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Wednesday, November 27th Daily Discussion
Nov 27 2013, 12:58 PM
Nov 27 2013, 12:55 PM
Nov 27 2013, 12:40 PM
Here comes the Kristen lookalike.

Brady kicks down a door. Don't try that at home. You can't really kick down a door. You'll end up breaking your leg. #soapsarenotreallife
You have to run in to them at full speed. #experience
not. gonna. ask. lol.
I skimmed ten pages before posting.Give it up.I have to know.#extremely nosy.

Tuesday, November 26th Daily Discussion
Nov 27 2013, 02:49 AM
Nov 26 2013, 01:40 PM
Nov 26 2013, 01:11 PM
suddenly Brady has grown a spine.
Posted Image
What is it with this spine talk? Who cares?

.. I want Brady to love Kristen. I actually liked the two (mainly because I love Kristen and they look good together).

I would love for Brady to regret his doubts.. and to see pass her faults. Sure, Kristen is no angel.. but thats not because without cause. Stefano had something to do with it .. but also the family Brady throughout the years.
It's not like Kristin eats crackers in bed,a workaholic,shopaholic,or had a one night stand with someone.She drugged a priest who happened to be Brady's stepbrother and had sex with him against his will.I really cannot see Brady forgiving this.
I must admit the leather jacket looked good on Brady and I liked Nick's leather jacket.There must have been a wholesale leather deal for the show but I must say all of the leather looks good on the characters The only issue I have is with Sami thirty something high powered executive lady of the manner with the leather pants.The leather pants should have been worn by one of the twenty something women.

Tuesday, November 26th Daily Discussion
Nov 26 2013, 09:17 PM
Nov 26 2013, 09:10 PM
Sami's grasp of the law confuses me.

Is "body moving" really a crime that leads to time in prison?
i think "body moving" falls under "tampering with the evidence", so it could lead to prison time, but it probably wouldn't be a lengthy stay.
I think there could be an accessory to murder after the fact charge?

Friday, November 22nd Daily Discussion
Nov 24 2013, 11:13 PM
Nov 24 2013, 08:22 PM
Nov 24 2013, 02:04 PM
Lady Evol
Nov 24 2013, 02:08 AM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
I like Gabi, and I think she's guilty as sin when it comes to the deaths of Jack and Madison. Like Keith said, she set everything that happened in motion.
So EJ is responsible for Fay's death since he kept quiet about Rafe 2.Sami and Will are responsible for Arianna's death since she shot EJ and she and Will kept quiet about it and covered it up.Stefano is responsible for Bernardi's death,Sami being in jail,Chad getting shot,Marge going to prison,Timmy growing up without his mother and father,and Chad leaving Salem.I hope all of Salem finds out about their crimes then they find out about Gabi's crime.After Will,Sami,EJ,and Stefano go to prison Gabi can go too.
If you ever get bored enough to search through my posts, you'll see that I argued for every last one of those positions. It's kind of uncanny. I don't want anyone to go to jail though. Not because they're not terrible people who totally belong there (because they definitely are), but because they're entertaining and I'd miss them if they left.

Oh and all of Salem already knows about EJ's role in Fay's death, Rafe is apparently cool with Sami and Will's role in Ari Sr.'s death, and everyone is aware that Stefano set the chain of events in motion that lead to Sami's trial, Marge's meltdown etc. Thew writers flat out had characters say he was responsible for everything that happened. And they're right.
I just don't see that Gabi's behavior renders her unworthy to parent her own child and warrants her being found out by all of Salem and sent to prison while Sami,EJ,and Stefano are seen as great parents and wonderful gray characters who should conquer all lesser mortals in Salem.

Friday, November 22nd Daily Discussion
Nov 24 2013, 03:53 PM
Nov 22 2013, 01:30 PM
I wasn't expecting Sami to offer a counter modeling contract. What logic is there in her not taking it and ending the drama over Ari?
Would you work for your mother in law?
After all Sami,EJ,and Stefano have done to Gabi,Arianna,and Rafe,Gabi would be fool to put herself at their mercy by turning down a legitimat job officer from a modeling agency verified by Justin as being a good deal to go work for Countess W.Gabi knows if she took a job with Countess W and made one wrong step,Sami would be in her face calling her all kinds of bitches and threatening to fire her,she would truly be under Sami's thumb since EJ would deny Sami nothing she wanted including bankrupting Countess W to get rid of her.Gabi taking the New York job offer would actually be a no brainer.
It's true.No good deed goes unpunished.Gabi could have decided to go to Kate's place(wherever it is) when she left the hospital but she decided to agree to Sonny's suggestion that she move in with him and Will so Will could spend as much time with his daughter as he wanted.Because of this decision she is now a selfish bitch
"freeloading" off Sonny and "attempting to dump Arianna" on Sonny and Will at every opportunity.If Gabi leaves Arianna with Will,Sonny,Sami,and Kate while she goes to New York to earn enough money to take care of her and her daughter for the foreseeable future,she willl be a self bitch thinking only of her self while Will,Sonny,Sami,and Kate take care of the baby she "abandoned" in order to run off to New York and pursue a carefree existence.I am sure Will will give up college to become a stay at home Dad taking care of his child and sacrificing his dreams of being the next Hemmingway because the selfish bitch was thinking only of herself when she went to New York or Sonny can give up his business while he becomes a stay at home Dad to little Arianna who is just like a daughter to him.Or perhaps while Sami is not willing to personally take care of her own children ,she will however,give up her job at Countess W/DE and stay home to take care of little Ari so that little Ari willl not be left with the servants or a nanny although she does have the option volunteering Caroline for baby sitting.Or perhaps Kate I am sure she would be willing to take of little Ari just like all the time she spent taking care of Billie,Austin,Lucas,and the space kids.
There are plenty of working single mothers who manage to take care of their children without leaving them beind in another city.

Friday, November 22nd Daily Discussion
Nov 24 2013, 02:04 PM
Lady Evol
Nov 24 2013, 02:08 AM
Nov 22 2013, 03:05 PM
Nov 22 2013, 02:37 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
The problem is Will suffered for his crime with blackmail (three times) and guilt over it. He consistently wanted to turn himself in but always people talked him out of it. Gabi on the other hand, never paid for it. The victims of her crime never forgave her. She was living with Melanie's grandmother and she never felt any guilt. She blamed Chad for not recognizing her crazy infatuation with him. Her brother covered up for her. She at least needs to feel some punishment for her crime. Everyone in Salem who committed a crime faced some sort of ramification, but Gabi is seeing as innocent as Ari. I don't want her to go to jail but I want Maggie, Daniel, Abi and JJ to find out what she did, then she will pay for her crime.

Another way the two crimes differ is that Will's crime was crime of passion, while Gabi had plenty of time to do something but continued to let that maniac keep her "best friend."
Will committed his crime. He "considered turning himself in" in a whiny poor me way, but no one had a gun to his head talking him out of it. He never actually intended to do it. And he allowed his DAD to go to jail for what he did and never said a word.

Gabi's crime was ONLY the not saying anything part. She hired a guy to pretend to stalk her and then was blackmailed into not saying anything after he went crazy and kidnapped Melanie. That was HIM, not her. The only thing she did that was actually even illegal was not reporting a kidnapping. Yes it was shitty but she also was dealing with someone who had evidence that made her seem like she asked him to kidnap Melanie, and she had no way to prove it wasn't true. After it came out, she was sorry and apologized- her victim knew what she had done, and she also talked about turning herself in several times. She also prostrated herself to Sonny over it when she was having Ari.

Will is BY FAR the worse out of the two, and the situations aren't even comparable. I feel like the people who are upset she doesn't have the brunt of the (accidental) explosion and the 2 (extremely random and also accidental) deaths it caused thrust on her maybe just don't like her and want to see her character trashed. Which is fine, she's kind of an unlikable character, and her eyebrows are wayyyy too close together. But she's really not any more responsible for Jack or Madison's deaths than Abigail or Brady, and I'm so sick of watching people become pariahs for things they don't do.
I like Gabi, and I think she's guilty as sin when it comes to the deaths of Jack and Madison. Like Keith said, she set everything that happened in motion.
So EJ is responsible for Fay's death since he kept quiet about Rafe 2.Sami and Will are responsible for Arianna's death since she shot EJ and she and Will kept quiet about it and covered it up.Stefano is responsible for Bernardi's death,Sami being in jail,Chad getting shot,Marge going to prison,Timmy growing up without his mother and father,and Chad leaving Salem.I hope all of Salem finds out about their crimes then they find out about Gabi's crime.After Will,Sami,EJ,and Stefano go to prison Gabi can go too.

Spoilers for the week of December 2nd
Nov 23 2013, 01:50 PM
Nov 23 2013, 12:11 PM
I'd be much happier if Sami never shared any more scenes with Nicole. I don't care that Eric is Sami's twin, I'd appreciate it if they kept her far FAR away from Ericole related stories.
I really doubt that they would keep Sami away from Ericole. There has been no romantic involvement between them yet, but I would assume that when things finally get going, Sami will be livid. She adores her twin brother and she despises Nicole (with very good reasons), so I think she would have a few words to say about their relationship. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to break them up. She'll probably be their antagonist.
Sami has as much ,if not more, reason to despise EJ,the love her life and brother to the sister of Eric's rapist and son of the family's greatest tormentor,as Nicole.Nicole has done far less to hurt Eric than EJ and Sami have done to each other.So if Sami can hook up with EJ,I don't see any huge barrier to Eric and Nicole becoming romantically involved.

Spoilers for the week of December 2nd
camera shy
Nov 23 2013, 12:42 PM
If NBC thinks of AS as such a powehouse then why don't they just give her her own primetime show?
Yes,get her out of Salem and into prime time.Will kill two birds.Days will improve.NBC will come to realize AS is not all that.Even if she returned to Days after a disastrous night time experience,there might be less of her on screen in Salem.She could use the down time for acting classes.That's actually three birds.

Wednesday, November 20th Daily Discussion
Nov 20 2013, 06:08 PM
Nov 20 2013, 06:00 PM
Nov 20 2013, 05:54 PM
Nov 20 2013, 05:50 PM
LOL @ EJ "agreeing" to keep is distance from Sami, yet invading her personal space and getting all bothered. LOL.

And Gabi's behaved a lot better in that situation with Sonny than I would have. I'd a kicked his short ass and then invited him to bring it on. Kiriakis? I would have said Bitch that's your uncle, that ain't you.
Considering that uncle just helped destroy a priest and not give two fucks in the name of family, I think Gabi should worry what that uncle would do to support other members of his family.
If that baby was a God Child (like Daniel) or a blood relative, then I'd agree. But seeing as how Victor just threw Will's family members under a bus, I highly doubt he'd give two shits about Will's domestic issues with his baby mama.
He will if his NEPHEW, Sonny asks him to.
If Sonny has to call in Uncle Victor to handle his business with Gabi,maybe he should keep quiet.

Wednesday, November 20th Daily Discussion
Nov 20 2013, 02:34 PM
Nov 20 2013, 02:31 PM
Nov 20 2013, 02:09 PM
Unpopular opinion time.

Sonny's biggest flaw since this whole storyline started has been thinking that Gabi would be as considerate to him as he has been to her. Despite not liking her much, he has taken care of her and Arianna financially and otherwise since the day that baby was born, and she repays him by yanking the rug out from under him (and Will) to follow a dream she hasn't mentioned in 6 months. Never mind that two days ago she was perfectly happy to stay in Salem exactly as she is - no job, no career aspirations, apparently no desire to provide for her child until something literally landed in her lap.

Of course, none of any of this actually matters with what's about to happen with Nick, and then CB leaving. Even if there is a custody battle it doesn't seem like that'll be the focus.
I think Sonny's biggest obstacle to getting along with and trusting Gabi is that he is always on alert for the moment Gabi turns on Will. Like he told Chad Melanie was Gabi's best friend and she was willing to turn on her what might she do to Will. So in all cases he is instantly ready to think the worst of her and protect Will from her. That said, she hasn't done much that would change his mind.
Gabi is willing to turn on anyone if it suits her agenda. ANYONE.
Just like EJ,Sami,Kate,Will,Sonny,Victor,Stefano,Kristin............

Spoilers for the week of December 2nd
Nov 20 2013, 08:16 AM
Nov 20 2013, 08:09 AM
Sami is invloved in yet another crime? Didn't we just see her in this scenario a couple of months ago? Hey writers...there are other characters who can be involved in stories like this...not just the same ones ad nauseum.

ICAM. I'm sick of watching AS awful acting on my screen.
They should have used Kate,Will,and/or Sonny rather than Sami.You would think over a span of twenty years she would have gotten better at acting instead of progressively worse.Instead of writing books and hosting/co-hosting,she should use any free time for acting classes.

Monday, November 18th Daily Discussion
Nov 19 2013, 10:25 AM
EJ to Sami and Will: "Okay, what don't we all sit and hold hands and sit in a prayer circle for Eric later. In the meantime let's focus on something positive so why don't you tell me about your trip to Berkeley."

What a smarmy douchebag. Why didn't Will and his mom take offence to that? They both have a blind spot for EJ for some reason. But what I don't understand is how can Sami love him after all the horrible things he did to her family?
I totally agree with your post.Sami is so upset over what Kristin did to her twin Eric and EJ's failure to tell her as soon as he found out that she storms out of the mansion and goes to Eric's side and Will is so upset he rushes to Sami because of that concern but as soon as EJ says what's the big deal about my sister raping your brother/uncle the priest,let's hear about your workshop trip,they both immediately drop their concern for Eric and start an inane conversation about the stupid workshop.
Chandler's inappropriate smiling/smirking is getting on my nerves so much I cannot wait for him to leave Salem.It seems as soon as he won the Emmy,his acting skills started to deteriorate and are now at al all time low.I am actually looking forward to new Will.In the same vein,it seems while the skill set of some actors like Casey Jon,
Camilla,Casey Moss,and Nathan Owens got better,Chandler Massey,James Scott,and Alison Sweeney have gotten worse with AS being the worst offender.Her wardrobe has also gotten worse as he status in Salem has gotten better.I do not see high powered executive and lady of the manner when I look at Sami's black leather dress with matching leather jacket and red hooker heels for the wedding and her black leather pants the following day.Does she have a leather fetish?

NBC Spoiler Pics 11/11/13
Nov 10 2013, 11:22 AM
Are we going to hear how she knew Nicole's Family...Fay Taylor?
When Kristin returned she was shown as knowing about some Salem events including Nicole losing the baby.Taylor,another of EJ's true loves, was at the wedding when Nicole married to EJ the second time,they were still married when her mother died so it is likely Kristin would know Fay's name,and Kristin knew about the past relationship between Nicole and Eric.Her sense of irony probably caused her to choose the name when she checked into the hotel.It was just stupid for Nicole to tell that baby naming story to Eric to cause him to think the woman was her.They could have just had Abe or someone else mention to Eric that Nicole needs friends she she no longer had Brandon,Taylor,or Fay in Salem to provide her with family support.

Friday, November 8th Daily Discussion
Nov 8 2013, 01:49 PM
Nov 8 2013, 01:44 PM
WTF is wrong with Brady..beating up family over a lying piece of shit! Eric looks devasted.. having his raped broadcast like that in front of his family and friends has to be humiliating. Kristen is one sick bitch for taping herself committing rape. :x
And not only was his rape broadcast in front of his loved ones but they watched it twice. And then his dumbass step-brother had the nerve to hit him. Poor Eric. I hope they stretch this out with him. Rape is a horrific crime. It's not something you forget overnight. Days needs to stop trivializing it and acknowledge the emotional damage that is result of rape. They certainly have the perfect actor for the job.
Since Blake Berris is a terrific actor and they did nothing significant with any after math concerning Nick's prison rape, I don't have high hopes for their treatment of Eric's rape.

Wednesday, November 6th Daily Discussion
Nov 6 2013, 11:25 PM
I thought both ED and JS were over the top today. But it was fitting for this particular scene.
ED was emotional but not over emoting and shouty like JS.I too think he was horrible in today's episode.

Tuesday, November 5th Daily Discussion
Nov 5 2013, 10:17 PM
Nov 5 2013, 03:36 PM
Nov 5 2013, 03:19 PM
Nov 5 2013, 01:13 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
lol...but this chick is stranger than strange though...according to Kate's PI...Jordan Ridgeway didn't exist till she came to Salem as a PT...hmmmm....code for....I'm making believe I'm someone I'm not....
Oh, agreed. But Kate only knows that because she's investigating her and I don't think Jordan really did anything to warrant doing that.

I guess Jordan's professionalism would seem out of place in a hospital where two people have public break ups in the hallway every other week.

I guess we're suppose to buy her investigating Jordan beca use she's ever so worried that Rafe is still in danger due to the whole Bernardi/Stefano thing... Even though that whole thing is completely wrapped up :rolleyes:
Just because Sami intervened to thwart Stefano's original scheme,does not mean that Stefano has in fact completely abandoned the thought of revenge against Rafe. It is reasonable for Kate as she is written to check on what she perceived as suspicious behavior in her interactions with Jordan.Based on the fact that there is no record of Jordan's existence prior to three years or whatever is definitely suspicious.She may be formally part of the witness protection plan,someone of their own accord changing their identity to avoid some prior problem in their life,personal or professional,an undercover law enforcement agent,or a plant by Stefano or some other criminal entity although the latter is unlikely given that Kate compiled the list of candidates for Rafe's therapist.

NBC Sneak Peeks for the week of November 4th
Nov 3 2013, 02:10 AM
Nov 2 2013, 05:22 PM
I don't think AS has a good taste in clothes. She's always dressed in tight clothing that's very often unflattering, even though she's got an awesome body. I actually think I saw her wearing this outfit or somehing very similar, and this hairstyle at a past event outside of the show. Sadly, it could be a personal taste.
I think you must be right. lol Maybe she should hire a stylist. But then again, if she doesn't think she needs one... Or maybe she has one, but he or she's to chicken shit to tell her the truth...
I have to admit I went to the NBC site to check out the photos.As soon as I saw Sami I hurried back to DR,You all did not disappoint.I have been laughing for three pages.
It may be personal choice,I simply cannot use the words taste or style,but I really would like to know why/how she was allowed to wear appear in any episode in the dress,
shoes,and hair.I thought that ugly inside out shirt Sonny wore and Sami's past biker chick look were bad but it is beyond belief that AS,one of the stars of the show would be allowed to appear on screen like that.If there is ever a thread for worse wardrobe choice ever during Days history,Sami's wedding getup has to be a top contender for number #1.I shudder at the thought of seeing something worse.

Friday, November 1st Daily Discussion
Nov 1 2013, 11:00 PM
Nov 1 2013, 08:55 PM
SK, but why did he have to badmouth her. She is always defending him. I wanted her to rat him out after that. I think she's still lying. Yesterday, she got up after everyone left and had a smirk
They're BOTH trying to cover their asses. Theresa by feigning amnesia and JJ by distancing himself from Theresa and drugs. The fact is, they would BOTH be up shits creek if the truth about what happened that night came out. Theresa has no idea what JJ has or will say, so she's looking out for #1. Same with JJ.
Theresa's remarks to Hope that she did not have any drugs and "someone may have slipped something to her" makes me think she is going to make it seem as if Daniel (or JJ) put a "date rape" drug in her drink without her knowledge which would get her off the hook for her drug use.This would also lay the ground for ethical/criminal investigations concerning Daniel with JJ and Nicole knowing that Daniel is innocent thus creating a dilemma both all three.
BTW I noticed the floor of Daniel's office when Marlena dropped the flash drive.What is up with the floor in Daniel's office?He is such a top notch surgeon at Salem's best hospital yet he has free clinic linoleum instead of carpet in his office.

Friday, November 1st Daily Discussion
Nov 1 2013, 08:04 PM
I'm sorry but nobody who has been burned by Nicole should ever trust her word. She has too many whoppers under her belt.
Nicole is not the only person in Salem who has given voice to serious lies.The list is too long.Based on the harmful past lies criterion,no one would trust the word of most of Salem's residents.