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The Brighter Day 1960
That was good.

As the World Turns Discussion
Yes, Paul's birth took place off screen and came out when James appeared in 1980. Barbara reappeared in Oakdale in 1978 and was portrayed as a heroine from 1980-85. I never quite bought her character change, which occurred when she was a thorn in the Brian-Shannon relationship and tried to seduce Tom from Margo to pay Margo back for her affair w/ James.

The Secret Storm Discussion
There's a clip on YouTube somewhere with Belle in a brief scene. She was beautiful. In one of the Joan Crawford episodes (audio only), she's heard talking to her father, I believe. She definitely was a first-rate villainess on that show. Seems like the soaps had believably mean villainesses in that era, such as Charlotte on GL, Erica on AMC, Andrea on SFT, Rachel on AW and Lisa on ATWT.

Love of Life Discussion
When she came on, the show was reverting to its original theme of good sister/bad sister. Tudi was a great Meg, and Reeve was really good as her son. He was skinny then, and Meg looked stately and stoic. She married the mayor around then. After the show went off, Tudi went on AMC as the wife, Pamela Kingsley, who's hub was going with Erica. It was interesting seeing her as the "wife" as opposed to the "other woman." She played good in that part. Tudi had a "Maggie Smith" quality about her.

Search for Tomorrow Discussion
Allison came on as a teen and bratty niece to the wealty witch Aunt Cornelia, who was Arthur Tate's aunt. After a few years and with a new actress, she matured and wed Fred. He became an alkie, and I think he kicked it through AA. Allison became a leading character and friend to Jo Tate.