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Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/26
Abby was in New York spending time with her dad - who was there on business. He spent the whole 3 episodes pretty much warning her to stay away from Max (which suggests the plan was a Max/Abby pairing). Then Max showed up and Abby hid him from her dad ..but then Ashley Benson left and Max moved back into Chelsea's orbit again.

Jason47's Christmas in Salem Sneak Peeks
^Maybe she's just there visiting her aunt, uncle and cousins on Christmas - before spending the day with the Horton clan. :sarcasm:

Jason47's Christmas in Salem Sneak Peeks
I'd rather see EJ read the story than Daniel at this point (though if that thing about them not being around next year actually works then yeah let Daniel do it).

Spoilers for the Week of December 3rd
Nov 17 2012, 08:15 PM
Nov 17 2012, 04:12 PM
Nov 17 2012, 04:02 PM
Why must Jennifer always be in dire need for heep? Why does she always need saving. She is do damn needy, she's not worth saving anymore. Daniel saving her for the 100x is not going make this pairing any more likable. Jennifer is the one that needs the suicide SL, not this insta medical help so Daniel can ride in on his high horse and save the day. I betcha Jennifer ate was it seefood or shell fish, whatever dan gave the last time she needed medical help. I have no faith in TomSell's writing to come up with anything remotely interesting.
I bet it's something that Dr Dan needs steady hands for (cut pinkie) and he'll be so upset that he cant help her that he'll enrol in the clinical trials and be eternally grateful to St Jen for being so selfless and caring as to save his career. She in turn will be amazed and touched by his compassion and grief at not being able to stitch her cut finger. They will tell each other how perfect and faultless they are because it's true love :sarcasm: .
Yeah, I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Except that I think the spoilers for the previous week are all about how Daniel enrolls in the clinical trial but then is told it didn't work. Now I have to say that I've never heard of a clinical trial being a make-or-break, one-time thing that's over in less than a week since it usually involves pharmaceuticals that have to be monitored over time. But, hey, this is Days.

I guess Daniel ends the previous week feeling bummed so Jennifer is determined to cheer him up. And there's nothing that cheers Daniel up more (or turns him on more) than a female in need of medical attention.

I was thinking that after his clinical trial fails and then Jennifer needs urgent medical attention, he will miraculously recover to save her life again :rolleyes: and she'll be eternally grateful. They'll claim their true love connection helped cure his shaky hands and they'll all live happily ever after..until the next triangle or faux angst. :drunk:

Spoilers for the week of November 26th
Maybe his return will take place off screen and it'll be like Mickey where we never see him. :shrug:

Thursday, November 15th Daily Discussion
^This is my problem too. Also everyone is saying her feelings for Daniel never went away. What about the feelings she had for Jack before he came back? We are to believe the second she signed her name to divorce papers 20+ years worth of feelings went away forever..yet she doesn't speak with Daniel in 6 months - after a brief relationship a year earlier and those are the ones she can't shake? This is where I have a problem with believing this "love" between Dannifer. I agree Jack's death was really not needed because them breaking up amicably instead of him dying wouldn't make her look like a fickle woman who can't go 5 minutes without a man - even when she's supposed to be in mourning. Why do they keep trying and trying to push her into new relationships and trying to make each one some epic love story as though the previous 20 years of her life never existed. It's possible to love someone else after a great love - but this is not it.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/5
Speculating about what? :shrug:

Maybe they were playing hide and seek LOL

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/5
^ The Brady thing if it happens will probably just be a stopgap so they can build angst for the real Dannifer reunion later on (what with them being true love and all :rolleyes: ). I'm still against it because of Jennifer's history with Brady's mother along with her and Isabella being pregnant at the same time (sleeping with the son of one of your closest friend no longer how long she's been dead crosses a line for me). It's a lose lose situation IMO. Better than Dannifer is not really saying much. I find both potential pairings innapropriate and icky. Not that I'd enjoy any new Jennifer coupling but I don't want to see Dannifer or Brannifer.

Edit: And when I find myself watching some old Jennifer/Isabella clips of these two pregnant women I don't want to be thinking how in 20 years Jennifer will be sleeping with the baby Isabella is carrying. :OhMy:

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 11/5
^Maybe he's just gonna clean his house LOL.

Not sure about that outfit on Missy..the bottom half looks like a wedding dress but the hairclips and her hair..just no! If they are trying to sell her as still young and desirable then the grey hair really doesn't fit. The "JJ" audition tapes suggest she's not married to Daniel..so what's up with this pic..maybe KM tweeted for a reaction (per TPTB's "request")


Wednesday, November 7th Daily Discussion
Yeah the Jack/Jennifer/Daniel triangle failed..because Daniel has to be the clear rootable winner but obviously with Jack around he will never win (no matter how much the writing tries to favor him).

So kill Jack to let Jennifer move on..and onto more triangles? These are part of what's been destroying her character..

Wednesday, November 7th Daily Discussion
Well I doubt anything will happen to him (unfortunately) because if he's in trouble the whole town will rally around to "save" the new beloved hero of Salem :sarcasm:

Wednesday, November 7th Daily Discussion
Nov 6 2012, 04:14 PM
Please let me say it again, MAGGIE, "YOU NEED TO SHUT UP."

Maggie was clearly pushing Brady to go after Jennifer, to help her get over her JackGrief....I was floored that she would easy switch gears thinking the Jennifer was still in JackGrief mode... what made her think of that idea? What about her sainted son? She knows Daniel loves Jennifer, so WFT does Brady have to do with taking care of Jennifer after the fall out. And then Brady saying afterwards, that he agrees with her. OMG!!! Can this SL get anyworse? I can't stomach the thought of another triangle involving Dan and Jen & Brady.

If there is a god out there. I need Jennifer to tell Dan that she was in love with Jack, and she didn't go back to him b./c he needed her, but b/c she loved him. Especially if TomSell are up for rewriting pasts of last years SL.....I'd be in. Jennifer telling Dan that she loves cares about him and is indebted to him for saving her life, but she was not in love with him.... would be an early x-mas present.
Yeah I see so many people saying she took Jack back out of obligation for her children's sake - you know her adult daughter and the son who hadn't lived with either of them in more than 2 years. As for taking him back..SHE pushed for the reunion and she didn't act like she felt obligated. Too much wishful thinking that she'd actually come out and say something like that to Daniel though (they are tortured soulmates afterall :sarcasm: ). According to the people on Days FB page Dannifer belong together and can be the next Tom & Alice. :wtf:

Nicole is busted and makes a deadly move
Don't forget porn-star (because most of Salem sure likes to remind her of it) :rolleyes:

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
^Well you know she wouldn't really have been cheating because Jack "abandoned" her :rolleyes: . It doesn't matter that while she was having sex with another man who knows what was happening to Jack. Just like she doesn't wonder or get upset about what he went through in Afghanistan, she also doesn't seem to feel any anguish about what his last moments before death might've been like for him. So you're right a little cheating probably wont bother her in the slightest. They really should think things through before rewriting such recent history.

Wednesday, November 7th Daily Discussion
According to Maggie, Jennifer was obsessing over Nicole & Daniel to avoid the fact she lost Jack forever?

I could maybe sortof buy that if it hadn't been for last week's scenes where Jennifer was lamenting her regrets to Hope about "choosing" Jack over Daniel and how upset & hurt he was and what he went through (bet it wasn't as bad as what Jack went through as he plummeted to his death in a speeding elevator)

Monday, November 5th Daily Discussion
^ Yeah that was disgusting. Apologising to the man who slept with his wife. I guess that was the start of the "Daniel can do no wrong even when he's wrong" era (which unfortunately never ended)

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 10/29
^Probably didn't want to tell a story where they couldn't make Jennifer (or Dannifer) the focus/victims of Jack's suffering. :ermmmm:

Monday, November 5th Daily Discussion
But she loves her job! ;)

Spoilers for the week of November 5th
Why is Abby apologising to Cameron? Didn't he dump her when she was briefly dealing with her father's death and couldn't deal with being patient when she kept backing out of sex. OK she lead him on a bit but he wasn't exactly understanding to her state of mind at that time.

Friday, November 2nd Daily Discussion
Nov 2 2012, 10:43 AM
Maybe TomSell wised up and found out that it takes a years a day to get a Divorce granted for desertion and abandonment........and Jennifer got hers in just a few months.... did we ever find out when Jack left on his walkabout? What did they say when he didn't come back for Alice's funeral?

TomSell can write what ever they want, buy clearly the writers on this one, have no fucking clue if JnJ were marrried or divorce. LMAO!!!! So they went with married.....
When Jack came back, Jennifer claimed she hadn't seen him since before she left for Alice's funeral. But at the time of Alice's funeral she said Jack was in London looking after the kids and that he would probably make it there at some point..she was also talking on the phone with Jack and sharing "I love you's" and when she left Salem she was going to meet him and the kids at the airport.

If they are going with married when Jack came back then technically Jennifer was having an affair with Daniel. But it's stupid because J&J were engaged when he died so not married and there was dialogue on Jack's return where she rubbed it in his face that she'd divorced him in his absence (something he was never allowed to have time to process or be angry or upset about past that one scene).