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Y&R: Stephen Nichols and Jessica Heap OUT!
I love Stephen Nichols in any capacity,as Steve on Days,Tucker on Y&R or Stefan on GH. He and Genie Francis could of had a great storyline revisiting their past together as their chemistry was as wonderful on Y&R as it was on GH,their two of the best actors on daytime television ever! I for one stopped watching once they let Genie go and I loved her character and the show could of chosen to do alot more with their characters if they chose to,very stupid move on their parts. GH should pick up both actors and return them to their rightful places as Stefan and Laura,the ratings would go through the roof and I'd be front and center watching the fireworks. What a waste,Y&R wouldn't know what great talent was if it bit them in the rearend! :shrug:

GH: December Discussion
I heard Stephen Nichols was let go from Y&R,not surprising since they let Genie Francis go only a couple of months ago. Their chemistry was as wonderful on Y&R as it was on GH and they both have so much history and storyline potential. The show is absoultely nuts not to use them to their full potential(their two of the best actors on daytime tv!) Now is GH chance to bring both back to the show,they'd definitely bring the ratings due to their rich history together. Come on this is the chance I wouldn't let pass! :cheer: