrug: "happy" couple "in love".. LO, I believe "happy" and "in love" is so not a description of EJAMI. Quite the opposite.

Spoilers for the week of July 14th
Jul 6 2014, 04:25 PM
Jul 6 2014, 03:35 PM
Jul 6 2014, 03:08 PM
Jul 4 2014, 07:15 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
The problem though is when people remember soaps being done correctly as opposed to these trite plot devices they use now. A rape used to be a Big Deal in soaps, and women would deal with the repercussions for years on end. Not so much anymore. Somebody gets raped and she's pretty much over it the next day (or a few hours later). I've also seen amazing soap couples that were totally interloper-free. It is possible to write a couple with lots of obstacles and lots of angst that can drive story while staying true to the characters without introducing a third party. Also, Days way, way overdoes triangles. As for misogyny - well, I would hope that would be something soaps could move past. I would have expected it earlier on when attitudes about women were different, but I don't expect it on any show I watch today (with the lone exception of "Mad Men" - who are portraying a particularly misogynistic environment and time period).

I decided that I have an issue with soap characters and their rampant hypocrisy. It drives me up the wall. I hate it in real life, I hate it on my soap. I think you should obviously have characters like Sami or Kate who are huge hypocrites because that's just how they are - but on this show Every. Single. Person. is a hypocrite. I need someone to be like, "Well, I can't say anything bad about them because I..." It would be such a freaking relief.

I've never hated on Abby because I only watch her in small doses (and I loved Ejabby), but after catching some of the recent graduation stuff and her going after Eve - I finally understand why people want Abby to STFU. Her judgment of others is so hypocritical and annoying.
On the bold, thank goodness! The more people who understand this, the better. There's this idea that's been floating around (that I'm not saying you held) that Abby is only hated because of the affair, and it's totally untrue, since she gained the name STFU-Abby and forced people to ship rivergail way beforehand. I agree with the point about the rampant hypocrisy, too. I usually like characters like Kate, Kristen, EJ and Sami, who've deluded themselves into thinking that they're better than everyone else, but those sorts of characters only work when they're supposed to be delusional, and not when we're actually supposed to believe that they really are better than everyone else (like dannifer, Rafe, Abby etc.).

The show finally had one truly good person, who tried not to judge - Eric - but that ship sailed and he's rapidly becoming just like everybody else.
I only started liking Abby (and EJ, for that matter) with the EJABBY storyline. And as much as I have been rooting for Abby, I gotta say I would totally cringe every time she'd be talking to EJ and she'd cut him off and say, "Oh my God..what will my mom think? What will my family think?". I mean, it's ok for her to worry about what the people she loves think of her, but at that point I was like OWN your mistake girl. Take responsibility for your actions and whatever anyone else thinks you need to get over it real quick and stop acting like a child. That's what really bugged me. Love EJABBY. Their sex was hot as hell. But if Abigail ever truly wants to be with EJ she needs to act more like a woman, and stop with the "what will my mom think". Your mom loves you. She'll get over it.
I love EJABBY too.. And like you I wish they would stop writing her like that. That bit with her mother. It's a two edged sword. Part of her is awesome or at least could become an entertaining character but the part with her being so worried and "what will mother think" I don't fancy that much. I am very close with my mom so I kind of understand it, but is a soap and I need Abby to bring some of that jack personality in her. I need her to be more grey character for her to be entertaining. I don't want to see her become her mother (Jennifer) but on the other hand I don't want her to become Sami. LOL

Spoilers for the week of July 14th
Jul 6 2014, 04:04 PM
Jul 6 2014, 03:16 PM
I personally don't watch soaps for heros, honesty, people that make the right decisions, technical accuracy, finger counting of marriages or affairs or political correctness. I watch for DRAMA! Why do I come here? You guys are my friends. Ok carry on :wub2:

I don't care about numbers of marriages or affairs.

But I do care about heroes, honesty, people that make the right decisions,
and I believe it can have DRAMA.

That's why I love Star Trek.
That's why I love Xena Warrior Princess.

I really don't belong here.
I need to find a place where I fit in.

(going to search for a Trekkie forum) ....
Nice another Trekkie! :P

"Live long and prosper!!"

NBC Promo 7-7-14
Jul 4 2014, 04:32 PM
1. I'm still disappointed the promo isn't about the Gala (then again, that really doesn't surprise me since anything Sami/Jen/Dan-related always trumps any major plot movement Hope has. it would help a lot if the show would have one major plot moment per week instead of having multiples & having to choose between them).
ETA: They could've done a "on one side of town, we've got Sami admitting she knows about EJabby & is pretty pissed/annoyed, while on the other side of town, we've got these two enjoying an unexpected moment" promo.
2. Thanks, Sami, for pointing out that Abby had sex while naked.
3. Just FYI, Sami, EJ wasn't your husband when Abby was having sex with him.
4. I don't believe Sami found out about EJabby when she surprised EJ in the shower room. I think she put the pieces together afterwards.
LOL, great post. I totally agree... major mistake there.

Just wanted to add that it would have made the upcoming story more of a mystery .. like she is telling EJ. And leave you left to wonder if Abby get her cover blown on the Gala as well... i don't know I am disappointed by that edited promo. EJABBY reveal is interesting but it would have been more fun if you was left to wonder if it would come in the gala for Abby instead of behind closed door with her mommy and Sami. Still a public reveal could very happen still next week on the Gala if she really wants Abby and EJ to hurt by letting everyone know.

Social Media Posts, Week of June 30th
MissFancyFace, I am sorry, I am in love with your banner and the couple.. Aiden and Hope rocks! Now that is how you create a character..