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SOD: A November to Remember
I'm pouting over the lack of Kate/Clyde spoilers. What happened to that storyline?

Daniel and yet another woman. What else is left to say about the anomaly that is Daniel Jonas' power over women? It's the most ridiculous plot point on this show and that's saying an awful lot. I actually think I hate Nicole and Kate the most with Daniel, because they're women who have brains and are often on the same snarky page as the audience. And yet, they still couldn't resist his greasy advances.

Wednesday, October 29th Daily Discussion
This fucking show...I want this hour of my life back. :shame:

About.com interview with Lauren Koslow.
Oct 24 2014, 08:53 AM
Rumor has it they've dismantled the DiMera set. Is this true?
None of the sets have been dismantled, they've just been rebuilt in a smaller version. That is only because we have so many stories going on, and we have new sets. So all of the sets have been downsized. But they're still there. I know people were worried. I was even sad myself, but now I'm understanding how it works and why they needed to do that. We move so quickly now. When there are different sets, the crew needs to be able to break them down really quickly and get to the next set. The Kiriakis mansion has been downsized, too.

So moving forward, what will we see of the DiMera mansion?
We're just using a different portion of the house. We're now in the library a lot. Chad and Kate spend most of their time there, where there are book cases and a sofa. We're using [the mansion] just as much. It's just a different part of it.
Nice way to save money Days. I hope they downsized with the Hortons too.
From the interview, does anyone get the feeling that Clyde will become the next Stefano, Victor, etc? Because I am getting that feeling.
Also, where is Lauren's blue streak?
The streak is back. Just hasn't aired yet. (Reading that back sounds ridiculous, like it's a character unto itself.) Lauren says she gets it whenever Kate's being particularly naughty. I think she's going to hook up with Clyde and attempt to "rule Salem," as he put it. We'll see.

Friday, October 17th Daily Discussion
Oct 18 2014, 05:09 PM
IDK, stealing Stefano's company was one of the dumbest things Kate has ever done, and why did she do it? To get revenge on behalf of Rafe's penis. I don't think Kate is back, at all, And if she's fine with Clyde once she learns the truth about him, her character destruction will be complete.
Stealing Stefano's company clearly wasn't that bad of an idea, because she did it and made it last for quite a while. We can't really do a full cost/benefit analysis until the dust settles, and I think we're far from that. She was very smart and calculating while talking to Chad two weeks ago. She realizes that the male DiMera ego is their Achilles heel, so she's letting Stefano counter-strike several times before hitting him back. So without Stefano onscreen to see his point of view, from Kate's angle, it appears she's winning this fight. (And I've already ranted enough on the vague abstractness of the fight itself, so I'll spare everyone that tirade.)

And I flat out don't believe she's doing this for Rafe. She can say that all she wants; she's doing it for her own benefit, to regain power and control for herself. Getting revenge for boring, refrigerator box Rafe is just another way to pat herself on the back.

I'm holding out on judging her feelings towards Clyde. There are too many blanks that haven't been filled in. I *want* the abuse angle to be dropped, and for the two of them to do exactly as Clyde proposed ("rule the world...or at least this little town"), but if he is truly Curtis-esque in the way he treated his children, Kate can't let that go. Unfortunately, the writers can only see 5 feet in front or behind them, so that piece of history will most likely be ignored.

Friday, October 17th Daily Discussion
Oct 17 2014, 11:18 PM
Oct 17 2014, 03:31 PM
I just have to figure out how I'm going to keep it. Lucas - You do it with the help of the people who love you. She goes into his arms and cries. I'm so glad you are here. I know I always pretend like I don't need my friends and my family and I can do it alone but I can't. I can't. I need the people I love. I need you ...
I fangirled so hard when Lucas showed up and Sami ran into his arms. Oh, my Lumi :wub2:
I almost wished the curtain would've fallen right then and there. EJ dead; Sami hugging Lucas. A perfect ending to Sami Brady if all this were up to me.

Friday, October 17th Daily Discussion
Oct 17 2014, 03:38 PM
Kate has officially become the most unlikeable character on the show. I hate what they have done to her.
I wholly disagree. As someone who has watched for her (and few others) for the 15+ years she's been around (LK that is), I think that the current writing for Kate has been some of the best. Grant it, I like the cunning bitch with a soft spot for family version of Kate, so to each their own.

I loved Lumi today. Kate and Lucas are the two people that always make Sami likable for me. I look forward to whatever scenes they have left.

The lack of sets really distracted me during those Haiden scenes. I want to like them, because the actors are so charming, but Christ, can we at least change some picture frames and the sofa cover at the Horton house and call it Hope's?

Thursday, October 16th Daily Discussion
Oct 16 2014, 06:51 PM
I wonder what is going on between Jordan and Clyde? That flashback at the end was odd.
And again she looked as constipated as ever as she dashed off in distress.

Kate and Clyde though... :wub2: They're too devilishly perfect for words so far.

Spoilers for the week of October 20th
Yes! Lucas, Kate, and Sami - a history-rich, completely fucked up trio! Can't wait!

Friday, October 10th Daily Discussion
Some quick, disjointed points:

1. I LOVE Clyde, and I love that Clyde didn't shoot EJ - the ambiguity of just how bad he is continues to intrigue me. I also love Clyde in a leather jacket; the guy looked good.

2. The kid party was supposed to heighten the tragedy in the park, but it was just hokey. They might as well thrown some clown makeup and a wig on Will, because his outfit was so costume-y.

3. AS was better than usual, and overall, I think the death scenes were were...good enough.

4. I was impressed with JM's scene. Imagine having to get to 'that place' alone sitting in a room far away from all the action. Nice work, Joe!

5. Why was it clearly night time in every single scene except Jordan and Chad's? C'mon directors/editors.

Friday, October 3rd Daily Discussion
Oct 4 2014, 08:15 PM
Oct 4 2014, 08:02 PM
Oct 4 2014, 07:19 PM
Oct 4 2014, 07:06 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Kate was one of my favorite characters but now I can't stand her. I want her brought down. She's just horrible without any reason. She has no reason to expand all this energy against Jordan. And her penis avenging ploy is not winning my support. Let's just hope Chad doesn't become her next obsession.
I don't get it either. She and Rafe were fuck buddies...that's it. He never loved her; they were never in a relationship. He loves Jordan and Kate knows it. She should have gotten over it and moved on long ago. Continuing this obsession with wanting Rafe and trying to bring down Jordan is ridiculous.
I agree. And I don't buy LK's explanation/fanwanking about Kate doing all of this because she's worried about Rafe. If she was, she would be honest with him about her suspicion of Jordan, instead she brings a man she clearly can see is shady and dangerous to town, just because her fuck buddy was getting away from her. I just hope Clyde becomes her worst nightmare.
Regarding EJ, I think Kate's animosity has three parts: #1 Their relationship went from frenemies to enemies when he started fucking with her business. Stealing formulas, trying to headhunt her people, etc. Yes that was Sami too, but that leads me to #2: I think she's genuinely feeling protective over Sami. I think they've gotten to a place where she sees her as family. And finally, #'s 1 and 2 affirm the narrative that EJ is just like his father. Kate hates Stefano, therefore Kate hates EJ. It's rational; some may not agree with it, but it's one area where the writing makes sense.

Regarding Kate's involvement in Jordan's life - on paper, how can you not side with Jordan? Kate IS being a 'colossal bitch.' And Rafe IS too trusting of her, and all of that SHOULD culminate in Jordan being the one to root for. But whether it's the actors, the writing, my biases, or a combination of all three, I just can't get there. In the end, Jordan and Rafe are profoundly boring. Kate is the only thing keeping them from putting me to sleep.

Friday, October 3rd Daily Discussion
I think Kate's assessment of EJ at this point was pretty spot-on. He's not his father if you're just comparing their resumes, but he is just as egotistical, petty, and spiteful. She also commented on 'what he used to be' vs. 'what he is now,' which reminded me of why I no longer like EJ.

He was once one of my favorite characters. Yes, the SORAS and the race care driving details were stupid from the jump, but he was lively, charismatic, charming and I think, when he wants to, James can be very capable actor. But over the years, EJ become serious, brooding, dark, bitter, and just...no fun. I can't say I'll miss him.