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Spoilers for the week of October 8th
^ Don't worry I'm sure soon they'll have everyone acknowledge how Jack died because he stupidly got in the elevator instead of standing around doing nothing like Abby's mother, you know like how if he hadn't been chasing a story he wouldn't have been tortured in Afghanistan for a year. Then when they have made it about Jack's poor choices again they can have Jennifer say that she only bullied him into a reunion out of obligation and Daniel is the man she loved all along because 3 dates has so much more depth than a lifetime of memories. :sarcasm:

I think Abby did say the night Jack died that Jack saved her life and she worried JJ would blame her for their father's death but I don't think anything has been said since about how and why he died. That Gabi line was dumb. I wonder if Abby's lack of a goodbye scene with Melanie is because they'd have to acknowledge that Gabi's actions set off the chain events that killed Jack and they don't want to spend any time dealing with anything so unimportant or that could've taken airtime from Mel's 6000 goodbye scenes. :toetap:

Spoilers for the week of October 8th
^Has Jennifer actually said she loved Jack since he died? (since I haven't seen alot of her scenes). I know she's referred to him as her husband and said how sad she is but I don't remember if she actually used the word love as to her feelings for him now. I'm sure the lack of a goodbye scene for J&J and the not actually showing her grieving or even thinking about him now (except when somebody else brings it up) is supposed to make it more believable that she & Daniel are tortured soulmates ( :teehee: ) and that she sacrificed her own happiness with Daniel to reunite with the love of her life out of obligation. :rolleyes:

Nicole loses her baby
^The fact that he needs to tell us there's a spark and then describe it in a way that makes no sense & that he's trying to make sound believable says it all really about the fact this so called spark doesn't speak for itself (natural chemistry doesn't need pointing out). I guess this is his version of "Daniel & Jennifer really love each other so much" that MR was spouting last year :blah: . Sorry SC but Jennifer has been a widow for less than a month so she shouldn't be having organic sparks ( :eyeroll: ) with anyone - let alone your disgusting character.

Nicole loses her baby
Sep 29 2012, 07:08 PM
Sep 28 2012, 11:06 PM
I've actually been wondering if TomSell is deliberately making Jennifer the new villainess of Salem. The fact that they are still painting her as a heartless bitch after all the outcry over her treatment of Jack makes me think they're not in a hurry to redeem her anytime soon. I guess for MR it's a lot more interesting playing a bad guy than a goody two shoes and guarantees her a lot more screentime. I'm not sure what will happen when kristen returns to her evil ways. I can't see MR holding a candle to ED. Eithere way the Jennifer Rose i loved is gone and I'm not at all interested in this version.
Jennifer a heartless bitch really? :shrug: A lot of people who hate Melissa Reeves due to her Chick-Fil-A crap have turned their hate toward Jennifer are trying everything they can to get her off the show. C'mon there's a difference in the actress and the character. Plus Chick-Fil-A has ageed to quit donating to the anti-gay organizations.
I'm sure people can tell the difference between Jennifer and Melissa Reeves. I have disliked the way her character has been portrayed since she had her heart removed. It has nothing to do with MR or chik-fil-a (I didn't even know what it was until she tweeted about it). I just think she's become selfish, fickle and yes heartless. Jennifer would never invite someone to live in her home and then talk to them or treat them the way she has Nicole (no matter what Nicole has done or said) and the Jennifer I know would never treat the love of her life the way she did Jack when he came back last year. She has been extremely lacking in compassion (unless it's towards Daniel) for a longtime now and comes across as very cold.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/24

Monday, October 1st Daily Discussion
Even with all that, Jack giving up his life for his daughter this last time outweighs anything Daniel has done for Jennifer (not that he's done anything really) or any of Jack's family. The fact she keeps harping about Daniel saving her and going to such lengths to "protect" him when she couldn't be bothered researching anything about Jack's PTSD means nothing. She should've gone to these lengths for Jack who had a real issue that was out of his control (and when he needed her most). I don't care how wonderful we're supposed to think Daniel is, he will never replace Jack (as hard as they try to make him her soulmate).

Monday, October 1st Daily Discussion
And even though Jack wasn't technically killed in the explosion which came about from Gabi's original plan - Madison was. And Jack wouldn't have died had Abby not been caught in the elevator caused by the explosion (though she could probably get out of his death on a technicality). But still I'm sure we're supposed to pretend he never came back or even existed in the first place (judging by Abby's limited airtime lately).

Monday, October 1st Daily Discussion
^It's a clue..Jack is still alive out there somewhere. :tounge:

Maybe Jennifer means that Jack was always her husband in her heart :teehee: :sarcasm:

Maybe Missy removing herself from twitter had something to do with the current writing for Jennifer. She must've known how much grief she would get LOL

Monday, October 1st Daily Discussion
Dear Jennifer, Jack was not your husband..you divorced him remember and then wasted so much time pining after another man (whilst treating Jack like crap) that you never had the chance to get re-married..and you and everyone else refers to you as Jennifer "Horton". Even now this man who "saved your life" gets more attention than your "husband".

Love how Jennifer & Abby's conversation about Jack was really all about Dannifer. :blah:

Nicole loses her baby
Not even sure how you can make rootable a Dr who sleeps with a pregnant woman who he knows is high risk then dumps her when his widowed ex becomes available..and the aforementioned widow who can't be bothered mourning the love of her life or even seeming to care that he's dead (or spending time with her grieving children) before obsessing all over her ex. How many more characters have to be sacrificed (or killed off to get them out of the way) before they wake up and see Dannifer sucks.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/24
Sep 27 2012, 02:25 PM
Miss Rhi
Sep 27 2012, 01:48 PM
Days of our Lives
‏@nbcdaysTHROWBACK THURSDAY: Do you remember what happened to Kayla’s baby? #DAYS #DOOL pic.twitter.com/CxemADyz

Is that supposed to be a clue about Nicole's stuff? Cause....whatever.
I doubt it means anything. Last week they asked a baby related question about Jack & Jennifer too (If anyone remembered when they took care of Baby Hannah). Though both mothers of the two babies in question gave them up while in jail. :shrug:

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/24
^ I think she means "Your" not "You're" (you are) ;)

Edit: OK nevermind I see that's what you were referring to :embarrassed:

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/17
^To be fair she didn't say it was good LOL.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/17
If this does happen I'm pretty sure it's just another way to try and create "angst" for Dannifer. They don't seem to care who or what history they sacrifice to prop them as a "meant to be" couple.

Spoilers for the week of October 1st
Sep 21 2012, 02:25 PM
camera shy
Sep 21 2012, 03:06 AM
Sep 21 2012, 02:57 AM
Spoiler: Daniel still loves Jen, he can go suck my A..! TomSell you are both to fools for thinking Dr. Wonderdick anything special and that fans want to see Dannifer. Take SC out to lunch, on your own time, if you want and need to admire him, just get him the fuck off DAYS!
Oh Jack will probably reappear one day......they never found his body......and it'll probably be right before Jennifer is all set to tie the knot with Daniel.
Jennifer went to the hospital to see the body and pick up his effects but since they were able to bring jack back after his organs were harvested (as I have been told on this site)and given what happened with Stefano,I am not willing to give up on a possible Jack return.
Actually his effects were brought to her..and it was never confirmed that she actually went to see him. She asked to go see him and a couple of people said they'd see if it could be arranged but nothing was said about it afterwards (seeing something like that would be traumatic so I'd imagine they'd have brought it up again if she had gone). So we can say that it never happened and that nobody close to him ever saw his (dead) body ;)

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/17
^ I noticed she started following me yesterday LOL (I thought it was due to my occasional tweeting about The Big Bang Theory though since she has that listed in her credits :embarrassed: ).

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/17
^Oh come on, did you forget that Daniel is irresistable to all women? :sarcasm:

Spoilers for the week of October 1st
Would Nicole losing her baby (even at the hands of Jennifer) really be a shocking incident that rocks Salem though? Maybe Jennifer's actions might be shocking to some but not too many people care about Nicole (in Salem) for it to be so dramatic in the wording. Mind you it also says it's the biggest challenge of Jennifer's life (more challenging than dealing with the death of her husband or being raped apparently) so it's probably just worded for (over) dramatic effect.

Jen Caught Snooping
Lame. If only she'd been so concerned a few months ago to go research PTSD to help Jack who had a real problem - not some lame scam she doesn't agree with.

Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/17
Maybe it's another "Daysaster" :rolleyes: Wonder who they'll sacrifice this time for St Daniel.