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Spoilers for the week of December 9th
An unsuspecting Kate is gut punched by Rafe’s words

I'll literally gut punch him if he hurts my boo. (Don't look back, Kate.)

Tuesday, November 26th Daily Discussion
AS and LK were UN-REAL today. They worked every comedic turn without crossing the line into camp. It was glorious.

And for the love, THIS is the Kate Roberts I want to see; Hospital Kate can take a hike.

Tuesday, November 19th Daily Discussion
Kate. I'm going to need you to be the grown ass woman you are and start not giving a fuck about this high school shit. It's embarrassing.


DR want to know... Favorite Kate Moments
On Christmas Eve, with martini glass in hand, Kate flippantly taunts Sami about her part in Franco's murder. Sami reacts by pulling a gun on Kate & Lucas as a means to extract a confession from them. It was soap-tacular!