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Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
^OK sorry I guess I misunderstood what you were saying. It's understandable that the rape isn't discussed by most Jack/J&J fans as it's not really something to reminisce about but at the same time it's not something that's denied as part of his past either. I admit I don't much go back and watch the rape but everything after that is still watch-worthy IMO (even Jack in villain mode pre-redemption/post rape). I guess it depends whether you're watching it from a Jack fan or a S&K fan's POV (now I mean not then) as how you see it.

I do recommend any neutral fan going and watching the whole story to get their own take on things. It's not as simple as "Jack's a rapist I hate him now" (even if you liked him before learning about the rape). Whether or not you still hate Jack afterwards it's still one of the best ever time periods/stories in Days history IMO.

Classic Days of Our Lives Discussion
Apr 8 2012, 11:08 AM
Apr 8 2012, 01:39 AM
I'm not sure where to post this. I thought I knew most things about Days history (hardcore fan in the 90s, and returned after the Sept. reboot)... but why didn't anyone tell me that my beloved happy-go-lucky but emotionally traumatized Jack Harcourt Deveraux is a rapist?

WTF? Why doesn't this come up more often in discussions of this character?

Shocked, I tell you. SHOCKED.

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Maybe Jen shoulda picked Dr. Feelgood. At least he's not a rapist. Sweet Mary.
I can't speak for anybody else, but I bring it up pretty frequently. The Steve/Kayla/Jack storyline that goes from when Jack (played by a different actor) first hit town in the spring of 1987 through Steve finding out Jack is his brother and breaking Kayla's heart in the hopes she would turn to Jack and give him something to live for, Kayla's marriage to Jack, Steve rescuing Kayla from being poisoned by Harper, their affair, the rape, the aftermath, and the 2+ years of very gradual redemption and reconciliation is one of the best written and well acted long-term story arcs in Days history, IMO.

I think the fact that Jack raped Kayla gets overlooked at times because the show did such a good job of gradually redeeming him and turning him into a viable heroic character. His fans understandably don't want to dwell on that aspect of the character, preferring to focus on his love story with Jennifer and his change from a self-loathing cynic to a loving husband and father. But, personally, I will never forget those rape scenes and the torture Jack put Kayla and Steve through afterward (tried to have Steve killed a couple of times). Doesnt't mean I hate the character because I don't. He's my third favorite. But those scenes are a part of that character and helped create two plus years of amazing story for my three favorite characters.
I don't think any of Jack's fans want to ignore that part of Jack's history at all. The rape is a huge part of how he deals with stuff even to this day and personally I know I wouldn't change that part of his history. It's the show that ignores it going back to 1991 when I think it was Langan who said the rape would never be referenced again. The reason his relationship with Jennifer gets more discussion is because it's been a storyline for more than 20 years and that's what is focused on whenever Jack is on the show.

As for the original poster who commented on the rape you really need to go watch the whole story and redemption to understand it. I'm not sure why finding out Jack raped Kayla changes your feelings for Jack if you like him now but that's up to you. The rape is something he did it's not who he is. He raped someone and he was redeemed that's just one part of his history. It was over 20 yrs ago and to bring it up now would make no sense unless it was about Abby/Stephanie etc learning about it.