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Spoilers for the Week of July 1st
Anybody know anything about this Brent in the WilSon storyline, have they announced the actor playing him yet??? I'm curious about what Will overhears he's got him mamas knack for hearing things not meant for him to hear lol. Where Sami runs off causing mass destruction Will takes it to heart and lets it eat at him. He's supposed to over hear Sonny talking to Adrienne this week too, I hope it's to hear Sonny say he'd pick Will over her. I generally like Adrienne. I love the Kiriakis family dynamic and want to see Will out of his comfort zone, and around them more Sonny's loved by all of Will's fam so it would be nice to see the contrast. Judi is an absolute doll but I don't like what there doing to her character she was fine holding Will's baby one minute TOTALLY against him the next too wishy wash I feel like the tension between Will and Adrienne will always be, maybe not as drastic as Kate and Sami but, friction constantly there.. I hope this living situation is temporary, all those people under one roof ugh. I hope this isn't a DAYS ploy to put off Will and Sonnny's sex life, they are in serious need of a love scene hopefully we get to see their bedroom?? Or will it just be the living room being shown? Gabi needs to find her a good man so the boys can be alone but continue to co-parent little Ari.

Spoilers for the week of June 10th (Updated 5/30)
I have been Gabi's number one hater this whole time, and was dreading her moving in with Will and Sonny but given the spoilers Adrienne gives it to Sonny straight I don't think she would just be totally against Will. I think she tells Sonny it will be hard and if he's ready to settle down and raise his boyfriends child(although I like to think Ari's as theirs) and he gets defensive and WilSon talk it out, and Will acknowledges all that Sonny has done or is doing for them. Gabi and Ari should only be through the summer I think. I think Gabi's crimes should be brought up only so everybody knows what she's done, who would really care Will wouldn't as long as Will knows Sonny won't. Ej Sami Justin don't. Chad wouldn't because he could go to jail(hes a DiMera seriously assault charges??) Abby sure would and with JJ being brought back mentioning Jack and all I thought that was where they might be going but I guess not atleast for awhile. So I think Gabi should be brought to light just for others reactions not for punishment. And with her moving in everybodys terrified she'll make a play for one of the boys, so what?? WilSon is so strong and so solid look at what Will said to Brian "Sonny and I are together. Sonny is mine. So if you wanna try your luck tack a shot go ahead" WilSon is so strong, given the writers I can see them try Nabi again but I don't want that. I want Nick to deal with his issues and come to terms with what happened and interact with his family it will be intersecting to see how he would be around everyone now that everyone knows his secret. As long as Gabi dosent come between WilSon I dont care. You know this sounds crazy me saying this but it would be nice to see Gabi happy even after all she's done. Maybe one of the new characters can come into play and build a friendship and not just thrown together and show her what true love is like what Will has with Sonny, then they can coparent A.G. 50/50 as it should be. Sorry this is so long just had a lot on my mind.