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Real Andrews (ex-Taggert, GH) Joins DAYS
Nov 11 2015, 11:51 AM
AS "acting style": Stomp/Huff/Puff/Fidget/Lisp/UglyCryWithNoTears lol
She had her ups and downs (mostly down) prior to leaving but since her return,your description is right on target.Total waste of money and air time after Will's funeral.

Edit:Speaking of waste of airtime and money,why is Melanie coming back???

Real Andrews (ex-Taggert, GH) Joins DAYS
Nov 11 2015, 09:45 AM
I hope it's a small role too. What a bust most of the casting news has been lately. I'm still not seeing what's so fabulous about A. Martinez...at least as regards Eduardo. Sal Stowers is Guy Wilson-level horrible...I think it's ridiculous they are bringing someone in to play Dario because what a completely useless character...I'm still not a Camilla Banus fan...and reading yesterday that Molly Burnett will be coming back, even for just an episode, is terrible. JPL, (who to be fair I don't know much about but have heard nothing but horrible things) playing my beloved Phillip, Boring Beemer back as Shawn....It's really taking the wind out of my sails. At least the on-air shows have been decent lately. And I am grateful for KDP while we have her, Thaao, and that the DHs have been on more. But I do feel like after the 50th the show may become a vortex of suck again. I mean...No Jack, Carrie & Austin, Kim & Shane, etc. for the 50th? WTF ever.
Melanie is coming back????!!! They should have used that money and the money they spent on AS after Will's funeral to keep KDP. By the by I had to see it to believe it but I think AS' "acting" has actually gotten worse since she left.I guess she is not spending any money on "perfecting her craft".

Wednesday, November 4th Daily Discussion
I honestly loved Hope's hair,veil,dress,and shoes.In my opinion,she looked beautiful.
I don't read all the threads every day so I am wondering if there was an explanation given for someone kidnapping Bo to get information about the serum rather just kidnapping the doctor who created it.

Wednesday, November 4th Daily Discussion
The Abby I saw at the end of the Tuesday episode and today was the old Abby,intelligent and decisive.She tried talking her way out of a bad situation and when that did not work,she took steps to rescue herself and her baby.I hope this Abby stays around.Although Abby is my favorite Days character today was one of the first episodes in quite some time where I have actually liked her.I liked Abby in the Austin and EJ storylines because Abby knew what she wanted and went for it even though she knew what she was doing was wrong.
When she was called out for her bad behavior she accepted the criticism and physical retaliation because she knew what she had done was wrong.When she thought Sami was taking revenge to a whole other level,Abby confronted Sami.During the Chad/Ben saga Abby has become a weepy indecisive delusional mess in my opinion.I didn't mind when she initially tried to avoid Chad and move on with Ben but when it became clear that she loved Chad,Abby should have been allowed to acknowledge while she loved Ben,she was in love with Chad.They could have written her as deciding to tell Ben the truth after she and Chad sex but once she found out she was pregnant and the child was Ben's she was choosing to stay with the father of her child.It would have been a throwback to the fifties or something but better than having Abby continuning to claim she loved Ben while always running after Chad and lying to Ben about her feelings for him.

Monday, November 2nd Daily Discussion
Nov 3 2015, 08:07 AM
Eve, Jennifer, Gabi, Julie, Marlena and Nicole looked great!

Hope, Theresa, Kate and Adrienne looked bad.

Loved that Eric is working for the paper now, ( when did that happen?) Now we need a beautiful redhead (MA) reporter to join him. :) Someone that just found out that she had a twin that was murdered. I've got a very bad feeling that "drinking Eric" is going to take someone out soon. Both Daniel and Nicole took notice of his drinking....again.

Really liked John coming back to be with Marlena! And I'm not a huge John fan. Those kind of moments are what I like to see.

Stefano seemed more like himself today. Andre seemed like he was going to be up to something, after Stefano went to bed.

Poor Abby, she's in big trouble!!!!!!!
Maybe I'm slow, but what was the point of Ben taking and keeping the pictures of Chad for?
I agree with your point about Ben taking and keeping pictures of Chad on his phone.After I posted that Ben was crazy but not stupid,I thought about the pictures.I cannot think of a single reason for Ben to take the pictures of Chad and keep them on his phone especially after a warrant was issued for Chad's arrest.I understand Abby had to get another clue something is actually wrong with Ben to move the story but the pictures on the phone actually made no sense.
Daniel did direct a pointed look in Eric's direction when Eric grabbed the drink off the tray and dived right in but I didn't notice Nicole reacting to Eric getting the drink.I will have to watch that scene again.

Monday, November 2nd Daily Discussion
While most of the gala attendees were family and friends of the Bradys and Hortons,I saw a few unknowns in the background inside the mansion and outside while Jennifer was talking to Abby so I don't think today was as bad as the gala where Hope and Aiden first danced.
The women who were the wigs had the worse costumes.Theresa's wig was twice as big as her head.I was reminded of that episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy was playing a showgirl and had to walk down a long flight of stairs wearing a huge headdress.Contrary to Kate's claims there was nothing about Theresa's "dress" that appeared to be associated with Valentino or Armani.Ugliest dress I have seen in a while with Caroline's dress running running a close second.Since PM wore the dress to the Emmys,I wonder who actually owns it.
I agree that the last scenes of Ben and Abby were very reminiscent of the scenes of Ben and Will when Will was trying to get out of the apartment.Ben is crazy but not stupid.RSW is doing crazy Ben so well,I begin to wonder whether the problem is the writing,directions given to the actors,and inexperience of the actors when they begin shooting.CB was so much better after she was on the show for a while then got better material.I actually think True O'Brien did a good job just before Paige was killed off.