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Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of Feb 17
Feb 23 2014, 02:09 AM
Feb 22 2014, 01:07 AM
I couldn't pick anyone outside of Lorraine Broderick out of a lineup, including Whitesell.
Jason47 to the rescue!! :)

Posted Image

The "Days of Our Lives" writing team poses after winning the Writers Guild Award for best daytime drama earlier this month. Pictured (from left to right): Rick Draughon, Lorraine Broderick, Christopher Whitesell, Ryan Quan, writers' assistant Julia Layton, Christopher Dunn, writers' assistant Tyler Topits, Dave Ryan. David Cherrill and Melissa Salmons accepted their awards at the New York ceremony. Winners not pictured are Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton and Janet Iacobuzio. Also not pictured is David A. Levinson, who left the show in early 2013.

The number of white men in this picture explains so many things about this show.

SOD: Jordan's surprise visitor
Feb 21 2014, 08:14 PM
I think they are going to torpedo Rafe & Jordan in favor of Kate & Rafe.

I love Kate as a person but I don't want them
together any more
What's leading some to think that will happen? I'm not in favor, either (because Rafe is such a doofus), but I don't see where that prediction is coming from.

Tuesday, February 18th Daily Discussion
Feb 18 2014, 06:31 PM
Feb 18 2014, 03:47 PM
Here's what I don't get about the current Days' stories...

- Kate is chasing after Rafe who really wants Jordan
- Theresa is chasing after Dan who really wants Jen
- Abby is chasing after EJ who really wants Sami

So where are all the hot guys chasing after the women????? For a show with an audience that is overwhelmingly female, I'm surprised at how obsessive and clingy they like to write many of their female characters.
The problem is DAYS thinks Jordan/Jen/Sami are better catches than Kate/Abby or Theresa....thats the problem right there.
What's that saying? Well-behaved women rarely make history...but they get all the soap boys?

Tuesday, February 18th Daily Discussion
Feb 18 2014, 05:44 PM
Feb 18 2014, 02:57 PM
Why do I have a feeling they plan on reuniting Kate and Rafe? :(
Oh gawd...perish the thought of Rafe and Kate again. Great granny needs to move on and stop acting like a needy teenager. It's so obvious that Rafe is totally into Jordan; Kate needs to accept it and find a man her own age.
And the man suggested is usually Stefano who has more years on Kate than Kate does Rafe. But that's the double standard imposed on women.

About.com: Deidre Hall previews J&M reunion
Feb 16 2014, 05:37 PM
I also loved JT and Lauren together as Roman and Kate. I thought I saw a hint of interest when Roman and Rafe were talking the other day and Rafe told him he cares about Kate but that they are no longer together and he has moved on with someone else. Come on powers that be...don't send her back to Stefano. Let Roman and his Katie have another go.
I liked Kate and Roman as a concept. Over the years, she's tended to be dealt romances that are plot points/conflict enhancers first and character studies second. But the Kaman storyline was all about the characters and their personalities, histories and motivations. It was impressive but what ruined it for me was - much as I love JT as a person, he just couldn't keep up with LK onscreen. In almost every way.

Not to mention that post-Jate/Stan, he was a collosole asshole who all of a sudden forgot who Kate was and what she's capable of. I could get down with a recast though. And I feel really bad about that because JT is such a nice person.

Promo for the week of February 17th
Kate does need some penis. But I want her to have Stefano's penis or Roman's...lol

Wow. Them's shitty pickins. You must really hate her. ;)

EJ and Kate were my JAM when he first came to town. Now THAT is the kind of no-strings-attached sex that she's capable of and should've had with stupid Rafe.

And to add to this quickly evolving "EJ's a slut convo," the thing that baffles me is that EJ used to own this (see the above video). He used to relish in it and seemingly enjoy living his life that way. Then he started with this string of monogamous relationships, and now he seems miserable. He would be so much happier and fulfilled if he'd just realize that he's not a one-woman man and needs to seek out relationships that are monogam-ish, as Dan Savage puts it. And there are plenty of people who live life that way and plenty of women who would agree to it, because they want the exact same thing. But, sadly, for all the 'modernizing' the show is trying to do, I don't believe they'd ever become this realistic and sex-positive.

SOD: Abigail can't let EJ go
"I don't think people give enough credit to chemistry. It is really a big, important issue when you are in a situation like [this]."

Does this statement make sense? I've read it four times and it's unclear. Furthermore, I can't decide if that lack of clarity is attributable to KM having to remain intentionally vague about things or KM honestly not knowing what her character is supposed to be thinking/feeling/motivated by in this weird storyline. I'm leaning towards the latter.

About.com: Deidre Hall previews J&M reunion

And from John we can then expect 10 minutes of sustained SQUINTING - PEERING - MORE SQUINTING - LIP PURSING - HEAD TILT - FADE TO BLACK.

Promo for the week of February 10th
Feb 8 2014, 12:49 PM
It's ironic that Wilson are the most wholesome couple on the show.
And that kind of bothers me about them. I know it's, sadly, still controversial to portray a gay couple on television, especially daytime television, which tends to skew conservative. However, it seems like so many shows - this one included - go so far out of their way to be like, "Hey guys, look happy gays being happy and normal and non-threatening" that it makes their stories so dull to watch.

I guess that's just a necessary step in the social evolutionary process, but as a homo myself, it's tiresome having to wait for all the bigots to get comfortable.

Promo for the week of February 10th
Feb 8 2014, 01:27 AM
Feb 8 2014, 01:18 AM
I couldn't be less invested in Rafe and Jordan. They are the epitome of boredom and malaise.
You're really true to your username! :laugh:
Why thank you.

Friday, February 7th Daily Discussion
Feb 8 2014, 12:17 AM
I hate, hate Kate's involvement in Rafe's life. I just cannot stand that shit. You know what else bugs me? Both EJ and Kate have done so many criminal things and got away with it but they're too impotent to deal with little Nicky. Bulshit. Kate went head to head with Stefano and Victor and yet somehow, she's allowing Nick and his creepy friend to jerk her around. I just don't understand the motivation of making a smart, powerful character like Kate weak and and obsessed with her former booty call.
They need someone to move Jordan's backstory along and they've decided to sacrifice Kate to that end. It doesn't matter why or how; they just need Jordan to be "outed," so Kate's being used for that purpose. It's lazy story telling. Bottom line.

Promo for the week of February 10th
I couldn't be less invested in Rafe and Jordan. They are the epitome of boredom and malaise.

Casting Call: "Upscale Businessman" 50-70
Sigh...My ideal scenario would be this role is contract and Kate's getting a new gentleman caller. Alas, I fear the writers only have Stefano in mind for her...if anyone.

Friday, January 31st Daily Discussion
Can we get just ONE generic corporate office set back?! There's - what? - 3 corporations in Salem and they exist only because people talk about them and shuffle through folders in coffee shops. It's ridiculous.

Rafe, shut up. No one's scared of you. And that has nothing to do with your cane. You're stupid.

And speaking of stupid, Sami is sometimes known to bury her head in the sand, but I don't understand Kate's willingness to believe Nick's amnesiac act. EJ suggesting they stay 'one step ahead' isn't some brilliant idea; it's common sense. It's less fun to watch this storyline if two of the biggest schemers in Salem history don't have any.

All I noticed in the Daniel/Nicole scenes is that they're apparently having a battle over who can wear the ugliest jewelry.

Weekly Preview 2/3/14
I haven't been known to come to her defense, but I can't help but feel bad for the Samster here, walking in all happy. I mean, I know the old adage "how you get him is how you lose him," but still...