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Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
I wish she'd let Jack go off on his book tour now instead of guilting him into staying in Salem. At least he'd be alive and well and not having his memory disrespected. Maybe even living a new exciting life with someone who appreciated him. I wish he could see her now..though he'd probably refuse to see what most of us see. I hate that Jack died probably thinking of her yet she hasn't bothered sparing him a second thought - except to excuse her disgusting behaviour.

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
What I meant was she didn't leave when her contract was presumed to be up..but I think Jason said it is next year when it ends (3yr contract)

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
That's false..it came up a few months ago and since she didn't leave when her contract was up then there's nothing in it. I think that is someone taking the story from 2006 where she quit and confusing it with now (IMO).

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
Oops double post.

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
Good point. She visited as many times as Jack did in the last 2 years..and he spent a year of that kidnapped and the last 2 months dead. I'd have thought that Jack's death would be the thing to make her want her son with her. The fact she left him alone to grieve after spreading Jack's ashes says alot too. Even if he didn't want to come to Salem she should've either made him or stayed with him in London (or wherever he's supposed to be living now).

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
^ And if she does eventually admit this well that will just make it so much better :sarcasm: That is actually worse to me because I find nothing self sacrificing in that..because it was HER choice to bully Jack into a reunion. Jack would never have wanted her that way..he would've rather lived his life without her than have her with him only through obligation. It's not like it effected her children if their parents were together - Abby is an adult and JJ doesn't even live with them (and if you ignore what is the obvious SORasing coming up they were apart as much as they were together during his lifetime). I just find that excuse bogus. As usual it's just all about her feelings and needs and that's part of what is wrong with this current version of Jennifer (aside from St Daniel she cares about nobody or nothing else).

Edit: Guess I type too slow this is in response to annie's post.

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
They weren't married that we know of but everyone keeps calling Jack her husband so who knows. And even if Jennifer is angry over feeling what she can't..she's not even showing sadness that Jack is dead - even if we are to believe she loves/loved Daniel. I don't buy that Jennifer has zero feelings or emotions over the death of the love of her life/father of her children. She hasn't cried or had time to even miss him before jumping all over Daniel about Nicole and vice versa. There is just no way you can tell me she feels NOTHING about Jack's death which is how it comes across to me. The loss of someone you've loved more than half your life brings up some sadness and loss. Plus if we'd ever seen Daniel & Jennifer "fall in love" the first time instead of spending time on cheesy dates and lame poetry then maybe it might be more believable. There's nothing beyond the surface that shows me why they supposedly love each other. I don't care what they're trying to sell it just makes her look bad. Her treatment of Jack last year was bad enough but to not even mourn past a week doesn't make it OK because she might've only been going through the motions with Jack. I also think that Missy didn't seem to be trying to sell anything with Jack/Matt anytime during his return has lead to these speculations. The writing told us they were happy and in love. Dialogue from Abby said that too - or was Jennifer faking happiness with Jack instead of being honest and letting Jack go.

November Sweeps Preview
Oct 31 2012, 10:04 AM
Oct 31 2012, 06:12 AM
Eric's Return: Eric returns to Salem just in time for Thanksgiving. Corday says they brought him back because they wanted another character in his age range on the show and they wanted to give Nicole a front-burner story. (For those unaware, Eric is one of Nicole's many exes.)

Im just wondering how long its gonna take for Nicole to persuade Eric to leave the church??

I just cant figure out how you can be a photographer one day and a priest the next? Anywho!

Eric could be the hottest priest Ive ever seen..A whole lot better than Pa Walton, LOL (Father Matt)
Funny part about these spoilers is all the better storylines that could have been.

Get Kristen out of her back to causing trouble for Jarlena, she could have started out with that agenda but how about instead we already know there's gonna be a Kristen/Brady angle. How about Kristen versus Nicole with Brady in the middle. Nicole see's what Kristen's doing with Brady and is determined to help him away from the DiMera's as he tried to help her. Kristen versus Niicole so much better acting than the mess they are starting and using Nicole in this would make some of the best scenes with two bad bitches of Salem in a square off. Brady actually gets an interesting storyline as long as neither woman gets killed. :'( And for once Nicole would actually be the good bitch, if bitches can be good. (oh wait there's Sami reference again :'( )

EJami - sorry but this story has been beat to death, there is no story. If they want/need to have these two in each others orbit make it EJ causing trouble for them as usual but not invested in Sami romantically. Find EJ someone new because honestly he's treated Nicole so badly with the pathetic yet again chasing of Sami's twat that he needs fresh start with someone, Gaby (could have been good with another actress) mainly to stick it to Safe, or bring Arianna back from the dead. They had chemistry and that would play out very interesting.

Dannifer the only saving of this couple (which I still can't buy) would be for Lawrence's return. He never truly died and now that Carly's gone he wants revenge on Daniel so he rapes Jennifer. Then maybe I could actually root for them because they now have a true villan to fight, doubt I'd ever love Dannifer but give them a true obstacle would be good and Lawrence has bad blood with both.

Oh well the writers aren't smart enough for this, so why bother thinking about it. :shrug:
Trying to re-tell one of J&J's most memorable stories with Dannifer (Lawrence vs J&J and Jennifer's rape) would just make me hate them more (plus these two could never sell angst the way J&J did and a big fat no to Jennifer getting raped to try and make Dannifer rootable). There is NO story for them that would ever make me root for them or even tolerate them.

November Promo #1
Oct 31 2012, 11:54 AM
Guinevere, LOVE the banner! Damn he looks good.

I'm pretty sure that Hollyoaks promo is specially made and it looks awesome. Days can't do promos like that because the actual show sucks just as much as the promos do. I think I need to catch up on Hollyoaks again. It's been a while since I watched, and I only watched certain storylines, but I think I'm going to start again soon. I really don't see how Days is going to last much longer, it's so sad.
Yeah he does ;) Couldn't stop looking when these popped up on Facebook earlier LOL..it's Days loss.

November Promo #1
That teaser is different from the usual promos that are show in the lead into a big episode or storyline on the UK soaps. The promos that are used are mainly specially made to promote the upcoming event. I don't know how Hollyoaks do their promos as I've never really watched the show but the other three you usually see a specifically made promo - not using show clips.

November Promo #1
^ I think the UK promos are usually specially made.

November Promo #1
^LOL..he did sacrifice himself for someone else though;). When you watch the crash live the special effects were not that great but overall the episodes were (mostly) well acted (and I'm not even a regular viewer). That was almost 2 years ago now.

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
Oct 30 2012, 07:39 PM
She's lost Jack, and, as Melissa told us, "she knows the finality of that, that he's really never coming back this time .... I think if she even thought for a minute that he was alive she would not go forward as quickly as she is with Daniel."

Oh really? And how long did it take her to jump into bed with Daniel last year when her husband was alive but acting very out of character? A whopping 3 months?

Whether or not she will get the chance to go forward with Daniel, or whether he'll end up with Nicole, remains to be seen. But, much like her Grandmother Alice, Jennifer seems prone to fighting for love. And for everything else

There is so much wrong with this statement. Fighting for love? You mean like how she "fought" for Jack's love last year? Oh wait...she didn't. And please never mention Jennifer and Alice's names in the same sentence again. Alice ALWAYS stood by her husband, her love for Tom never wavered. Unlike Jennifer's fickle ass who couldn't be bothered to stand by husband when he was going through hell. And as for comparing Daniel to Tom, Tom didn't screw his patients. End of story.
More like 3 dates. Her first date with Daniel was the day she got her divorce papers which was in late May and they had sex in June (I remember because it was the week of Jack's birthday - June 14:()

Wednesday, October 31st Daily Discussion
I disagree. If Dannifer were a good couple and could stand alone they wouldn't have to keep destroying any obstacle they probably wouldn't overcome with fair writing. Jack was killed off to make them happen and they're still hated so that says that they aren't that good. Everything that happens between them is contrived to sell them as soulmates..well Jennifer already had a soulmate but they had to get rid of him because he was in the way of Dannifer. But to each their own..I will never like them or think they're anything close to a "good" couple.

Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
She didn't expect to fall in love again this quickly..seriously she expects us to buy that killing Jack wasn't all set up for precisely that (and I'm sure she knows it). I guess they are trying to get through to us that Jack is really dead this time. And sorry but if she really believed he was still alive she wouldn't move ahead this quickly..umm he was alive last year when she hopped into bed with Daniel after 3 dates so that doesn't really mean much.

This is like all those interviews she did last year going on about Dannifer's great love..didn't buy it then & don't now. She really has lost touch with who her character is and how she's coming across to the viewers..and the character on screen has no similarities to Alice Horton.

Wednesday, October 31st Daily Discussion
Oct 30 2012, 03:17 PM
At last, EJ admits he is obsessed with Sami! This episode sounds alright, except Kabe (which has been rare these days) is so skimpy, as someone said above, and Sami is still such a dumbass. Dannifer sounds sweet, but this whole saga is overdone...like..yesterday.
Sweet? As in have some candy little girl (sorry just had to use a Jack quote there;)). I didn't find it the least bit sweet. They really need to stop trying to sell Dannifer as some self sacrificing tortured soulmates kept apart by evil schemes and fate. If they want to be together so badly just do it and put us out of the misery of having to watch and read about their "heartbreaking angst"

Spoilers for the week of November 5th
That spoiler about EJ and Daniel will probably just be a way for Jennifer to "save" him or for her to realise he's her soulmate when he's hurt or something and she can't live without him :rolleyes: :drunk: :puke: . Basically it's probably another Dannifer pimping moment and would be shocked if it was anything else (if it happens at all after the truth comes out).

I despise EJ but if he would rid us of Daniel forever then I could put up with him ;)

Monday, October 29th Daily Discussion
^ Well I'd take the credit but I remember reading that somewhere a little while ago (maybe on this board?)..it's still a good one though - to whoever thought it up. Wouldn't surprise me if they repeated that with a twist under this regime though.

Monday, October 29th Daily Discussion
^ Maybe they'll send Bo on a sailabout when really he's off chasing down Stefano;)

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
25 years ago today..Matthew Ashford debuts as Jack Deveraux.