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Episode # 12001 Complete Scene-By-Scene
Nov 29 2012, 12:43 PM
Nov 29 2012, 08:40 AM
camera shy
Nov 29 2012, 01:46 AM
Nov 28 2012, 11:16 PM
My guess is chads revenge results in either will or nick getting hurt
More likely Gabi.
It will probably be Sonny who ends up getting hurt as he is the expendable one here. Then Will can devote all of his time to Gabi and the baby. Plus, the show can then focus exclusively on a simple Will/Gabi/Nick heterosexual triangle since these hacks have no idea how to write gay characters or relationships.
I've never gotten the impression that the writers consider Sonny/Freddie Smith to be "expendable". Regardless of how some fans might feel about Sonny's lack of airtime/major storylines, he's still one half of one of the most popular couples that Days has had in a LONG time.

In any case, "hurt" does not have to mean "dead", so no one necessarily has to be "expendable". I do think it's going to be Gabi who gets hurt, though. We did recently see pictures of Camila Banus in a hospital gown, remember.
Was the hospital gown scene from when she was going to have the abortion? I don't think that Will is straight and I think he does love and want to be with Sonny but he is trying to do the right thing. He thinks marrying her and trying to comfort her is what she needs and he is sacrificing what he wants for her and the baby. You saw how happy he was before Gabi showed up at Sonny's door and how after he was deflated and insecure again. He needs to tell the truth and I believe he is going to be the one to stop the wedding and tell the truth and Sonny/Chad will be the one to tell the truth about Mel. He is telling Sonny he wants to tell him but he can't because he promise Gabie but Will this is your baby too and you should be able to tell who he needs to tell. I don't get why they are listening to Nik anyway. They are adults and yes Sonny will be hurt but I think he should still tell him, Nik knows so why can't Sonny.

Friday, November 30th Daily Discussion
Yes. love it, love Will and Sonny man if only this baby storyline was not going on I would enjoy it even more. Come on Gaby don't let Nik try to keep Will out of the picture. Chad and Sonny are going to find out what is going on you can see it. Man Will just tell him, tell him.

Episode # 12001 Complete Scene-By-Scene
I just hope Will is the one to say he is the daddy and I hope that Sonny is there and he lets them all have it.

Will Gives Up
I do think that Sonny can handle a story without Will, he is a talented actor and Freddie can do it. But I think they may break up for a while but I want to see Will fight for Sonny and show him he is truly sorry. Sonny is the one who seems to feel the worst when things go wrong with them I want to see Will pine for Sonny and maybe have Sami/ or Lucas or Kate help him get him back.

Episode # 12001 Complete Scene-By-Scene
Dont' think Sonny or Will get hurt maybe Gabi and she may lose the baby and I think it will have to do with Chad and it will start the Brady/DiMera feud again and in walks Stefano. It better not be Sonny who gets hurt he will be hurt enough that Will lied to him. Maybe a fight does break out with Nik and Chad again, Nik trying to stop Chad from telling the truth. But then Will steps in and tells the truth as Sonny is walking in thinking the secret is what Gabi did to Mel but finding out that its about the baby.

Will Gives Up
I don 't like this at all Will is much stronger than this and he should tell Sonny and his parents. He should not let anyone raise his child or attempt too, I am beginning to think that Will is the one who stops the wedding and tells everyone that he is the baby's father this is going to eat him up and Sonny is going to know something is off. Also is Gabi that desperate to have someone she is going to lie and let someone else raise her child come on Gabi. I think that Sonny or Will is going to let it all out the bag about the baby and Sonny or Chad is going to let it out about Mel. Please let this be over sooner rather than later, why does she have to be pregnant, why!!! Writers fix this please.

Spoilers for the Week of December 3rd
Will don't do it, don't let Nik near your baby and Gabi should be ashamed wanting Will to let Nik raise his child what is wrong with her at first she wanted him around now Nik ask her to marry him and it bye bye Will. Sonny STOP don't apologize if only you knew the truth, more salt in the womb wait til the truth comes out. Hurry up and let the trugh comes out tell him Will, tell him. Now Rafe wants Gabi to marry Nik I am really confused, let the trugh hurry up and come out already I am getting inpatient with this already.

Thursday, November 29th Daily Discussion
I will wait and watch on Friday when Sonny is back. Its good to see Caroline again though.

Wednesday, November 28th Daily Discussion
I don't think Will is a coward I agree with the post he is doing what he thinks Gabi wants. He wants to tell Sami/Rafe/Sonny but he wants Gabi to be okay. I do think that Chad/Sonny figure things out but Will maybe telling it when they get there. And Sonny will hear him say he knew that he is the baby's father which will be a surprise to everyone especially Sonny and Chad who were trying to help him. That's when the Gabi/Mel/Chad stuff will probaby come out too. So Gabi and Will both will have to spill their secrets and I bet Nik will say something and people will know his motives of claiming the baby is his. I just want all of this to come out and I want to see Sonny reaction and Sami's. But I want to see Sonny go off/ let Freddie be on fire he can do it.

Wednesday, November 28th Daily Discussion
Love. love, love that Will wants to tell Sonny and said he would not keep it from Sonny forever that is good it tells me he is scared to tell him but he is going too, it shows that Sonny is on Will's mind even through all of this. I wish Will would tell Sonny anyway and tell him to keep it a secret for now or something.

Tuesday, November 27th Daily Discussion
Sorry but I don't like the way that Nic is talking to Gabi at this point he needs to let her explain what is going on. And he has some nerve saying that she shouldn't have kept this from him but he wants Will to keep this from Sonny, right!! I am not liking this storyline at all right now. I want Chad to be the daddy it would make more sense just like what Nic is saying. Also I hope Sonny is the one who figures things out and stops the wedding, I don't want him to be played. And if Will and and Sonny do break up I want Will to pursue Sonny to get him back and not let Sonny give in too easy.

Jason47's Christmas in Salem Sneak Peeks
Glad that Will and Sonny spend the Holidays together now if Will would tell him the truth I would be even more excited. I am not looking forward to when all of this comes out, what is Sonny going to do and what can Will say to make it right.

Spoilers for the week of November 26th
I want to see how Will is going to explain to Sonny that he promised Gaby he wouldn't tell her secret I thought they weren't keeping secrets from eachother.

Monday, November 26th Daily Discussion
When is Sonny on this week, I miss him and I want Will to tell him the truth.

Spoilers for the week of December 10th
I don't think Sonny would do anything to hurt Gabi but reveal the truth about the baby. I do think that Chad will let Sonny know what Gabi has done or what she is capable of and Sonny's detective instincts kick in and he finds out the truth. Will he know that Will is the father or think Gabi is keeping this from Will. I do believe it will be Sonny and or Chad to stop the wedding and then it all comes out about the baby and what Gabi did to Mel. How will this affect WilSon and Gabi and the baby. I am not sure if Gabi will have the baby but I am still hoping there is a twist here.

NBC Spoiler pics for the week of November 19th
Oh Sonny if you knew what we know, love ya Sonny.

Wednesday, November 21st Daily Discussion
Loved that Will was so surprised to hear Lucas say that Sonny loves him, Will seems to insecure in his relationship with Sonny but I loved how he was surprised. Also loved that he looks at Sonny pic on his phone while waiting for Gabi. I want him to go to see after all this and just hug him and tell him how he feels about him, I so want him to tell him the truth.

Spoilers for the week of November 26th
Why does Nick want Gabi and Will not to tell Sonny the truth, I am not understanding this.

Tuesday, November 20th Daily Discussion
This storyline is so bad, why did they have to make Gabi pregnant there is so many other things they could have done than this and didn't we just go through this. I feel bad for Will and Gabi they both are trying to do the right thing for them and the baby and I just want to give Will a hug you can tell he is unsure of everything and he wants to tell Sonny but is scared he will lose him. I watched the scenes and I saw the comments and I do think that Will wants to tell Sonny and he wants to be with Sonny but he has the Gabi and baby hanging over his head right now and it seems that he feels he doesn't deserve to be with Sonny until he fixes it. To ask Sonny for the money was probably the hardest thing he had to do, I saw his face and how heartbroken he looked asking for the money and not being able to tell Sonny the truth. I think when Will tells Sonny what last night meant to him he is telling him he wants to be with him so don't doubt it and know that when this is over he is coming back to him. I don't think he is using Sonny and Sonny is not using Will.

Sonny knows something is going on he knows Will and he can tell he is keeping something big from him to ask him for money and he can tell the way Will is acting that something is going on. I think Sonny is waiting for Will to tell him but I think Sonny is going to figure it out before Will tells him and that is going to be a mess. Sonny is a smart young man and he may already have an idea of what is going on. When Gabi came to the door and Will came back he ask Will if he fixed the problem and he went to Gabi to see if he could help Sonny is going to figure it out and confront Will on his own. I just hope that Will comes clean before that. This is really sad you can tell that Will and Sonny want to be together but Will is being pulled another way and Sonny knows something is wrong. I feel for all of them. Does anyone know for sure that Gabi is going to have the baby or is there a twist, I want to know what is going to happen to WilSon.

Monday , November 19th Daily Discussion
I don't like this storyline at all, why did they have to make her pregnant. I am hoping that the test results were mixed up or something and she is not pregnant. Why can't Will and Sonny be happy for a minute without something happening to tear them apart. Will better stop dismissing Sonny, I know he is confused about the pregnancy but don't foreget the man you have at home Will. Sonny, I don't want him to get hurt. Writers you need to fix this and fast.